Friday, June 26, 2009

ROTF Day One Note From Bay

Michael Bay popped up on his forums once again and posted a thank you on the opening day of Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen ticket sales.
The 400 critics around the globe spoke. Then fans around the world spoke.

Transformers made $60.6 million dollars in the United States for a total of around $100 million from the world on opening day! One of the biggest single days in movie history.

Then never seem to understand that I make movies for people to take a ride and escape.

To all the Transformer Fans - Thank You



  1. Great job Michael! Thanks for this biggest ride !!

  2. That doesn't mean its a good movie. Because it was really bad.

  3. I saw the movie yesterday here in Germany. I've been reading this blog for a while, but the movie just blew me away!
    I think Bay has done a lot for the fans in this movie,for example the Starstcream/Megs scenes were great!
    I never thought i would love a Bay film that much :)

  4. THe movie wasnt bad, it was the best action flick EVER in a long long time...
    Terminator for example was BAD!

  5. If it is a really bad movie as you say, it wouldnt break wednesday record of 60.6 M. And if this movie is on its way to scoring one of the top five-day openings of all-time at the worldwide box office, then you can not say that its a really bad movie isnt it?

    Its just your opinion that you didnt like this movie. Who cares, this movie already broke one record, and it will break many others!

    Thanks Mr Bay!

  6. Well said Mr. Bay. A fan movie. Enjoy it for what it is. I cheered, I laughed. I really enjoyed Optimus acting like his G1 self. Ala the smack down. Just needed "the Touch" playing

  7. You're welcome Mr. Bay! And thank *you*!

  8. michael bay's movies are only meant to entertain. to make somebody's day better. to break a record. to have the satisfaction of watching things you would never see in your life. critics are just lousy people who benefit just for trashing movies. they're just unimportant people who have no need in the movie industry. how many people actually listen to critics? they trashed hancock, yet everybody watched it. they trashed terminator, yet everybody watched it. they trashed rotf, yet everybody WILL watch it. awesome job michael bay.

  9. The fans have spoken ...Michael Bay is a pompous Douche

    Does he really need to go on defending himself all the time ?.....everyone knows he's a bad director , he knows he's a bad director , just leave it be and count the money mate ....and stop this I did it for the kids BS

  10. bay cant be that bad of a director if people seem to go watch his movies.

    he did direct bad boys I & II and those were pretty good movies.

  11. The only reason Transformers is doing what is doing in the box office is because of the all-star cast from the 80's that made Transformers what it is.

    Bay is ruining Transformers and making horrible movies with horrible direction. Decepticons are not bugs. Why does ravage puke marbles that turn into a paper thin metal rooster? Then a human transformer shows up for what reason? Why would any Decepticon show up as anything other than a human if thats possible? What a terrible idea that should have never been in the movie. Dinobots are too hard to explain, but yet we have robot roosters, human transformers and megatron willfully enjoys his #2 position taking orders from the fallen? WOW Bay you ruined something special for us and brain-washed the fans and made them like your hollywood eye candy garbage flick.

    And by the way, Optimus Prime does NOT execute decepticons in G1... so how can any true fan think prime in ROTF reflects G1?

  12. AWESOME movie! Wasn't a fan of Transformers when I was a kid, so I didn't see the first movie until it came out on DVD. Boy, did I ever regret that! The first one was fun, and I told myself that I would not miss TF2. I saw it on the second day and it did not disappoint. TF2 was even better than the first one, and that's saying something! And to all you haters; remember, it's a "popcorn movie"! It wasn't made to win an Academy Award! It was made to be FUN! - Capt. John Sparrow

  13. I enjoyed the movie. I always knew I would regardless of how good or bad it really was.

    But when Bay says things like "Then the fans spoke" and goes on to talk about how much money it made, it pisses me off because it highlights how much of a complete knob he is.

    Just because people went to see it, doesn't mean they liked it. You made your money, Bay - fair enough, but there are two gaping holes with his thank you note that he didn't take into consideration:

    1. People don't really give a flying fuck about what critics say, because they're critics and, well, let's face it - they're for the most part stuck up idiots who can't appreciate a good action flick and

    2. Dollar amounts and overall enjoyment of a movie don't correlate - once people PAY to see the movie, you've got your money Bay - that doesn't mean people are going to enjoy it!

    If people were able to get their money back based on how much they enjoyed the movie - then trust me, it wouldn't have made half of what it did.

    Yes - i'm annoyed at the critics, i'm also annoyed at Bay for thinking that just because it's made a shitload of money makes it a good movie. Idiot.

  14. Critic inferior, Bay superior!

    Thank you!

  15. Soundwave's voice SHOULD really have been like his G1 voice... :(

    But overall, the movie is PERFECT!

    Bay has stand, critics has fallen!

  16. the only problem with this movie was bay's lack of direction and maturity.

    no sensible director would have added all this extra new stuff into a movie. the human decepticon, devastator, the fallen. all the good ideas with lots of potential but poorly executed by bay. there is no reason for any of these characters to be in this movie, because, well, they do nothing in the movie other than shoot.

    i could have cared less for many of the new autobots, cuz none of them, minus the annoying twins and jetfire got any character. the old ones were even shafted.

    so did the movie have a plot? yes
    was the acting good? sure
    the effects were amazing? yup
    did the robots get more screen time?yup

    we got everything we asked for from the last movie, however none of the character development stuff we asked for as included.

    this movie reminded me of spiderman 3, however it did not leave such a bad taste in my mouth.

    spiderman 3 went to make millions, did fans like it no? lots of wasted potential just like this movie.

    horrible direction i'll be surprised if it makes as much as the first one did.


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