Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transformers 2 DLC Interview

The Character and Map Pack Plus pack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The Game is official out and Superherohype has an interview with Luxoflux producer Ray Cobo about the the DLC. Thanks to Scorpio for the link.
Superhero Hype!: How many new maps will this downloadable "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" content include? How did you decide on these levels and what makes them unique?
Ray Cobo: The DLC pack will include three new multiplayer maps. The Courtyard is a Fast paced East Coast map that focuses on a heavily contested center action point. This key strategic area allows for views of the entire map as well as control of the high ground surrounding the middle courtyard and its perimeter. Flying characters are able to utilize the open skies and tall skyscrapers to quickly get to advantageous positions, but ground based characters can make use of numerous back alleys to flank around the sides of the map and attack from unprotected angles.

Another new map is called Hillside. It's a tiered map in a dense urban area of Cairo. There are varied height sections on the map that make for multiple small arenas of combat, while allowing sneaky players to move throughout the level virtually un-noticed under the cover of surrounding buildings. A central marketplace provides a high point to get views of almost the entire level, but the maze-like street layout and numerous buildings mean that you will have to hunt your enemies down in the alleys.

Lastly, we have Sandstorm. It's a very fast paced map that takes place in a smaller section of Cairo. It's mostly populated with low level buildings and an open central area, so combat on this map will be fast and frenetic, as there is almost no place to hide. Flying characters can hover above the buildings for clear views of almost the entire map, but this will also leave them wide-open to ground fire from almost any angle.

SHH!: How many new characters will appear in this DLC? How did you decide which characters would debut in the DLC? What specific skills or powers do they add to the game?
Cobo: The pack contains eight brand-new playable characters and three new character skins, most of which are usable in both the single-player campaign and multiplayer. Many of us at Luxoflux are huge fans of the original Transformers series, so we wanted to share that passion with the fans.

SHH!: Will there be new storylines introduced in single player DLC campaigns?
Cobo: We don't have any new storylines for the single-player campaign, but we have made it possible to play many of the single-player missions with the new characters.

SHH!: What other features does the DLC contain? What types of Achievements?
Cobo: It's never enough for you guys, is it? Just kidding… We have also added a new "expert difficulty" mode to the single player campaigns that will require even quicker thinking and reflexes to earn a medal. We also created some new leaderboards to track/compare your stats on expert mode with your friends and the rest of the community.

As for the new Achievements/Trophies, they all relate to the new content in the DLC. We have achievements for completing a percentage of the Autobot or Decepticon campaigns on "expert", defeating certain DLC characters using other DLC characters, and winning multiplayer matches using the DLC characters.

SHH!: How many hours do you think it will take gamers to master the new expert single player modes?
Cobo: This one is a bit tough to quantify. We have made the platinum medal times on expert slightly more forgiving to compensate for the increased difficulty, but given the increased challenge of expert mode, we predict that it will take players about double-triple their overall playtime from normal mode to clear all expert missions with a platinum medal.

SHH!: Will there be additional TF:RoTF DLCs in the future?
Cobo: Anything's possible.


  1. Looks and sounds where is it?? I can't find it in the PlayStation store! :-(

  2. I've been looking for it all day in the PlayStation store as well with no luck. WTF!!! I just picked up the game this week and I was looking forward to playing the DLC at some point today.

  3. Same here I have been checking the playstation store since midnight last night all day hoping to get a little play time with the new characters and maps but looks like I might have to wait till they ACTUALLY MAKE IT AVAILABLE

  4. Same here..... I am sure they have a good reason for this.... or maybe not

  5. I heard that xbox already got this at like 4 in the morning so how come playstaion owners have to wait this is such bull I cant believe they would build this up and not follow through

  6. Playstation Network is goin through maintenance. And because of that they are having an issue updating the store, sucks because i waited all week to have to wait even morw for dlc

  7. Thats why by next film you should get an Xbox :)
    If there are new DLC`s for this game in the future it will either be more Skins or more levels which is all they can do as they have a limit on the number of charecters they can fit in.

  8. xbox live is good so why make us all wait! at least give a release date!and i hope there will be more packs in the future!

  9. I called playstation and they don know any thing and the activision offical press release say the dlc is out does anyone know what the deal is with the PS3

  10. The DLC is out on the UK PlayStation Store, and it's £6.29. Helluva bargain, but my friend (whose PS3 I saw it on when he went to download stuff for Arkham Asylum earlier) doesn't seem to think so. And to think, we're equally obsessed TransFans, too. *hangs head*

  11. Hey, it's out in Australia. It isn't in the main section. It's under updates/downloads in the 'T' category.

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  13. @Scorpio Um no you can have as many characters as you want? Source?


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