Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bay's Film Weekly Interview has posted a six and half minute sound interview from The Guardian with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Director Michael Bay with Film Weekly. Nope this doesn't not cover the baseless rumor that he is quitting the Transformers franchise but he does once again say he does want to try other genres beyond blockbuster films. Since only sound, I shrunk the box down, just click play in the middle.

As for the interview, he covers comparison made with Jurassic Park, core themes (sacrifice and heroism), the pressures of dealing with such a big budget film and working on budget. He also said the marketing campaign is budgeted at $100M so the cost of the film is $300 million. The ballpark figure for a studio to reach profitability on a film is the cost of the film x 2 so once the film break $600 million, the profits begin. Thanks to Brian for the link.

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