Monday, July 20, 2009

Transformers 2 Loses Top International Spot

The actual numbers are in and sadly Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has taking Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the top movie of the year internationally with an overseas total of $430.9 million to TF2's $396.6 million. However, this position will not hold as it appears that Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince is well on its way to reaching a billion dollars.

HP6's first five days of release in the states came to $158.0 million and overseas was a record breaking $236 million making it the highest grossing foreign opening ever beating Spider-Man 3's $230.5 million. As I indicated before, if the movie maintains its popularity overseas, odds are very high it could become the fifth movie to surpass the billion dollar mark, something that Transformers 2 is not going to achieve.

Speaking of Revenge of the Fallen, the final weekend numbers is third place with $13.7 million estimate was accurate bringing its domestic total to $363.8 million and ranking it 13th in the all time top grossing movies chart (88th if adjust for inflation). Overseas sales came to $13.5 for an overseas total of $396.6 bringing its worldwide total to $760.4 million. At this rate the movie should pass the $800 million mark by the end of the week.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales


  1. pff, merry potter can suck my popsicle!

  2. I think it should be very clearly stated that $760 MILLION is by no means a paltry sum. If you look at the long list of movies throughout history, TF2 has indeed earned more than it should have earned. This is not to say the naysayers should shut-up or back-patting do-gooders who were awesome to support this movie, but the reality is that this movie did well beyond what might've been targetted. That's kudos to you and everyone else that enjoyed the movie for what it was, even with all its shortcomings.

    I'm really happy that this movie well so well. My co-worker brought his little 10-year-old son to watch it this weekend and they're going again next weekend.

  3. There is no way HP6 is going to break $1 billion at the international box office. Will it make more than TF2? Yes. But none of the Potter movies have busted $1 billion, and from what I have heard from people who have seen it - this one isn't the one to bet on to finally reach that mark. It would need to clear $700m internationally (as it will struggle to reach $300m domestically), and only 2 films have ever done that.

  4. i don't really care 2 me transformers is best movie but wen transformers 3 comes out it will likely pass the billion dollar mark this movie made me watch it 3 times which no movie has made me do not even harry potter. it s a gud movie but not worth for seein it twice

  5. HP6 is rubbish the plot is very silly. Here is the things you might not have seen (Please excuse the adult terms)

    Ron has a Boner after eating the love chocolates

    Ginny goes to give Harry a blowjob when she does his shoe

    A guy can be seen rubbing a girls breasts when Draco heads to the vanishing cabinet after he was hospitalised

    Dumbledore is checking out a girl on a billboard

    Harry flirts and tries to have sex with a girl.

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