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Transformers 2 Tokyo Premiere Video, Spoilers (Updated)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has made its official worldwide debut in Tokyo, Japan with the "human" cast and director Bay in attendance. There was also a rather smoky filled and "dramatic" appearance by Bumblebee that probably wouldn't fly in the states. In addition, below are a few spoilers about the film from someone at the premiere as they write about a few plot beats and the Transformers voices, look, and how used in the film. Thanks to Marduk for the video link and Bas for the spoiler link.

Update: Pictures of the cast from the premiere. Long story short, the ladies looked amazing and Shia needs to shave that mess off his face. Not sure what is next on the premiere train but assume it is the London Premiere on the 15th.
TFormers GettyImages

Below are spoilers, now in invisio-text so highlight to read. I would have done it to begin with but honestly didn't thing it revealed anything that wasn't already pretty obvious from the trailers, novels, and comics but comments here and elsewhere indicate that was a false assumption.
Ok guys just got back! Don't have much time to post, don't wanna miss the train but here's some quick stuff.

Movie was incredible, I liked it much more than the first! More action, more robots, less humans! Though there are some lame sexual inuendos like Wheelie humping Megan's leg.

Anyway, Bay and the actors came right into the theater and introduced the film. I was tempted to scream "Don Murphy Stooges #1" but I didn't want to get led out by security!

The VA thing in the credits was way too fast, sorry guys. The Fallen was Todd something. Welker does voice Soundwave, and Devastator too. Devastator has one line, screaming his name. Soundwave only has a few lines but he speaks English. But he never comes down to earth and never turns into a robot. Bleah. Very little screen time, but at least he doesn't get exploded which leaves things open for the third movie.

Mostly English, not much cybertronian.

The Twins were lame. As in the "bust a cap in you ass" stereotype. I could've done without them.

Jetfire was comic relief. He has a British accent and reminded me of a Monty Python character. He doesn't "combine" with Prime in the normal sense, he gets fatally wounded and rips out his spark, killing himself so Prime can use his parts.

Wheelie is nothing like G1 Wheelie. He kinda reminds me of Rattrap.

Lots of kitchen bots. One was a Samurai too. Bludgeon?

Only named Constructicon is Rampage, and he is red.

Megatron is revived by some Constructicons and "The Doctor."

Sideways never transforms, he is cut in half by Sideswipe in the first battle scene in car mode. Sideswipe is cool. Ravage is cool too.

There was a bot that looked like Blackout but he was not named. Blackout himself was never revived so I can't say it was him. He did not speak and was not named in the credits. In fact in the last battle scene there were tons of, well, "repaints," basically reused animation. So even after Devastator forms, there are still constructicons running around. And some Protoforms. I even saw a truck that looked like Bonecrusher...though I never saw him in robot mode. Scorponok is in the final battle too and is killed by Jetfire in about 2 seconds.

There are three motorcycles, but they appear to be named collectively Arcee. Not much screen time/lines for them anyway.

The term "Matrix of Leadership" is used, it's a key that operates a device to draw energy from the sun.
End spoilers.


  1. looks like another case of good ideas, and lackluster execution... a bummer...

  2. dude this sucks balls how could they ruin fuckiing soundwave lke that

  3. sideways doesn't transform? you got me there, buddy... he clearly transforms back and forth in the trailers we've seen, so how come that scene is not in the movie you saw?

    I bet half of this info is pure bogus

  4. i couldnt help my self.. i read the spoilers.. now I feel dead inside.

  5. WTF Sideways totally transformed in the trailers and ShoWest!

  6. The small part that Soundwave plays in the TF2 is mega fail on the part of the filmmakers. Are they stupid or just stubborn?

  7. I knew Soundwave wouldn't appear as a robot! - I guess if he takes over a satellite, why would he need to transform if he never comes to Earth?

    I remember reading that the toy only has a robot mode because you can't have a Transformer toy that doesn't transform (Skorponok toy has a robot mode for the same reason). My favourite character not even appearing as a robot! This sucks!

  8. I see nothing wrong with there being multiple constructions with repaints.

    Its just one person's view where many other people will disagree about.

  9. Sucks that Soundwave does not transform. Can't wait for it to come out in the states!!

  10. So now we know why Soundwave was never shown in any clip. There wasn't anything to show. He hardly exist in this movie.

    It seems that everything we feared is true, and everything we hoped for isn't. I still think the movie is gonna be great, but i'm actually glad that I read all the spoilers now. That way I won't find so many things to be disappointed about when I finaly get to see the movie.

  11. I don't know about this guy -

    Swideways not transforming? - BS, i know scenes from trailers don't always make it into the movie, but damn near every trailer/tv spot has this scene, i find it hard to believe that it is not in the final cut.

    And having lots of "repaints" and "protoforms" "running around", I guess I would be surprised if this is the case given the amount of detail that has been put forth thus far. I just can't imagine having a bunch of the same, or old, models "running around" in such an obvious way that a guy can pick them out the first time he watches the flick.

    And there is no way Soundwave could get screwed in terms of no transforming and not a lot of screen time. If thats the case, Bay, you are dead to me.

  12. It's all a lie people. This guy is bogus running around to all different sites to get his info posted. He's an attention whore that's all.

  13. I call fake. There is nothing in here that hasn't been seen except for the obviously false remark about Sideways and the stuff about Arcee and Soundwave. I won't believe it until I see it for myself.

  14. RE: Sideways not transforming:

    I bet the action is a blur of similar looking robots flashing here and there around the screen. He might not have realized it was Sideways.

  15. Talk about being built up only to be let down. I know that the movie is still gonna kick ass but man I was hoping for more. It really looks like the Twins do nothing in this movie, Acree is looking to be equally pointless and if Jolt is in the movie i'm sure he will be even more pointless. Being that these are the same guys that wrote Star Trek, I'm holding Bay accountable. Star Trek had some issues story wise, but this is unacceptable. *sigh*

  16. is it just me, or did these spoilers ruin your perceptions? Soundwave doesnt come to earth? I was ready for that when we had some leaked info about soundwave tranferring data to the decepticons before they entered earth.

    Sideways not transforming? Umm unless Michael Bay's show west footage was a part of the "mis information" campaign, then i call BS on that.

    I really got let down. I was so built up after watching the MTV footage only to be dropped on my balls with no cushion. :(

    Now im depressed...

  17. i still think the movie is going to be awesome. Sucks about Soundwave though :(

  18. Most of us already knew Soundwave was staying in space. Not really surprised there. The writer's didn't really know how to fit his character in the first movie, and it feels like they "had" to have him in this one, even if he's just orbiting the earth. LAME!!!!

  19. What is this!?!?!?!? Rampage is red? So he is NOT a part of Devastator. The bulldozer in the trailer that is a part of Devs is clearly yellow. I'm believing Long Haul and the rest are not a part of Devs neither, rather he is formed from a whole other group of Cons. Tragic.

  20. this is misinformation! And yall are so upset!

  21. So does Arcee really die?

  22. This is BS! I for one, do not believe this guy. Have to see it for myself.

  23. this is definetley some guy who want's attention!!!! why wudnt blackout be explained!!???!!! he wudnt just show up, this is bogus. But i'm surprised there isn't footage on youtube yet, there will be when it hits the UK

  24. I have a strong feeling that this guy is for real, i'm sad to say. I think the only time we will see Sideways in robot form is what whe have already seen in the trailer. A two second blur. His role will be very small. And I guess there is no Barricade.

    I think what it comes down to is that Bay is focusing on the action and the story, and that he don't give a crap about the individual robots except the most important ones storywise.

    Then you have geeks like me that don't care much about the story (because I know it will be lame anyway), but who wants to see a lot of individual defined characters among the different transformers (especially of decepticons in robot form). And I am, of course, predestined to be disappointed.

    Still I find it almost incredible that we won't even see Soundwave in robot form. I almost can't believe that, even if he just stays in space.

  25. I guarantee some of this is miss information...Don't be fooled...

  26. "Movie was incredible, I liked it much more than the first!"

    That's all I need to know. :)


    Ok, really? You guys are all going to just believe this guy's post without so much as a grain of doubt? Remember the last two guys that had "inside information"? One said he was at showest, the other worked for one of the distrobution companies. Well, both were about 90% wrong, and the stuff they were right about was just kinda right and stuff we already knew. Don't you guys think this guy is just trying to get people down about the movie so it won't be as big a hit as it is looking to be? What better way to get the fans upset then to come to a site like this and "bash" it and have us all fall for it like stooges. Even the book, while a great read, skimmed over so much that you know it was on purpose to hide the big deals for the movie. That's what brings in the money.


    Oh, and another thing ... this guy is already wrong about sideways! He does die early, but he transforms! I call fake!

  29. I'm gonna’ be honest, those spoilers were kind of a let down. Some spoilers are good (revealing AWESOME things), but this is one of those cases when spoilers are bad.

    I’d really like to believe that this information, or at least SOME of the information is false.

    Things I hope are WRONG:
    -Soundwave not transforming, having little screen-time and only having a few lines. Bay should know better!
    -The Fallen being voiced by “Todd-something” (This HAS to be Leonard Nimoy!)
    -Sideways not transforming (We’ve seen him transform in the trailers…twice.)
    -Not much screen-time for the motorcycle-bots. I think that the movie would benefit from female Transformers.
    -Lots of “repaints” and protoforms (multiple Constructicons)
    -Jetfire being comic relief. We already have The Twins and Wheelie! Someone like Jetfire should be taken seriously!

    When Devastator shouts his name, I want to crap my pants from the pure epic-ness of it! The theatre should be shaking!!!

    Please Don Murphy! Tell us you were joking! :’(

    Now, this is not to say that I won’t enjoy the film. I’ll still see it like 4 times and love it forever and ever, but, if this stuff is true, than that means that I’ll just have to imagine that the movie plays out a little different…like I did with the first film.

  30. HEY HEY HEY...CALM DOWN YALL!!!dont get worked up just yet,I bet we see a different version of the movie.Michael said hes still not done with the film yet.

  31. whoa, whoa whoa...lets not forget the important thing...megan fox pulled her purple dress back to purposely show some(lots) of leg!

  32. this guys a fake. all the info he is saying is what we already know. the rest is fake. The corvette wasn't even at Bethlehem. And you clearly see sideways transform.

  33. and Barricade was CGI for 3 seconds. that is what they said.

  34. @ anon.

    Sideswipe was at Bethleham, there was a set picture, and also, in the trailer its on i think it was, they show him chasing sideways while he is in car mode but sideswipe is in robot mode, and the scenery looks like China.

  35. i just finished reading the novel. any chance that the movie will be 100% accurate in relation to the novel???

    if yes, then there might be a chance that we get to see many repaints like what the guy said. cos in the novel the devastator scene and the sam-hiding-from-decepticons scene from the MTV Awards video are hinted to be concurrent, and they occur in 2 different places. But in the MTV awards we see a bot that looks like Long Haul. He definitely can't be in 2 places at one time, so i would like to see how that turns out. Repaint possible??

    Also, in the novel none of the individual constructicons were named, so was the chopper that appeared with Megatron and Starscream in the forest fighting Prime...the author simply used the term 'Decepticon' to name the bots other than Megs and SS (in egypt/jordan)

  36. What??!Sideways didn't even transform in the movie??That would be the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. Jetfire just die & donate his parts to Optimus?ow,I don't wanna comment on this..;'(

  37. I just finished reading the novel. Any chance that the movie will be 100% accurate in relation to the novel?

    If yes, then we could see a few repaints like the guy said. In the novel, the devastator scene and the sam-hiding scene from the MTV Awards are sort of concurrent, and happening in 2 places. But in the MTV video, we see a bot that looks like Long Haul. He can't be in 2 places at one time (if the movie follows the novel), so i would like to see how it turns out in the movie.

    Also, in the novel, none of the individual Constructicons were named, so was the chopper in the forest....

  38. ...What about Jolt?? Nothing about him (other than toy info) has come out yet.

  39. Sideways does indeed appear in Bethlehem. He is seen somersaulting in Shanghai at the end of the ShoWest footage.

  40. Isn't it funny how the inside scoop always reveals things we already new from the trailers, or contradicts what was IN the trailer?

  41. Uh oh, that same guy just posted that Soundwave only has about 4 lines, and although it's Welker's voice they do NOT use a synthesizer...


  42. I call bullshit... ive heard many times, that soundwave does come to earth, and has a key role in the final battle.

  43. Posting from Japan(I'm Japanese).I had been to premier.
    Of course, I watched.
    Just now, some morning shows introducing yesterday's premier.

    Sideways had transforme in same scene trailers.But killed by sideswipe much easyly.
    Soundwave never transformed but some parts are moving like TRANS-PLAY and play active.Welker's voice remainds me just like G1 soundwave.
    Starscream was much Starscream.
    devastator's conbiners have no name.They are different person to Demolishor,Rampage,Mixmaster,Longhoul.

    I feel premier version is not compreted one.
    It will have some chenges untill world open.

  44. Finally got my tickets for the 12 AM showing today!

    Even with the somewhat disappointing spoilers, I'm still really excited for this movie.

    I might call fake on the spoilers, anyway. All will be revealed when the movie hits theaters. Hopefully this guy is just tripping.

  45. You´re welcome Admin... :)

    I`m glad to help... :D

  46. Doesn't anyone remember the guy saying that devastator was more than 10 bots total? Depending on the scenario different bots can form him. That makes sense of the repaints.

  47. even if the person is tripping it might not necesary be so bad cause he never really posted anything Good about it other than its better than the first movie and he liked it.

    Remember the ulimate review is not what they link its what you think about the movie. It only matters rather or not you liked it. No movie is perfect.

  48. have you guys seen the new LG phone commercial...

    sideways is in it...

    and he's in robot mode..

    so i highly doubt that footage was made just for the commercial..

  49. Don Murphy himself just yanked the thread for giving away too much, so I have a feeling its all legit

  50. Either way just go see it and enjoy it for yourself.


    that was the robot who is seen at the end of the part of the trailer were devy eats sand right before it!! who was it!!??!!

  52. Soundwave not coming to earth is a good thing imo cause if he does he's just fodder like the other cons, keeping him from earth keeps his "rockstar" status intact in my bood

  53. Don Murphy sucks.

  54. You guys are also missing another point that makes me wanna call fake on the spoilers. The guy stated that the three motorcycles were collectivly called Arcee. Yet we know that at least one of them is named Chromia.

  55. this is really freaking deppresing about soundwave , i had an idea he was goignt o be in orbit for teh most part BUT had an illusion to see him atleast afew times in hes robot mode.maybe not fighting but w/e man....................

  56. I haven't been one to do this, but I seriously think the spoilers are fake this time around.

  57. I have the feeling that Hotrod may make an apearance as a red Ford GT in the next movie. (just a hunch)

  58. The guy is legit.

    He got tickets to the screening from one of the mods on Michael Bay's forum (Nightbird on, can't remember her username on Bay's site).

    He said ahead of time he was going. Everyone on knew he was going. He's legit.

  59. thanks for raping my childhood again Bay!

  60. If the guy is true, and to be honest, he has no reason to lie, then I am beyond disappointed in something that I thought had the potential to be an epic movie. With a 195 million budget, we get freakin' repaints? Are you serious??? I thought this was revenge of the fallen, not revenge of the constructicons. This is pure bull$%&*. Sorry for the language, but I'm beyond aggravated. I'm going to see the movie anyway and I hope this guy is wrong, but I seriously doubt it. With regards to Tony Todd voicing The Fallen, what an awful move. He would've been cool voicing Devastator, but not the Fallen. Nimoy freakin' said he wanted to do it. Welker only having 4 lines? Are you kidding me? Soundwave is probably the 2nd most impt. decepticon and you give him 4 lines? Orci/Kurtzmann and Kruger, if this is true, you are hacks and I hope you never get another job again after this. It sounds like the biggest letdown of all time. I really hope this guy is fake, but I have a sinking feeling it's not. It's almost as if they wrote the script and made the movie just to aggravate us and say a big f you to us, we can do whatever we want, it'll still make a ton of $ and we don't care. How could you not name any of the constructicons besides Rampage?? Unreal. Sorry for the rambling, but I am beyond frustrated.

  61. So who was it that said "if you think Prime is big then wait 'til you see Soundwave... he's huge!!"?

    That sugests to me that we will see Soundwave in robot form.

    If them spoilers are true then I'm afriad I fear I will be disappointed but I know I'll still enjoy the film. With the 3-yr gap between RotF and #3 I'm hoping they don't leave such a mess to be unanswered for such a long time. Soundwave's GOTTA show! After all the fuss about him not being in TF#1 I doubt how he can't be in this (properly). Although I thought it wouldbe cool to hear the TFs speaking while in alt. mode I actually doubt the writers would do this thus I can't see Soundwave speaking unless in bot mode.

    The point about Skorpinok's toy is worrying tho, i.e. no point a transformer toy not having a robot mode :0(

  62. Sorry to disappoint anybody, but the guy on the donmurphy board is legit. I check this board everyday and knew he was going. And I remember when the first reviews came up for TF1. And everybody screamed: PLANT! But no! oh no no. The reviews were right. So if you haven't learned anything by now, is that things that leak are TRUE. Just like the twins heads on this page, and sideswipes little design picture. Everybody said: FAKE! But they were all real! The only things that are fake are the things that people made up, like scorpy and others. And you believe them? This guy sees the real movie and nobody believes him. Face it guys, be happy with the movie. In no other way they can ever do it better in our eyes. We are fanboys. We are NEVER satisfied! For every JarJar Binks hater I know a few kids will like the character, so put it in perspective. As long as I have a good time viewing the film, and have the feeling that some of the bots have actual character....then I am a happy man. Meanwhile, just put it in perspective, it is just a movie!
    enjoy it!

  63. I think if you have read the novel, then you should know that Soundwave not appearing in robot form is pretty accurate.

    It seems amazing that they wait till the 2nd movie to have him in it, knowing full well that he is a fan favourite, only to have him hovering above Earth with only 4 lines of speech and no transformation. BEYOND LAME!!

  64. The guy sounds absolutely fake. He didn't reveal anything, he did just whined about everything calling those spoilers. He didn't give any feeling of the storyline just like someone that never watched the movie OR was paid to post such a nonsense.
    Don't trust that guy and watch the movie yourselves, trust your eyes, ears and brains.
    The guy didn't give a review of anything there just some confused bashing.

  65. On the MichaelBay official forum there is a Japanese fan that watched Transformers2 there in Japan along with some pictures of the premiere event:

  66. To all you non-believers. The one person on the michaelbay board is nightbird. The person on the donmurphyboard is wonkimus. Wonky got his tickets from nightbird. And to these anonymous morons that still have their hopes up that this is not a valid review, please eat your own flesh if you are wrong. Cause I know for 100% that this is true information. Wonky has NO reason to lie what soever. The donmurphy board is always reliable and (instead of this site or other sites) not full of crap. AND don himself! adressed wonky to not spoil anymore!
    check it here:

    so my question to you is , do you even know who don murphy is? Please do your homework cause this is 100% valid legit info!

  67. And another thing, the guy just wrote some things down because he had no time! He did it for the other stooges and not for you! It was not intended for you so don't bash him! We were lukcy enough he had a little time to sum things up! He would have written a full review, but then Don prevented him from that.

  68. Really? He has no reason to lie? That's hilarious. Of course this guy has a reason to lie. He is most likely someone that didn't see the movie, wasn't even there, and is probably trying to down play the movie so that Harry Potter has a chance to beat it. It won't, but the HP fans will try. I also remember someone saying, "if you think optimus is big, wait until you see soundwave." I don't think we know as much as we think we know.

  69. I DO belive a bit about soundwave but he does use his robot mode once when he hacks into the N.E.S.T. sattleite they probaly could not find a good earth mode for him which i perfectly understand. also Wheelie's personality sounds more like a mix of Mini-me and G.I.R. so hes an a-ok charater and the twins are funny as hell the guy is a cranky-ass jerk.

  70. I've got to say, this smells of major disinformation campaign. I find it hard to believe that Soundwave is never seen in robot mode, it just doesn't make any kind of sense to p1ss the fan base off this way.

    I'm calling BS.

  71. For a start, he hasn't a clue what he is talking about in regards to Blackout. Second, I call BS on the Soundwave comments, just does not make sense to royally piss off the fanbase like that. The Jetfire comments are pretty much the only ones I can even remotely believe.

  72. Replying to RY (who said)

    that was the robot who is seen at the end of the part of the trailer were devy eats sand right before it!! who was it!!??!!


    It cant be Blackout or Grindor because we have seen them. It cant be any of the constructicons or a unknown protoform as it doesnt look like that. I believe this robot is Soundwave as he has the same bulky spikey plats on his arms and back. Which would mean that the guy is is either wrong or cant tell which robot is which.

  73. i think we do see soundwave personaly michael bay isnt stupid enough to let the fans down a second time by cutting one of the original must popular characters.

    Also if you watch the 3rd trailer just after you see megan fox standing look sexy there is a unknown transformer that seems to resemble megatron reaching for the screen hmm.... cant be sideways because earlier in the trailer you see the exact same transformer standing behind a pillar in the dessert maybe this is soundwave.

    please watch and post what you think

    btw im Dan Dawson

  74. I was taking this as truth when I first read it. Honestly though, all this person does is reiterate what we already know. Pure bogus info.

    And to the posters that write huge paragraphs, honestly learn to use paragraphs instead of one gigantic posting, seriously guys...

  75. The dude is legit. He is a regular poster on Don's forums, and he attended the premiere with one of the guys from ShootForTheEdit.

    All you people who are calling "fake" are gonna feel sorry for yourself when you see the film and see that he was right.

    I've read all of the comments here and most of the people calling fake are behind on the spoilers anyway (like the guy who said it's fake because one of the bikes is Chromia - well, Chromia is a toy-only name, the three bikes are collectively called Arcee in the film/novelisation).

  76. I do not really believe this guy, but if Jetfire dies, that just flat out SUCKS

  77. Wow!! This guys could be Michael Bay's son or whatever. He's going to pull our leg and make up things. Come on. I don't believe half of what he says. I don't care who he is. Remember, Bay lied to us.

  78. That's right ... everything you read on the internet is actually gosple. Funny, he has only a few minutes to comment, and even though he said he loves the movie, he spends the entire time leaking details that would only disappoint fans.

    Look, I'm not saying that this movie is going to meet all the fans needs and desires ... the book already hinted that wasn't the case. But as a fan, I can tell you I will be talking 1st about all the good things. Only if the movie was a total let down would I start off a review negatively ... and I wouldn't end with "but I still loved it!" That just scream plant.

  79. MrMississippi6/09/2009 4:53 PM

    Ok guys I know Soundwave is an important character but if this guy is right the movie is still going to be the best....and this was a premiere and i thouught premieres dont show the full movie...i doubt they sat there for 2 and a half hours...i thought they edit a special premiere cut and then have the longer version in theaters..

  80. Boycott this movie! It is the only way that Bay & Co. will listed to the true fans.

    You DESERVE better than a bad plot, weak attempts at humor, and re-colored generic bots (Bay said there were 38 robots but what he failed to mention was that 30 of them were just rpaints with no names!).

    To all those who say: "we should be happy that they made this franchise into a movie...", I say you're wrong. Do you think the He-Man ans said the same after "Masters of the Universe"? - which looks like Hamlet compared to TF & ROTF.

    Boycott the movie and toys - speak with your wallet and force these guys to make something worthwhile to the real fans.

  81. Hahahaha
    wonky is right
    and I will tell it again and again to you all when you have seen the movie.
    And by the way you are SOOOO behind on spoilers!
    You all don't even know the protoform bots! That is not soundwave, that is a protoform bot!

    But I can understand you all, you only reside on these boards here and have no reason to believe if this guy is legit. I can understand that. And I WISH he wasnt right. Too bad he is right,...can't help it sorry guys. Wish it was different.

  82. That guy is right - we should BOYCOTT this movie!

    Bay & Co. have treated us like idiots for long enough. I can attest to the fact that these rumors are correct since I read the offical ROTF novel but was hoping that the movie actually went another direction and gave the characters some depth.

    BOYCOTT this movie - watch anything else that is out instead.

  83. @MrMississippi
    good theory, they are dressed this way for a 5 minute premiere!
    good one!

  84. I have a theory about why Soundwave is seemingly such a marginal character in this movie. I think that he was originally intended to be one of the most central decepticons, and that in the original script he was supposed to come down to earth and be present in robot mode.

    Then, because of difficulties in production with the development and animation of the character, and because of budget and time restraints, they simply had to drop most of the scenes with him.
    So we are left with the scenes showing him in satellite mode. I don't think this was intended, but rather a huge production failure on the behalf of the movie makers. Probably due to bad planning.

    It's the only thing that makes sense. Think about the interviews with Orci and Kurzman, where they explained how they wanted Soundwave in the first movie, and that the development of him evolved into two or three other characters because they didn't think they did the original character justice. And then in the second movie they end up with a character that is practically nothing? Just a satellite that floats around in space and don't even have a robot form!

    I even think that Soundwave was originally supposed to have the part that is now "Grindor", the Blackout copy. Because of the reasons listed above the movie makers had to make short cuts. They re-used an old design (Blackout) to replace the failed new one, and used G1-logic to get away with it.

  85. EPIC FAIL - don't watch this garbage.

  86. ok first off the guy who said he was japanese hahahaa omg that was fake and the way he wrote the sentences was it was funny tho

    2nd..soundwave not coming down bugs the shit outta me but maybe bay is saving him for a super bigger role in the next one..

    3rd..this movie is gonna be a fan boy there is some negative stuff that i dont like but come on its not gonna ruin the movie..

    one last thing...isnt this soundwave??

  87. Ok then it's pretty obvious that it's full of competitors studio plants paid to bash the movie and Michael Bay as usual. They are scared by the fact that Transformers2 could reach the $1billion mark and obviously WarnerBros with HarryPotter6 are the ones wanting Transformers2 to fail, so my bet is that the majority of plants attacking Bay and the Transformers franchise are WarnerBros employees trying to act like disappointed fans--the usual pathetic and lame tactic to bash competitors.
    Now, don't even listen to these people,trust no one bashing the movie, go and watch it with your own eyes and ear with your own ears and then judge with your own brain. Just try to watch it in the best theater you can find with the bigger screen and Digital2K (obviously those lucky enough to watch on IMAX Digital will enjoy the movie the most).
    Michael Bay spent a lot more time and money on this movie to let it be a failure and if that ever happens I would be the first one bashing him on his own boards and complaining BUT I am pretty sure that it won't happen and Transformers2 is going to be the best movie of 2009.

  88. Anonymous @ 5:26pm --

    Soundwave was going to be the helicoptor in the first TF movie. That was changed later to Blackout.

    Then Soundwave was going to be a cd player boombox, but that became Frenzy.

    These were abandoned because of the outcry from fans. So I doubt Grindor was ever planned as Soundwave.

    As far as why Soundwave was left in space? Well, that just makes combat sense. Bay works with the military all the time ... I think he has picked up a few things as to how to do battle. One of those key points is you never put your information specialist in the middle of the battle where he can get shot!

    So, while I hate the fact that Soundwave doesn't come to earth, it makes logical sense (something that the G1 cartoon rarely did). I hope he is forced to come to earth in TF3.

    But here is something to ponder ... so after the good guys win, what does soundwave do? Does he stay on the satallite? If so, at this point wouldn't the autobots and the government have figured out that one of the sats was hacked? The book doesn't say that Soundwave goes back with Megatron. Makes you wonder if Bay is saving a suprise at the end ... either during the final battle, or after the credits.

  89. MrMississippi6/09/2009 9:54 PM

    dont tell me you guys are getting like those dragonball fans....come on you guys perk up this movie is going to be EPIC!!!! boycotting? are u serious? without Soundwave this movie will still be badass....this is not dragonball evolution guys so dont even get that attitude....Transformers will be incredible and thats all that matters we can whine after the movie has come and gone...

  90. orry, some guys talking about me?
    (Please call me Zenmaster)
    First,I make a apology my bad english.
    Well, I really watch premier in Japan.
    I'm telling no lie.
    Here is ticket and some exclusives in Japan.

    In the premier version
    *I found Jolt only two scenes.He makes Jetfire to flight parts for Optimus.
    *Arcee is three bikes. Three bike are one Arcee. But not unit in movie.
    *alice is pretender. But not explain what she scaned.
    *some protforms appear. olso bornclasher like decep appears but not transformed.
    *At last Megatoron never says "arise". There isn't last scene at Nemesis.
    *Optimus send a message agein.

    Is there any other question?

  91. if you don't like the soundwave outcome you can blame the writers strike, yay unions

  92. MrMississippi6/10/2009 1:07 AM

    ok so like i said the premiere version is not the whole movie according to anon at everybody keep cool

  93. @MrMississippi:
    He does not say that!
    He says that some scenes are not in the film that ARE in the comic. I can't understand why you alle make these presumptions, just because you WANT something to be in it. Face it, this was / is it! There are no hidden scenes that provide more character or more bot modes. Just EXTRA long fighting scenes. Soundwave does NOT transform and the last scene of the comic book at the nemesis is NOT there!
    But please stop putting words in the guys mouth that this was not the WHOLE movie. It is because of you and people like you the internet is cluttered with misinformation, checked without sources, like the whole wikipedia. Please do not see this as an attack because this is not that. I don't want to flame here, but please read carefully and ask before putting statements online that are not true.

    @Ano 9:54: (the japanese man/woman)
    Is the starscream / megatron nemesis scene on mars in it?

  94. Figures. You knew that with them using way too many robots in this film that most of them won't either get any development or any screen time. It is typical Bay. Just cram as much action into a film with little else involved. I would rather there be 15 bots rather than 42 as been listed because then we could actually get some development and more screen time for the characters...get to actualy care about them more. Instead, we'll get a lot of action with a lot of no name bots with ver little screen time who probably get killed off in a matter of seconds. The twins were given a stereotype(typical of Bay films) so he doesn't have to bother with giving them any sort of personality, same thing with Jetfire. Just give them stereotypes in "stupid southern hick" and "geriatic british guy" fill in some horribly placed humor "wheelie humping megan's leg" and presto

  95. MrMississippi6/10/2009 11:45 AM

    well let me say this and im done ....I DONT CARE IF SOUNDWAVE DOESNT TRANSFORM...the movie is still going to be good and im not going to change my view of the movie because of one character....please u guys call yourselves be a real fan these days you have to whine about everything that is not done the way u want in a movie and even go as far as tryin to boycott..well if thats the case i guess im not a fan but i like transformers and i like the movies and i will be there opening there or ur just a square

  96. To anonymous @ 7:14 from an. 5:26.

    I never meant that Soundwave was going to be a helicopter, but that the Blackout/Grindor character was used instead of the originally intended Soundwave, who would look completely different in robot and spacecraft/satellite mode. For some reason this version of Soundwave was scrapped (just the satellite remained), and instead of using a lot of money and time on developing another design for Soundwave, they instead limited his role and took the easier way of using a repainted Blackout that was already fully developed from the first movie.

    This is of course just me speculating, and I see your point about the combat versus information specialist argument. But what I find so strange is the fact that after all the efforts being made earlier into incorporating Soundwave in the first movie, he won't even have a robot form. That actually means that we won't really SEE Soundwave in this movie. It's like if Bumblebee would just be a talking car throughout the whole movie, and never transform into a robot. The film is about TRANSFORMERS.

  97. They just stuffed it up again. i hope the fallen has more than 10 minutes fightin time otherwise what's the point of calling it "Revenge of the Fallen" if the Fallen doesn't kill anyone and just stands on the top of the pyramid and when prime comes he shits himself and tries to escape but gets killed? Talk about one great watse of a would-be-great sequel.

  98. The title of "The Fallen" has a triple meaning. It's not just the character of The Fallen itself otherwise international releases wouldn't have had the name translated but left it alone.
    Actually the terms of "the fallen" refers to:
    1) The Fallen: all Decepticons as a whole, which got defeated in the first movie and seek vengeance
    2) The Fallen: Megatron that got killed and so fell during fighting
    3) The Fallen: the character of The Fallen, the demon.

  99. Its quitte possible that we may see Soundwave in robot form BUT not on Earth but Mars. Just as the recent novels have motioned to release. Soundwave is on his way to Earth, eventually arrives at Mars an the decepticon base their only to realize their is much going on at Earth. He has to stay incognito as a satellite an "observe" and gather intelligence (like a japanese shinobi would;see ninja). Eyes in the sky, Decepticons now have the advantage.

  100. god forbid, if this nonsense is true, I will go totally Christian Bale and rip down the entire fake IMAX screen in my locale.

  101. Where is my yesterday's post gone?

    A ship like Nemesis appears in the movie. But no one call its name.And no exprain where is it.
    In the ship, there is a egg(Starscream call it "egg").Transformer race born from egg?
    The fallen in the ship. Not anyother dimentions. But he was binded. When Optimus dead, he had be free.
    At final battle, The Fallen not try to escape.Megatron and Starscream had escape but don't use warmhole.

    I think world open version will have last Nemesis scene.Becouse in these days, some premier shows didn't show all cuts.
    You know? Japan premier was on monday. But mixdown(include making Japanese sub) finished at sunday night.
    I don't believe premier version is completed version.

  102. That guy is so full of it...doesn't even talk about the Fallen...probably one of the most important characters in the movie and he only talks about the voice credits.

  103. Please someone tell me that Optimus Prime doesn't die in the movie?

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