Tuesday, May 05, 2009

First Look at Ice Cream Truck Twins, Deluxe Jolt, Arcee and Others (Updated)

Nearly a year ago was the first sighting of a pink and white ice cream truck on the Bethlehem, PA shoot for Transformers 2. The day after I published the call sheets that included the description "Ice Cream truck chases R8 thru alleys. Crashes. Splits in two. Twins fight." the speculation began. Since then repeated sightings (video) at Bethlehem and California (here, here, and here) has only fueled it. Thanks to the find from TFW2005's "Heat Guy" on Wal-Mart's website, we now know that the ice cream truck is an early form of the Twins. The toy will be a deluxe class toy, I think both in one package.

In addition, Wal-Mart's site includes the first images Deluxe Blaze Master (alt mode Channel 7 copter), Deluxe Jolt (Chevy Volt), Deluxe Arcee (with side car that becomes blaster), Deluxe Swerve (repaint of Sideswipe), and Deluxe Dead End (repaint of Sideways). It is unknown if Blaze Master is a movie character. Jolt and Arcee are confirmed in the movie and of course the repaints are not. Thanks to "217" for the link.

Deluxe Ice Cream Truck TwinsDeluxe JoltDeluxe ArceeDeluxe Blaze MasterDeluxe Dead EndDeluxe Swerve

Update: The TFW2005 thread has added additional pics that show off the alt mode for the figures, that I added above. Also included the Jetfire pictures (I think Leader class but not sure) since first good look at his modes. Thanks to 217 for the heads-up.


  1. I've noticed that finding those were next to impossible for a lot of people on TFW so that HEATGUY deserves either mad props for hacking WalMart's website or he works there.

    If he doesn't work at a WM then he is a human version of Soundwave

  2. So is Blaze Master in the film. First I'm hearing of the character. My guess would be no.

  3. ** UPDATE **


    Alt modes revealed along with the robot mode for "Swerve"

  4. -Sigh-
    I hope Arcee and the bikerbots look a lot better in the film than they do as toys.

  5. not sure why they couldn't name Swerve, Sunstreaker.

    maybe 2 sets of twins were too much.

  6. Just a note ..

    In the prequel novel "The Veiled Threat", there was a character called Blademaster, whose alt mode was a helicopter (exact model not specified).

    He was pushed off a cliff by the Autobots and was presumed dead.

    This makes me wonder, could this Blaze Master actually be the Blademaster in the novel? A small typo perhaps?

  7. I dig the twins as the ice cream truck better than their chevy car mode.

    Blaze Master? Cool robot bad bad name. Could've gone for Blades...

  8. blaze master has chicken legs...

  9. Chinese Rulez5/05/2009 8:48 AM

    Iceburn - Orang Penang rupanya... hahahahaha... post la spoiler dari buku yang kau beli tu... banyak orang nak tau ni...

  10. Hey check out this game, guys... See who you are in the movie.

    I got Jazz. What's crackin' lil bytches~!


  11. ok so the ice cream truck twins look the coolest here and i don't know why.

    so the ice cream truck twins get an upgrade and become skids and mudflap or something? or are there two sets of twins being talked about here?

  12. why Arcee is the red one and has the same head as Chromia :s anyways I liked the Twins xD!

  13. Those toys look amazing. will definitly be buying these.

    Do you think Transformers is going to be coming out every 10 or so years like Batman, with a whole diffrent house working on it. Would Hasbro want that?

    I think it could be cool.

  14. no i think the twins fight in their alt modes, but fight or somethin and dont wanna join bak as an icecream truck so they scan two cars and become the chevrolets

  15. @decepticon yeah probably that would make sense then

  16. @Chinese Rulez
    I already posted a spoiler summary with plot and character details in the TFW2005 forums.

  17. One of the twins blames the other for crashing

  18. So. Do we get two Dead Ends? Isn't the red scout class car named Dead End?

    Swerve means a G1 colored Sideswipe is highly unlikely. Why would they release two red repaints of the same character when making a separate character entirely would make more money? A Sunstreaker repaint is still likely and I guess the option's still there for people to just use Swerve as Sideswipe if they prefer him G1 accurate.

    Overall I really like this batch of figures. This movie line will probably break me each time a new wave comes out. Seems there's something in every one that I want.

  19. arcee's concept from the first movie was better than this one, she looks like a male robot and the who the fuck is this chiken alike bot and what's his alt mode!!! WTF!!! GAY

  20. TornadoQuakeX5/05/2009 10:31 AM

    Ok. LOVING these new toys!

    Ice Cream Truck Twins - Awesome. Nothing like confirmation in a great toy form that combines. Love it. First day purchase.

    Arcee - Red? I thought it was pink? Maybe it's my monitor. And I guess Arcee isn't the combined form's name. =/ I'm guessing the purple one is Elita-1. The bot mode is ok. Not anything better looking than Chromia, as I expected. But I also expect a combined form. With a bot mode like that? You'd hope so.

    Jolt - Eh. What a mess. Not really looking forward to this toy. Obviously just a shameless plug, last second advertisement by Chevy, resulting in a horrible toy. Pass.

    Blaze Master - Wow. I'm a sucker for helicopter alt modes and this guy just pwns. I wish they chose better colors. If I learned anything from my Vector Prime repaint, those colors are hideous. Might wait for a repaint of that mold.

    Swerve - Ahhh Swerve. Why couldn't they just label him as the G1 repaint of Sideswipe and call it a day? If anything, I'd get both figures and swap the heads. Ta-da! Perfect Sideswipe.

    Dead End - Last but not least is Dead End. I'm digging this repaint over Sideways. I always hated that "fire crotch of DOOM." This looks more pleasing to the eye. I might skip Sideways for this repaint.

  21. lol twins look pretty cool, helicopter looks cool and hope hes an autobot in the movie.arcee is just like chromia so it doesnt impress me as much.

    now as for jolt he does look like a mess and i seriously pray to god that he only looks bad cus of the angle or he looks better in the movie.


    p.s not too sure on the sword things on jolt either.

  22. Ice Cream truck is great! would of liked the twins to stay that way than just become generic cars

  23. The reason why the Ice cream truck crashes is because both twins are controlling it and cant decide which way to go ending in the two crashing and they start arguing.

    Toy reviews:

    The set is a good idea and is definently a better buy than another Car robot. Although they messed up with Skids head :( it is way oversized.If these two are in the one set and it is below £20.00 i will buy it. However i am worried that the vehicle mode may suffer. Luckily for fans they can purchase this combiner set instead of two lame non joining twins. There is also rumors that Mudflap may turn evil as a set is labelled Autobots Skids Vs Mudflap on TF wiki :)

    He looks awesome kind of like a Decepticon version of Sideswipe. I would love to see him in the film working for the Fallen :)

    This is another Robot who has suffered in this film. Being one of three identical sisters she is rumored to be killed off. Her design is weak and she seems to suffer from a weak chest and will undoubtly fall.

    Another car bot (Enough said) :(

    At first i though he was giving everyone the finger then i realised it was his head :) Then i looked again and i thought he was doing it again but they turned out to be blades. He includes a very rare feature on car toys by having his windows on his legs. This is a good looking set i cant wait to see him in live action :)

    DeadEnd is a cool set although he is entirely similar to Barricade and uses a similar transformation. The circular saw blade on his hand was a nice touch but it and the wheel seem out of place.

    Also according to a few toy websites they said that the Skids/Mudflap deluxe set will actually be Voyager sized. Also they said the price was £14.99. I also spotted a image on another toy site showing the two robots and they are suprisingly small. Skids is the largest robot and comes to a height about the size of deluxe ROTF Wheelie. Mudflap is much smaller and is only about Bonechrushers size.

    P.s. I dont know where the link was from.

  24. All I can say is...THAT is NOT Arcee!!! What the HELL were they thinking?! In all honesty, I loved their very first design.

  25. I dont know if its just me here but does Jolt look like a bad combination of bumblebee and optimus. It really looks like that to me.

    I really like this version of the twins. As for the rest they all look good but I am looking forward to the movie, in hopes that the movie does them better justice.

    Revenge can't come soon enough.

  26. Been waiting to see Arcee, now that I have, I don't know. Why is she red here? Why does she have the same face as Chromia?

    The bike picture with the side car does look nice though:

    So does the twins Truck mode:

    Agree with Anon 11:16am, the twins would have been neat being left as the Ice Cream truck and introducing 2 other characters as their new Chevy alt modes. Does make me wonder what it is that makes them change thier minds about being the Ice Cream truck.

  27. thanks for giving us your review scorp, we really care what you think.

  28. ^ uh yeh like anyone cares wat you have to say either div!

  29. You guys on here who talk shit are cowards. Why are you anonymous. You talk about scorp but at least I know he's a real person.

  30. I cant stand any of you anymore. Everytime I make a post 5 people make fun of me. I dont have enough friends on here to even stay around. You guys just enjoy the film and I will see you all after the film comes out

  31. Israeli Sniper5/05/2009 12:41 PM

    I wana punch that person who keeps wanting Elita 1 in the movie.

    Fucking hell she's dead!

  32. Don't worry about them Scorp, besides it is probably just one person making multiple posts under "Anon" anyways.

    Just pass them by an take their posts for what they are worth... Nothing.

  33. lol i was standing up for scorp :(

  34. Scorpio ... I never liked your online persona because you have always been the moron who came across as being arrogant like you are a main authority of Transformers from the beginning. While your tone is different as of late, it is the first impression that has soured me. Reformed idiot turned viable contributor? We will see.

  35. I thought there was no mass shifting allowed? the twins in their GM Car modes cannot shrink to fit in one icecream truck, unless the truck is big, but I don't recall it being huge in the previous videos. Bay broke his own rule!

  36. skorpionox says
    Toy reviews:

    Twins: yeah, whatever

    Arcee: she is red, has two wheels

    Jolt: soundwave "mass shift" version (too much energon perhaps?)

    blaze master: he was not seen in the trailer

    car: sport car

    Barricade: Deadend: Sideways

    1. She's not pink
    2. She doesnt even look female
    3. I was past her not having legs, but that head is unforgivable
    4. If she is killed off, then she cant be done right and the character is lost
    5. Im wondering who changed her design from the original concept art?
    Jolt, I will give a chance, same with the twins

  38. Craniusrai:
    I so agree with you, it's really sad that they messed up the design like this. I hope the cgi-Arcee looks a lot better because this is embarrasing.

  39. arcee seems to be a lost cause for me and am sad to say i wont be disapoited to see her killed off.

    also it would be much cooler for the twins to stay as an ice cream truck.the decepticons wouldnt see it coming XD.


  40. -I cant stand any of you anymore. Everytime I make a post 5 people make fun of me. I dont have enough friends on here to even stay around. You guys just enjoy the film and I will see you all after the film comes out-

    I never posted this although i am a bit annoyed about everyone who keeps moaning about me when i post topics or contribute links.

    Replying to Numetheus:

    Hopefully i dont turn out that bad :) Only time will tell.

    Ravages alt mode is really lame and cries epic fail to me. After recently viewing the "Twins" alt mode they are now on my list of who to buy :) The ice cream mode has really swayed my opinios on the twins and i think i can finally get over Bays enthusiasm in having stupid transformers.

  41. thanks for giving us your review scorp, we really care what you think.

    Better someone reviewing it that coming on here to moan ;) What do you think anyway?

  42. scorp you already are that bad.

    and that was a dirty trick above to make me think scorp had a conscience and saw reason.

  43. ^omfg stop takin the piss outa scorp, like anyone cares wat u think(which no one does).go home and get a life mate



    Jolts legs are faced wrongly hahaha.....the windows are suposed to be faced the otha way


  45. @Anonymous
    I said my first impression of him was of an egotistical idiot. That was a while ago as I have been reading this blog for a while now. He seems to be better now than when I assume most people got that impression of him. So if he is better now, please give him credit for that.

  46. we are here we are waiting5/05/2009 3:45 PM

    all i can say is mudflap better not die or im going to be pissed

  47. Why would an Autobot choose a news heli as an alt mode?

    getting bored of seeing Autobots having civilian alt modes. More should be of combat type vehicles/jets.

    Blaze Master? The name would soon fitting if he was a fuckin' Sukhoi jet fighter...

  48. im digging the icecream truck DEFINETLY gettin' that

  49. OoOoOoOoOoOo! I like them all skids and mudflap are cool I love the words written in there veichle mode "Ice cream made fresh for you." or "Creamy Ice Cream", Blaze master kicks ass, Jolt is an eletric powered autobot of awesomeness, Arcee is cool.

  50. i think the repaint of Sideway's was coooler than Sideways himself.

  51. Before I get to the toys.... FOR THE FRICKING LAST TIME: LEAVE POOR SCORPIO ALONE. Can't a guy just give his opinion/review toys? People say I'm pretty annoying too, but from my perspective I am just doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing anyway. Give him a break.

    /Scorpio's defense

    Anyway, I have to say that I am surprised at how many people like the twins in their ice cream truck modes. The vehicle fits them and their apparent personalities. I like the car form of Skids better than his ice cream truck, and I like FAB Mudflap better, but these are good. I will probably end up buying them if they are packaged together.

    I have a feeling that the three bike bots are going to be pretty much the same except for the fact that they have different loves. Elita-One is dead so stop saying it is her. I had a weird thought though. What if that theory of Arcee being a combined form of 3 bikes be true and the red one here is Firestar, the blue one is Chromia, and the purple one is Moonracer? Then Arcee would be the Autobot Devastator, but much much smaller. Devastator will probably end up being the Decepticon to kill the most Autobots.

    Swerve should have been G1 Sideswipe repaint and then a yellow repaint should be G1 Sunstreaker, but why make 3 toys with different color schemes?

    Jolt is most likely mistransformed in the picture (at least I hope so...)

    Back to the twins, they look pretty cute as their pink ice cream truck. They are probably chasing Sideways and Mudflap blows a gasket or something and they swerve off of the road with smoke coming out of the tailpipe. They separate and argue and end up in a fight with one of the Decepticons protected by Demolisher. They could be looking for a faster escape and see the two Chevy cars driving down the road and scan them then drive away as the Chevy's.

    This Blaze Master guy is apparently a bigger version of Legends class Springer.

    Springer is NO DOUBT in the movie. Since when does a Transformer get under a Robot Heroes or Legends class toy and NOT be in the movie?

    I'm telling you, Agent Simmons DIES IN THIS!

  52. @SkidMudswipe,
    No. You are nothing like Scorpio a few months back when he was really annoying. And your right ... we should leave him alone.

  53. begining of the film.--

    if you on youtube there are 2 vids from filming RotF. and the first one is the shangai scene. now in it you see 3 bikes go bye (arcee sister's) and then an audi R8 (sideway's) turn and chase after them. and they showed the icecreamtruck.

    now heres how i think it will start.

    u see the bike trio go by and then sideways goes after him. then there might be a scene of the ice cream truck combining or some thing while the sisters get lost. so the trio leaves to fall back, but then prime arrives to take out demolisher. next, the ice cream truck goes and fins sideways then sideways goes down an alley with to exits skids tries to go one way mudflap goes the other way they split and bicker. then the trio comes back and arcee and the unnamed character are on the other side of where Chromia is fighting sideways, (as seen in Showest). then Chromia goes thru the window with sideways and there all chasing him.suddenly ironhide comes and along with the help from the sisters kill sideways [or so they thought...?] then as all the autobots that in shangai try to reach demolisher, its to late and Prime has to engage on him (the other autobots didnt get there fast enough). but while Sideways is laying there supposedly dead he gets word to starscream that demolisher n him r under attack, and flees the scene leaving prime who kills demolisher along with N.E.S.T. help.

    oh and its possible that sideswipe was also in Shangai sawa pix of his vette there. he might replace ironhide in wat i wrote. but then again i also herd about ironhide in shangai, but after the battle the get jetfire

    sorry for long post.

  54. ^^^^^
    Good ideas but the Twins are first revealed to be robots when they crash and the Ice-cream truck seperates revealing the two of them. Then they start bickering. I really hope that happens Ironhide is awesome :)

    Thanks for all the support :)

  55. I honestly don't know how i feel about the sisters. I mean coming from a "transformers are alien" stand point their bot modes are kind of creative. It shows that not all transformers need to have bipedal forms. I myself hated the twins when I first saw their robot modes a few months back, but after seeing so much more of them, I really dig them now. Hell they are my desktop background. So for me at least i'm holding off final judgment until I see them in action. Whilst Acree's robot mode from the first movie was tight I wonder how would she have fought with it. She would be smaller than jazz. Now however, with the wheels on her feet and two bots like her she has speed and numbers and I think she can do some damage.

  56. Israeli Sniper5/05/2009 4:48 PM


    Is he your younger brother, Scorp???

    Fuckin hell... yappin' away like he's got no gf. oh wait. that's why!

    Snipe you soon...

  57. TornadoQuakeX5/05/2009 5:08 PM

    How about everyone talks about Transformers and not other people? Sounds like a plan to me.

  58. @SkidMudswipe

    "Swerve should have been G1 Sideswipe repaint and then a yellow repaint should be G1 Sunstreaker, but why make 3 toys with different color schemes?"
    Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Stealth Bumblebee.

    In this regard so far we have Sideswipe, Swerve, and the possibility of Sunstreaker still.

    "Springer is NO DOUBT in the movie. Since when does a Transformer get under a Robot Heroes or Legends class toy and NOT be in the movie?"
    Cliffjumper. Robot Heroes, Legends, Deluxe, Fast Action Battler. He wasn't in the movie.

    I'm still hoping for that Sunstreaker paintjob though.

  59. @ israeli sniper...

    wtf did i ever do to you??? im just expressing my opinions like everyone else, if you cant live with that, mabye this isnt your blog.

  60. and for your info sniper i actually do have a girlfriend,

  61. BONECRUSHER ROLLING Said... said...

    and for your info sniper i actually do have a girlfriend,
    5/05/2009 5:27 PM

    Lol! Dude, you'r mom doesn't count!

    Neither does dressing your right hand up with fake googly eyes, lips stick and eye liner hahaha


    Ice cream truck toy is bad ass!

    Arcee? looks like SH*T!

  62. Israeli Sniper5/05/2009 5:40 PM

    ^ Come to Israel... I will take you down... you talk too much...

  63. Yeah i/s, STFU.

  64. were here to talk about transformers not sniping peeps

  65. Counterpunch5/05/2009 5:56 PM

    Has anyone seen the new toy of Blades as the Coast Guard heli & of Blaster as the F-117 Nighthawk.

    Man those 2 looked tight in their new alt mode.

    Instead we get a cool looking robot but bad alt mode ( news heli??! WTF?! )& a name that sucks.

    Blaze Master. pfft.. cant you just keep it simple & just call him Blades?

    PS Bonecrusher. The army dude is right.

  66. i like the A-10 transformer Wingblade bought him sunday

  67. does anyone else think that the ending of this movie will be a cliffhanger? and end on like introducing a baddy (unicron perhaps?)

  68. hmmm, Does anyone else reckon Dead End will be the transformer that sacrifices his spark for Megatron?

    Just thinking back to what that Dreamworks dude said (though the validity of what he said is questionable) look into the transformers mythos, it wouldn't come as a surprise that this transformer sacrifices himself willingly... or something to that effect.

    though I kind of hope I am wrong, Dead End was my favourite con' as a kiddy.

  69. "does anyone else think that the ending of this movie will be a cliffhanger? and end on like introducing a baddy (unicron perhaps?)"

    No and maybe. Bay said he likes each of his movies to stand alone and not rely on a sequel to resolve anything. As far as hinting at Unicron though, its possible and could be handled like Starscream tearing out of Earth's atmosphere at the end of TF1 (but I doubt it).

  70. scrappy said...

    though I kind of hope I am wrong, Dead End was my favourite con' as a kiddy.


    YOU ARE WRONG. Dead End died getting crushed by Prime in Alliance # 4.

  71. @punch

    yup! and barricade died in the movie adaption comic, but that hasn't stopped him returning for the second movie. The movie comics don't have the best track recored when it comes to actually fitting in with the move continuity... just saying.

  72. Anon at 6:45 speaks truth.

    And by his philosophy this also means that Elita-1 COULD be the purple bike. She died in the comics but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't use her in the movie itself.

    I for one can only see Elita-1 as the third bike due to her color. I don't remember any other fembots right off that were purple (though I could be wrong... I haven't seen that particular episode in ages)

  73. Two things.
    1.) Man, seeing the Ice Cream truck just makes me want ice cream. Curse you Skids!(Mudflap!I like you because you're orange later on! Fav. Color)

    2.) Why is Arcee red? Isn't she pink?

  74. Those of you who wanna gripe...gripe at the worthless FIRSTIES on here,at least scorp has got somethin to post when the news is slow....

  75. Constructicons United5/05/2009 7:39 PM

    I remember reading somewhere, I think in the chapter exerpt from the ROTF novelization, that on the back of the Ice Cream Truck, it would say

    "Suck my popsicle Decepticons"

    I find it rather hilarious, but I wonder if hasbro was brave enough to print that on the Ice Cream Truck Toy, considering there will be angry parents out there. lol. If not, I'll paint it on myself, I think that line is priceless XD

  76. Dude dats effin Hilarious!!! Dat sounds soooo like the Twins!!!

    U shud change ur name to Constructicon Workers Union!!!

  77. scorp doesn't have shit but what he sees on tfw2005. and on a slow day we all go there anyway. stop defending his bs.

  78. Pickleforthepeople5/06/2009 12:33 AM

    -How about everyone talks about Transformers and not other people? Sounds like a plan to me.-

    Agreed, Everyone leave each other alone this is a TF blog we should be rational and smart not fight between people.

  79. New photo of Megan fox from the Trailer (Black leather jacket and dress)


    With Arcee in vehicle mode behind her.

  80. I agree, but I just have to say:

    Israeli Sniper said...
    ^ Come to Israel... I will take you down... you talk too much...
    You have got to be the worst sniper ever if you try to get your targets by asking them to come to you. Bet you go ZERO notches on your rifle.

  81. I still don't get it....If these motorcycles are female, why do they have mustaches? Do Cybertronian women have mustaches? Bad design.

  82. Yeah, you thought trying to explain female transformers was going to be hard, try explaining female transformers with mustaches...

    And why (going by the toy) do these 2 have the same face? Does this mean we have Twins and Triplets in this movie? I liked the idea of them being a pack together, not triplet sisters.

    I am losing hope for the bikes in being good characters. You

  83. I found on Flickr a picture of a Soundwave toy that it looks like the guy repainted. It now looks 10x better that what Hasbro is shipping out.


  84. Replying to Kasumi:
    It looks awesome however he seems to be reminisant of Primes coloring on the legs. Though i would rather buy that than the hasbro version.

  85. Well, kind of maybe, but also (all forgive me for saying this) he could have done it as a throw back to the G1 SW whos lower legs were also blue.

    This does kind of make ya want to repaint all your TF toys (out of the box) with actual Chevy touch up paint or something.

    He also has an Ironhide and 2 other custom paint jobs.

  86. Don't know if this is news, but Target is raising the price of Deluxes to 12.99

  87. Israeli Sniper-

    You'll feel it before you hear it. When do you want to die?

    -Redneck Sunuvfabitch Sniper.

  88. Voyager class figures are 29.99 and the Leader class figures are going to be 44.99

  89. lol wth is there ppl threating eachother for xD thats retarded, hey ima kill you... over the internet... XD LOLOLOL

  90. anybody else notice that these all got pulled from the walmart website?

  91. MEGAN was so so hot...

    i love the combi of bay and spielberg!!!Yeah..


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