Friday, May 15, 2009

Linkin Park Interview, Stan Bush's Quest (Updated)

A bit more soundtrack news. First up is from Linkin Park as they ramp up for the world premiere of their single from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack on Monday that will include the music video. As part of that, the Linkin Park Times has an interview with Mike Shinoda were he discusses the track. Snippets below, the full interview here. In addition, click here for pictures taken during the shooting of the music video. Thanks to Jose for the link.
"We met with (director) Michael Bay," Shinoda said. "He showed us scenes from the new film, and we tried to write something that was both true to the spirit of the movie and true to the spirit of our band in some way.

"Michael is not fond of showing parts of the movie unfinished and out of context," Shinoda continued. "I totally get it; I hate playing anyone our rough songs before each one is done, out of the context of the album. But he knew it would give us the best shot at trying to capture some of the emotions in the movie, so we did it. After we wrote 'New Divide,' we met with (Oscar-winning composer) Hans Zimmer and (composer) Steve Jablonsky, and they asked if we would help incorporate various themes from our song into the film. The musical themes ended up being placed in a lot of important scenes in the film. I'd tell you which scenes, but I don't want to give away the story."

The video, directed by Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn, will debut around the time of the single's release. Shinoda was coy about the clip's direction. "You'll have to ask Joe Hahn, who's directing it," he said. "He's planning on using a lot of really interesting cutting-edge visual techniques, blurring the line between our performance and some kind of digital/mechanical reality. I'm not really sure--he's either being secretive about it, or it's way over my head, so he's just skipping the explanation."
In addition, Stan Bush, famous to G1 era Transfans as the writer/singer for "The Touch" from the animated Transformers: The Movie has remade his classic song (below) in an attempt to get it added to the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack. I wish Stan luck but it is a huge uphill battle as I think Bay makes his music choices based less on how it fits the film and more on commercial viability and access it gives him to various bands (Bay started as a music video director). Thanks to Scorpio for the link.

Update: Stan Bush has released a new alternate cut The Touch that focuses more on the scenes and less the singers and the like. Also seems like the rappers part has been trimmed. His note to TFormers:
"We listened to the overwhelming responses and decided to make a more fan friendly edit, focusing more on the awesome scenes from Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen. We realized that the video may have been distracting to some, which wasn't our intent, so please watch and enjoy this new version, and let us know what you think of the song."


  1. Wow, he looks old, good luck to him, but no way Bay picks it, not the same song as the original, and that white guy rapping is shameful

  2. The remake sucks donkey balls. Stan Bush I hate to break it to you, but you aren't going to get that miserable song onto the ROTF soundtrack.

    Nice try.

  3. he kinda lost my respect :( sold out

  4. oh dear...oh dear.
    Stan what have you done? I have the original "the touch" and "dare" on my ipod. They are genius and are full of G1/80's memories. However they should be left there.
    I can't decide the worst part of this cringe inducing nightmare....Is it your different take on the melody, the awful vanilla ice rap dude or the old guy on guitar attempting to be cool with his weird smile/grimace thing he has going on? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The problem is that the originals were not meant to be cool. They were what they were....fantastic, cheesy, 80's songs on a cartoon movie soundtrack. It was never gonna work if you tried to make them sound cool.
    I'm going to go and listen to Dare and try to forget what i've just witnessed.

  5. This is... DISGUSTING...

  6. The rapping is stupid..

    but it's still 100% better than the original ever was. Seriously people the original was the corniest thing I had ever heard.

    I say Congrates Stan Bush for modernizing this song and doing a darn good job on it.

    People who like original better need to grow up.

  7. Say NO to The Touch Mr Bay5/15/2009 5:18 AM

    The only thing that could have saved this video is if when the wind blew upwards the guitar guy & Stan lost their toupees.

    EPIC FAIL!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP MR. BAY DON'T USE THIS.....You gave us Soundwave w/Ravage, the Matrix of Leadership, Devastator and the return of Blackout......WE ARE PLENTY SATISFIED!!!

  8. "I say Congrates Stan Bush for modernizing this song and doing a darn good job on it.

    People who like original better need to grow up."
    Liking the original better has got nothing to do with growing up. The original IS better as it was the perfect soundtrack to a kids cartoon in the 80's.
    This remake does not work as it outdated and doesnt fit into any demographic.....(apart from yours it seems..hmmmmmmm)

  9. "The only thing that could have saved this video is if when the wind blew upwards the guitar guy & Stan lost their toupees."


    That bit was so cliche...I had to stop watching.

  10. That music doesn't fit the movie style.

  11. can't touch this5/15/2009 6:27 AM

    that smiling guitar dude creeps me out..

  12. I think, in some way, he was trying to fit into the Linkin Park style of music by introducing that white rapping guy in some vain attempt to try and fit in to what has already been established.


    IMO, the original or nothing...and even then I don't think the original has any business being in the new movie. It ran its course.

  13. HATERS...good luck stan,

  14. when did some dads decide to get together and make a video?

    honestly i expected it to end with them having to pick up the kids after school.


  15. cant decide which is worse

  16. Sounds more like wannabe Linkin Park to me. Don't mind upgrades or covers (but i still prefer originals) but i think Stan went the wrong way with this one. I have to admire his passion for the Transformers though :)

  17. guys...I've figured it out :P stan bush is trying to be like Linkin Park! LOL the song had a very fakeass 'in the end'/'what I've done' tone to it...sad. very sad. desperate. I know he is but...that's not the way :S have some dignity man!

  18. That was really crap. Looked like it was fan made. I couldn't even HEAR the original in there! It was a completely different song!

    Personally I like Dare more anyway. THAT is a song that would be easy to modernise without losing it's original feel.

  19. Is was actually really nice until the rapping started, then it sounded like a horrible sounding Linkin Park rip off..

    I do like some parts of it, though so if they just changed some things up, I wouldn't mind the song being in the movie. Or just take out the singing and it sounds good.

    I didn't like the original but that is because I'm not an 80's kid and I hate 80's music.

  20. The smiling guitar guy is just weird, he just keeps looking at me, argh!

  21. That wasn't just awful. It was embarassing. Seriously.

  22. Wow...that was epically AWFUL.

    Memo to Stan: You had a great run. Let it go. You will never get any song into any Michael Bay film. Or probably ANY film for that matter. Stop trying to reinvent yourself and your one hit wonders.

  23. I never thought anything could be worse than Dirk Digler in Boogie Nights singing this song. I was so wrong.




    at least the credits xD

    this is so damn ridiculous!!! XD LOL

  25. one of the worse parts,

    it doesn't even look like stan himself is interested in singing this.

  26. As soon as this song started I felt like someome came and laid a turd in my ear I'd actually prefer that than to listen to this "song" again...

  27. And how the heck does the touch fit the film other than the fact it was chosen for the first animated movie? This is not G1 so this song doesn't fit it any more than any of the other songs that are being suggested for it. It has an 80s sound to it when he sings, and that kind of music does no sit well with modern generation youth, which this movie has to bring in if it will be wildly successful. That artist is an old has been that will never be widely recognized outside of the transformers fanbase. He should just retire and realize he never made it as a widely popular singer.

    To Stan Bush: You sucked then, you suck now, and this pathetic rehash of your only good song from the 80s is going to fail.

  28. BEST PART:


    Rapper reflects deeply with closed eyes, then looks up to the sky in search of redemption.

  29. My ears just threw up in my mouth after listening to that. I wouldn't mind the original version on the soundtrack or maybe in a small snippet of the movie, perhaps on the radio in the car or something, but not this weak remake.



  32. Pretty sure I still can't stop laughing.

  33. "Rapper reflects deeply with closed eyes, then looks up to the sky in search of redemption."


    This is borderline pathetic. Nay, it crosses the line. This guy is only thinking of one thing: trying to bring back his glory days - not that he was ever really THAT famous.

    I definitely don't mind remakes, remixes and rehashes, but he is so blatantly trying to go as commercial as possible, that it's sickening.

    The idiotic "tough guy searching deep within his soul" rapper reeked of them trying to find a guy who was as close a match to Mike Shinoda as possible. And I'm sorry, I know I'm no looker myself, but if you're not attractive, don't put the camera six inches from your face, Stan.

    Epic Fail

  34. "To Stan Bush: You sucked then, you suck now, and this pathetic rehash of your only good song from the 80s is going to fail."

    A little harsh. And "Dare" was better.

    I agree with Chachkins that as an homage the original could be played on BB's radio for like a second. Other than that this remake should never be heard EVER again!

  35. I wouldn't be surprised if bay disallows the use of his footage with this song, thinking that in any way people would be confused that this has anything to do with transformers or rotf. it was a good attempt, the background music sounds good until the rap starts LoLz

  36. Replying to Anonymous at 11:53 and 11:54 AM:

    Thanks for promoting my blog but i promised people i wouldnt mention it again so it might be best to stop.

    This song was great. The original i mean. This song here is bareable till 00:36 then the rapping begins and the song became lame. I was forced to close the song before i ended up destroying my laptop out of hatred of how they messed up one of the most original Transformers songs :)

  37. This is off topic, and so no one gets upset my handle is worm even though I am posting anon, here is my theory. What if all of the constructicons get killed and they form devastator with the vechile mode left of themselves. maybe that is why the devastator toy only seperate pieces don't transform and there is seemingly two of every kind. Just a thought. No name calling and profanity if you disagree.

  38. Where is Soundwave already? I'm starting to get pissed!

  39. "This is off topic, and so no one gets upset my handle is worm even though I am posting anon, here is my theory. What if all of the constructicons get killed and they form devastator with the vechile mode left of themselves. maybe that is why the devastator toy only seperate pieces don't transform and there is seemingly two of every kind. Just a thought. No name calling and profanity if you disagree."
    You IDIOT!!!!!! :)
    Cant see it myself. Think it would be a bit of a coincidence if they all get killed but only so much that they are able to form devastator. Also I think they will prob need their bot mode to get into position. We'll see.....

  40. someone should start a "I support Stan Bush's remake of 'The Touch' " group on facebook. Just so we who enjoy to have to read through comments from people who can't grow up or have no real musical taste.

  41. ^^^^
    We all have music taste. The original version was great. The instrumental for this is okay but the rapping ruins it. Everything else is okay and borders on awesome. I am only getting this if they do an Instrumental version.

    I know we cant convince you its just the modern TF generation sees remakes as something better than the original not something that only just qualifies as okay.

  42. bay goes for more mainstream bands, those that will either bring attention to the movie through the radio or by introducing some new music that attracts the target audience. Of course you could get 50 year olds to a movie by playing some rolling stones or u2 but he's going for 18-35 range audience. stan had his time,

  43. Few more Jetfire pics and Confirmation of the devious second in command getting a Leader class toy. That is the fourth Leader class toy in the toyline so far.

  44. When I hear "You got the touch"...followed by those 3 piano licks "you got the powerrrrr"!...It's always been immediately followed with slight cold chills and images of Optimus transforming into truck mode and taking out a handfull of Decepticons.

    Maybe Stan had good intentions...Maybe he wanted to appeal to the new crowd....Maybe he just wanted to make a buck.
    All I know is Marky Mark did a better job of singing "The Touch" in Boogie Nights...than Stan did this time.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about get the special edition of Boogie'll see what I'm talking about...Its Awesome.
    You might be able to find it on Youtube....then again there's NOTHING on there anymore.

    39 DAYS!!!....dammit

  45. This video was the worst video in history. I wont even talk about the song. This is a joke. It has to be.

  46. Nothing can beat this:

    No trying to be all rapper style just pure awesome Transformers music. The only music that should ever be associated with Transformers is Rock, Metal and some romance. It needs to be daring like the original.

  47. In the words of Mikaela in the first movie, "Wow Sam, that was... awesome..."

    I agree with a majority of the posters here. I was HOPING that it would be a neat little remix but it turned out to be something totally... out of this world? Alien? Big alien robots?

    The rapper scares me.

  48. Ok because of all the rudeness i have decided to leave out posting any new links on this blog as i dont see why i should help those who pester me about how i said my blog link three times.

    I may comment slightly but i will put no new links or stuff on this blog. Find it yourself. Then you can come to me and say that my blog sucks or that i am lame.

  49. Also any rude comments made after this towards me are total dickheads.

  50. "I may comment slightly"......pssshh.
    This is your food/drug got off on this stuff.
    I don't think anybody is going to BEG you to please keep posting the new stuff.
    Everybody that is worth a shit thanks you for the new links and the new news.
    So theres some on here that give you a hard time and tease hoo dammit.
    Thats what elementary school was
    make that skin a little tougher.
    You enjoy being the first to discover and announce the new news....
    Great keep doing're gonna quit cause of a little hazing?
    Well then I don't want my news from a there.

  51. Guess I'm a dick.
    I still like transformers.

  52. The original was cheesy and 80's but it worked, this, well it's just a rip off, it's like he ripped off his own song, Linkin Shart and Sweet Savage all at the same time, actually maybe pedo guitar dude has something to do with Sweet Savage, like he was their roadie back in the day :).

    Bevis and Butt-Head, "this sucks, hehehhehe"

  53. I have to say the remake BLOWS. Stick to the original Bush. There's no way it will make it.

  54. I hope no one listens to this rubbish before listening to the original . As corny as the original was , this is utterly shameful and could destroy whatever little was good about the original

    honestly though , i haven't laughed this good in years , good effort going to go cheer up people with suicidal thoughts by showing them this

  55. Scorpio I always appreciate everything you do maybe because I'm almost 30 and I'm not a little kid who likes to bash and ridicule people, but you being offended as if you wrote or composed this song is a little odd. Stan is trying alittle to hard to get back his status with the Transformers. And it shows.

    Imagine Huey Lewis and the News try to redo 'back in time' for a new Back to the Future movie (hypothetically). I'm sure it would end up being as bad as this. Sometimes people can't accept that they are too old and way way off on their talents as an artist.

    Live action Transformers has to appeal to kids and be 'popular' because money rules everything today. This my friend is not popular. Sorry

  56. If Michael Bay ever decided to include this nonsense cheap amateurish new Stan Bush song in Transformers2 and on the soundtrack the movie could bomb despite being excellent. Really.
    The new Stan Bush song is pathetic and the the new video is so lame that it's sad that they even paid to create it. Anyway the song sucks so the video doesn't matter. And next time they would produce a video on a Transformers movie (or any other movie anyway) they should ensure that the song fits perfectly at least with the images running on screen...

  57. Oh c'mon! You fanatical G1 fanboys are exaggerating too much. As somebody who grew up with G1, I personally don't think it's that bad. Not nearly as good or nostalgic as the original but it's not THAT bad. They sure as hell could have done without that rapping jabroni in this. That's for sure.

  58. I am of the age that I watched the original animated movie in theaters and had the original G1 toys, and that song is horrible. Really the only song they should ever give any thought to including in the new movies is some sort of remix of the original cartoon theme song. It would have to be one hell of a remix though.

  59. -but you being offended as if you wrote or composed this song is a little odd.-

    I`m offended at all the rude post towards me about how my blog sucked and saying that i slept with my sister or i am gay or other lame BS. I have nothing against the song and think the instrumental is actually quite good however the rapping was not so much intune with the style of TF. Just my opinion :)

  60. This song and video remind me of farts. Stinky farts. The close up on Stan's face and his mongoloid rapper don't help much either. The smirking guitarist adds to the lameness.

  61. Dude... This is gay...
    Alright, the first one was also not perfect but it had its own style. Dude, what the hell is this? Solo is pretty nice but the rest... Oh dude... No dude... awwwhhhooorrelzkjclmsgk... dude...

  62. im not strictly conservative that i could stand everything theyve done to tf g1, actually most of the things theyve done are great but this is strange, not acceptable

  63. Tedimus Prime5/16/2009 9:13 AM


    Ummm... I loved your 1986 songs man! Sure they were cheesy, but were always fun, memorable, and awesome, (especially soundtrack versions) U, my friend, are a sell out.

  64. BlueDragonOfUNA said...
    "someone should start a "I support Stan Bush's remake of 'The Touch' " group on facebook. Just so we who enjoy to have to read through comments from people who can't grow up or have no real musical taste."

    LMAO....yeah, good luck with that. I think it may be a lonely place.

  65. To Anonymous 10:32am 5/16/09

    I'd rather stand alone then to conform to the ideals of all you pathetic, stuck-in-the-80's, no musical taste, nobodies who don't even have the guys to put up a your name.

  66. Well done you for putting your name up and for having 'musical taste'.....hmmmmm?!?

  67. Tedimus Prime5/16/2009 1:04 PM

    Wow Blue dragon, this is YOUR musical taste?

    Didnt know anyone could like this.

    Not that im against him doing a remake, just one that isnt a piece of crap and actually sounds somewhat like the touch of the 80's with a "touch" of the present.

  68. I agree with BlueDragonOfUNA. And I made a group on facebook.

  69. I'm shocked that anyone would think this song is good. The writing is horrible, the rapping doesn't fit, and the video looks like it was made by a youtube user. Not to mention it sounds like Stan Bush is really straining his voice to hit certain notes.

    You should post your link to the facebook group if you are so sure it would be that popular.

  70. Tedimus Prime5/16/2009 11:47 PM

    Right, no liek, the rapper and smiling gary completely ruined it.

  71. One trick pony, Stan.

    Go back to the 80's.

  72. Comment the youtube video, maybe it helps!!
    I think this version won't be hearable under the key moments of the new film (like the old "the movie"), because it's just too weak... I was happy when I heard about the remake, but now I'm dissapointed...

  73. Use the 80's song, but grunge it up abit. More heavy guitar and such. Also it should be "You got the touch" not "You got the tooouuuuuccchhhhhh". This is an action movie with BAY EXPLOSIONS, not a love story.

    Defienitly loose the piano and rapping.

  74. Lose the piano? Really your taste are that bad?

    Anywho, about the re-edited video. Even I have to admit how silly it is that all he did was edit the video. Like that would please any of you people. I'd glad he didn't touch the song itself thought the rapping needs FIXING, not removal.

  75. Hmm where to start...
    Stan Bush has amazing vocals, this song is good, but not great. Of course, it would be (a lot) better with NO rapping, none at all. He had potential in re-creating it, but in the end it didn't work out. Now, I've read through comments, and hell, just because I like the original better doesn't mean I'm old (truly no offense to those hardcore '84 fans). I'm 15 and i still can't stand rap.

    Knowing i shouldn't have posted a paragraph, The song= Good... with no rap.
    Stan Bush= Great... with no rap.
    Old School stuff= tends to be better accepted than bad remakes that aren't correctly done


  76. I would like "Til all are one" in the movie ;)

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