Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ice Cream Truck Twins and Arcee Video Reviews

Peaugh strikes again (how does he get these toys first?), posting a video review of Deluxe Ice Cream Truck Twins and Arcee. The truck is a buy for me and Arcee (along with the other cycles) should be a pass for everyone. Thanks to Chris for the links.


  1. First!
    Mudflap and skids look like a crap-flavored ice cream truck(ah, see, I made a funny!). Recomemed the car versions of each.

  2. Mudflap and Skids look terrible. Really getting the Deluxe Mudflap and Skids as their Chevy Concept Cars.
    Arcee, defenetly getting. You can't have one without the others I say.
    By the way, FIRST!

  3. I dont see why they didnt just do a repaint of the last design of arcee.

    Thats what i was wondering. How does this guy get all the toys first.

  4. http://host.trivialbeing.org/up/transformers-20090616-arcee-concept.jpg
    the purple arcee bike concept looks amazing

  5. the ice cream truck Mudflap and Skids have the same big/small arm thing going on like their counter parts.

  6. ughh i really hate arcee's color....although i kinda liked her alt mode

    The twins kinda suck.....it would be cool if they had the same size as their deluxe counter parts.........if they had made the ice-cream truck double the size, the twins would be perfect, bigger with more details and moving parts

  7. I love mudflap and skids

  8. try it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AK4vOOS5RQ


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