Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Made VW Jetta Transformer in China

Thanks to the movies, Transformers is growing ever more popular in China as the characters are being more frequently used to promote various products. Revenge of the Fallen is highest grossing movie ever in the country surpassing Titanic. To the right is a homemade VW Jetta used by a Beijing mall to promote a new movie theatre. The full gallery can be found here. Thanks to Robert for the link.

From the article:
The Chinese fascination, perhaps better called an obsession, with all things Transformers has not yet reached its peak. The release of the second Transformers movie in China has only served to make the Transformers stronger than before in the PRC, which has resulted in various Autobots doing lucrative product sponsorship on various products from male skin care products to kids cereal. Some companies have run with the Transformers success to push their own business, Citroen for example used a dancing robot to push its new Citroen C4, and then there’s the Beijing mall that used their own home made VW Jetta bot to garner publicity for their own recently opened movie theatre.


  1. Uh, where's its face?

  2. I'm fascinated that China even allowed this movie to be shown there since it displays so much of America's military prowess. Even if American soldiers, ships, and aircraft are being destroyed left and right, one can't deny the power and image of the American military on-screen.

  3. Err, it's missing it's face, so in the end it's a nice attempt, with a Failure


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