Monday, June 08, 2009

Transformers 2 Delays Harry Potter 6 IMAX Debut

At this point it is pretty clear that the war for summer box office king is going to be between Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. To stoke the flames for Potter fans, it turns out they are going to have to wait two weeks to July 29th before they can watch the movie on the IMAX. On the bright side they can still watch it on standard screens on July 15th.

Now the change isn't really Transformers fault, its Warner Bros. who forgot to check the IMAX schedule when they moved Harry Potter from a Christmas release to the summer and didn't realize that Transformers 2 was contractually locked in for four weeks due to incorporating IMAX style footage into the film.

The main takeaway, besides mild amusement, is the knowledge that you have only one month to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The IMAX Experience which includes extended scenes, several with CGI elements at the IMAX scale, a first for the format. Thanks to Ian for the link.


  1. Owned! In your FACE Harry Potter!


    ... lol, ok seriously I'm a little sad about that, as I agreed to go to the midnight premier of Harry Potter with a friend, and it's going to be dissapointing to have to see it on a regular screen.

    If I'm going to stay up until an ungodly hour to see a movie, I prefer to see said movie on a rockin' huge screen.

  2. WOOOOOW that's gatta suck for the Harry poppler's fans HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OWNED

  3. Is IMAX worth the extra dinero?

  4. remember people not every imax theater is in normal 50 to 70 foot tall screens most theaters that have imax films nowadays have 30 or smaller foot tall screens so check before you think you will see Optimus Prime in 1:1 scale.

  5. Harry potter got owned . . . Again. First WB owned them to try to gain more money by marketting the film in the middle of this year with the release of films like TF ROTF, Terminator Salation and so on. They moved the film eight months and now they have to move it again serves them right.

    -Is IMAX worth the extra dinero?-

    Depends. It has a large screen so you can see small detail however you may miss the whole picture.

  6. barry trotter sucks big time .I personally hate the stupid childish franchise . looking forward to see REVENGE on the big screen TRANSFORMERS WILL WHOOP STUPIDS CHILDREN NOVELS ASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. Hehe, yep, Transformers has officially kicked Harry P0thead's arse! XD

    *Punches air* Sci-fi over fantasy, every time!

  8. Right, because it has whooped HP's ass in the past. Name me one HP movie that Transformers beat in gross worldwide.

    I'm not an anti-Transformers fan. In fact, it's one of my favorite movies. But read up on your facts before you bash another franchise :)
    Yes, I'm one of those HP nerds. I'm also a Transformers nerd.

  9. I think he meant it, from a personal "Point of View"....

    and it thats the case i agree :D

  10. Hey, I'm both a HP nerd and a Transformers nerd. So while I'm disappointed about the news, I'm still excited about the Transformers.

  11. I'm probably not going to see hp6 in imax theatres, apart from the fact that I've seen it and plan on seeing it 2 more times in regular theatres. The only reason why tranformers 2 topped hp6 4 million domestically on it's opening day is due to the fact that fans could see it in regular theatres as well as in imax. I predict that hp6 will top tranformers 2 on the all-time grossings list worldwide, and when it hits imax it will take a big leap in the box office. P.S. tranformers 2 sucks and hp6 kicks both the movies put together. If you want to keep up to date with the grossings list ''worldwide'' simply visit and type in list of highest grossing films


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