Friday, May 15, 2009

RoTF UK Premiere Dated

The Revenge of the Fallen world premiere is scheduled for June 8th in Tokyo, Japan and now via purehmv we know the premiere date in the United Kingdom is on June 15, 2009 at Leicester Square, London. The information comes via opportunity to "buy" a pair of tickets to the premiere with 100000 points which are granted via the store's loyalty card program for purchases. If you’re in the UK I will let you decide how want to handle things, but here is the fine print about the UK premiere.
Transformers 2 - Pair of tickets to Premiere
We have a pair of tickets for this much anticipated Premiere. If you redeem this you will walk the red carpet amongst the stars!

Terms and conditions: The Transformers 2 premiere is on the evening of 15th June 2009 and the reward will be available to redeem until 1pm on 11th June 2009. There is one reward of 2 tickets (one pair) available and the purehmv member must be in attendance with a guest of their choice. Because of the nature of the film both attendees must be 18 or over. The premiere will take place in Leicester Square, London. The purehmv member will be responsible for all travel, accommodation and associated costs incurred. Tickets must be collected on the day of the premiere at the reception of hmv 's Head Office at 142 Wardour Street, London W1F 8LN, which is a short walk from Leicester Square. We regret that tickets cannot be sent in the post.
An interesting thing about Hollywood movies is they tend to have a lot of premiere parties. There is the world premiere and then additional premiere in critical markets such as US, Japan, UK and so forth. The point of the premiere party is simple - free press. When the studios throw these expensive events, the stars come out and with them the press, which talk about it for a day or so in magazines, newspapers, television and the internet in the respective countries. The net result is millions of dollars of free press getting the word out that the movie is coming to a theatre near you real soon. Why mention this? Just to clarify why you might be hearing news about TF2 premiere parties in various countries over the next month or so. And nope so no clue on the US date but a site reader has indicated that the Smithsonian is a rumored possibility. Thanks to Carnivac for the link.

Small update: I forgot to add that there is a difference between the premiere party for VIP people invited to go and the actually release date of the film in a particular country. Usually one occurs about a week to two weeks before the latter so be sure to check the "worldwide release dates" link on the top left of the blog.


  1. countdown! thanks blog guy!

  2. i wonda if da scorpion has already blogged this :)

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  4. cant wait to see MEGAN FOX :D :D


  6. someone post a camera rip. don't worry I'll still go the theatre

  7. Come on you dicks leave scorpio alone. He only gave links to his blog. I saw someone did that in another section of the blog and noone moaned. TFLive hasnt spoken about it so why are you all so tetchy you have to come on here and take the piss out of someone trying to show you where you can find more news. Seriously you all should be taken out and shot.

  8. June 15th, nice. Now I know when to book my London break : )


  9. "have you heard about this blog?"

    yes it is a bloody good site. He has uploaded tons of stuff this blog hasnt. He has timelines showing the differences between the Transformers and so on.

  10. I had to see it for myself and I must say.....IT SUCKS!!!

    C'mon MATT---what a total rip off artist!!!

  11. "C'mon MATT---what a total rip off artist!!!"

    So you havent seen his 3D Models from his competition. His Transformers timelines or some of the stuff he has posted early. Sure it isnt as good as this blog but then again this blog has been going for three or four years or so. He never claimed anything as his own only his 3D Models so he hasnt copied anything.

  12. How can I buy tix for this?? I want to buy tix for the premiere

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