Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ravage Alt Mode and Blackout Pictures (Updated)

TF08.net has posted more pictures of Deluxe Ravage and Voyager Blackout. In addition, TFW2005.com has additional pictures of Ravage that suggest a submersible alt mode (and a weak one at that). Could be correct or a best guess, guess have to wait for a card backing to verify it. As for Blackout (who is now white), apparently he is keeping his companion Scorponok only now he is black and silver. Thanks to Scorpio for the links.

Update: From the Ice Cream Truck thread, another potential alt-mode of Ravage that has him as a motorcycle. Still an ugly alt mode. Also, the site proves confirmation that Ravage is a deluxe class toy.


  1. Ravage and Laserbeak the same guy? Kill 2 birds with one stone? hm.

  2. i found out what ravage is transforming into! look at the las picture of him
    he is transforming into a chicken!

  3. Now that ravage and laserbeak are looking like being the same transformer, when did bay confirm the name "ravage"?

    just a thought.

  4. i saw a repaint of blackout and another transformer in a ROTF box today, he had white and light blue paint applied on him, i was excited to see the new box

  5. Dunno when Bay confirmed the name Ravage but we've seen the preview image with the name Ravage on another TF RotF box and it referred to it as Deluxe class (I know Blackout was named Grindor on one packaging but that was only on a FAB and I know Brawl/Devastator was a discrepancy in TF1 but I believe that to be a mix-up on the cutting room floor).

    Ravage might be like Scorpinok from TF1... no alt. mode in the film but given one just for the sake of the toy. I can't see a Transformer toy selling very well at all if it didn't even transform.

    Ravage being a submersible makes sense... given that we've seen him come out of water an all in the trailers thus far. People have commented on how does he get to shore if lands in the water... this would be a stab at an explanation.

  6. Haha cool!!! CHICKEN MODE!!!

  7. "i saw a repaint of blackout and another transformer in a ROTF box today, he had white and light blue paint applied on him, i was excited to see the new box"

    But you just couldn't see and remember what his name was on the box, don't you...?

  8. New toys which include DLX Arcee, DLX Jolt & DLX Skids/Mudflap{I.C.T. alt mode} plus some others. Enjoy guys & gals :)


  9. that ravage alt mode look like some "evil" water scooter thing...

  10. So its confirmed!
    the twins ARE the icecream truck before reformatting!

  11. the first chapter of the book had the twins as an ice cream vehicle.

  12. It appears there's four recolored versions of movie toys as cast character toys of this series. Ironhide, Ratchet as Desert Tracker, Barricade as Interrogator and now Blackout. What if Scorponok's ROTF deluxe class toy will be only only recolored from first movie's toy version?

  13. They should come out with a classic Ravage. I always liked the cassettes.

  14. TornadoQuakeX5/05/2009 10:16 AM

    LOVE the mech mode LOL. And a submarine makes sense, as we saw him come out of the water at a beach.

  15. wal mart website says its 'reentry' mode....could be the 'ravage missile' soundwave was supposed to have

  16. I KNEW HE WAS A SUB.....why did he come out from the ocean....he used his sonar to detect meg...

    PS..and since he looked like a chicken,,he will use bird flu as a biological weapon

  17. I like the look of the Chicken mode. I guess none of you think he is that scary but imagine a robot chicken coming down the street then you`ll be scared :)

    The Submarine/Re-entry mode is not as good as it could have been all they needed to do was flip the legs back. Also the tail would have been a good adition to this mode.

  18. I like the bird form of Ravage. Wish they just added it in the film as Laserbeak. Always liked how he seemed to be so loyal to Megatron and would perch on his arm.

    So does this mean Ravage is not Alice? Was the bird form the other thing (I think) Orci had mentioned as there being something else to Ravage? (not in those words)

  19. Okay I think I’ve stumbled on something that is big news. I was surfing a while back and found this little action figure set, Transformers Heroes Movie Series 2. Now I know people are talking a lot about the possibility of the transformer we see beating up Optimus Prime to be Blackout. I think I have some truth that points towards that with this find:
    Notice that there is Blackout in this series and he is white like the trailer. Then also there is another notice that autobot Springer is in the series. We haven’t even seen the toy for him yet. (I think at least can’t remember for sure.)
    Now how this makes sense is if you think back they don’t ever show the characters that aren’t in the movie in this set. The last set didn’t so why would they in this set. That in a way tells us some of the transformers who will ultimately be in the new movie.
    This all came from the back of the packaging of this set
    This is from the toy fair however I can’t remember where I found this. I’d saved it to my computer so I uploaded it to imageshack so you all could see.
    So other then the need for official proof Blackout is going to be Blackout not Grindor and Springer will be in the next movie.
    This is little something to chew on...

  20. if you read the product details in the webshop it says ravage's alt mode is his re-entry mode.

  21. I wonder if Ravage & Laserbeak are one in the same...???

    Sangiovese (exquisite wine).

  22. I wonder if Ravage & Laserbeak are one in the same?

    Aha Crafty idea, that would set aside character development. Basically you can hit two birds with one stone.

  23. Oh, oh, I just saw a film clip of NAVY.com I believe. Its a recruiting tool basically.

    In this commercial they show an under water version of the military "raptor" used to detect underwater mines or lodging of any type of exsplosives underneath the hulls of miliatry vessels.

    IN TF1,
    You know the one that took video imagery of Scorpinok in the desert of Qutar-so the defense caommand center at the Pentagon could get their first live glimpse of a Transformer--That was a survelliance raptor.

    Sangiovese (exquisite wine)

  24. I doubt that's a motorbike. I think the 'updated' image is his re-entry mode, the original posted pic is a mode he adapts while under water (submersible) and the 'chicken' is just a semi-transformation pic of no significance.

  25. The "chicken" might be semi transformed, but it still looks awesome and as if it was on purpose. Like the Macross jets and thier mid transformation.

  26. this guy looks so cool

  27. this hasbro company they just make freakin hobo alt modes

  28. i love jessica:)

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