Monday, May 18, 2009

Transformers 2 Viral Marketing Campaign Begins (Updated)

It appears that today is the day the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen marketing campaign begins its kick off as the various viral campaign websites have updates to join the TV spots showing up on TV.

First seen in the trailer on Sam's jacket as he talks to Simmons, the site run by "Leo Spitz" (Ramon Rodriguez) now has a home page and blog, complete with mission statement. The primary goal is to determine the "real" story behind the events in Mission City (from the first movie). There are a ton of posts already on the site, going back to June 10th of last year (about the time TF2 production started). Of note is Leo has a bit of a crush on the lovely Olivia Munn who is referred to as "Future Mrs. Spitz" in the tags. Other than a not so minor crush on her, the rest of the posts are filled with UFO sightings and aliens.

Update: A few links of note from Leo's site. One is an amusing "LeoPonceDeLeonSpitz Venture" of Real Effing Kitten Calendars from one of the advertisements (found by NHLfan). Another is "Mission City" updates of blurry images of Starscream and Optimus (found by Katie).

This site was discovered through the adult novelization of the movie and is in direct competition with the above. Run by "Robo-Warrior" aka Simmons (John Turturro), he frequently comments on his dislike of Spitz's site, shares his love of The Munn, and enjoys Star Trek. The posts in this case start on September 8th, 2008 and do not come with as much frequency. I am assuming that will change now that the viral campaign has kicked off.

Mendelson Robotics
Another site, not yet up and running. This is the company that plays a part in the cover story for the events of mission city and likely the company that would want to use Transformers tech to their advantage. What part they do or do not have in the current movie is unknown.

Thanks to Katie and p00p m0nsta for the links.


  1. BAY has the HD spots on his site!!!!!!!!!

  2. I checked out TheRealEffingDeal and two things caught my attention.

    The second post on the first page that pops up may be a video of Soundwave sense the lights kinda match the toy we've seen. Plus it doesn't seem like your typical ufo footage..abit too clean.

    Also Last blog on page six seems to be fuzzy pictures of starscream. Page 8 has two blogs that show fuzzy pics or what appears to be Optimus Prime.

  3. in the trailer the author just posted, they show a bright light in orbit around the earth while the decepticons are flying to earth. i wonder if thats Soundwave. weak, staying in orbit.

    are all the new teasers on his site?

  4. i hate these "viral" sites.

    really just put up more snippets of the movie or stills from it.

    i'm not interested in fake reporting about a fictional film.
    people who are not into transformers are even less so i think, so i'm not sure who they are trying to please with this.

  5. damn they made The Fallen even more wicked in this newest footage. that is phat!

  6. Lol so we can comment on those sites? but in a way you cant give away the movie right or no you just cant say anything...?

  7. in the scene with the Fallen waiting there is Ratchet, Ironhide, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Jetfire. That's a tough squad.

  8. lol...
    there's an advertisment on therealeffingthing, which leads to:


  9. Are you insinuating that it might be possible to NOT have a bit of a crush on Olivia Munn?

  10. wtf does olivia have to do with anything?

    she's good looking, but i can get photos of her elsewhere if i want. why on a transformer ad site?

  11. -in the scene with the Fallen waiting there is Ratchet, Ironhide, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Jetfire. That's a tough squad.-

    And yet the Fallen appears and they all fall backwards. :)

  12. Scorp, of course they all fall when the fallen teleports - he's frickin huge and just teleported out of nowhere.

  13. if you guys were able last year to enter the sector 7 website and saw the videos you would know of a character called "X" he tried to reveal the intentions of sector 7 and the group to the world but excaped and was killed. now he is back and supplying Leo with information about the incidents like Mission City.

  14. both blogpages are using "Wordpress" as blogsoftware ;)

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