Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Robert Paul Taylor in Transformers 3?

Transformers 3 may have a new cast member in the form of Robert Paul Taylor who has tweeted twice in the last couple of days that he has been cast in Transformers 3. In his first tweet from April 26th he wrote, "TRANSFORMERS 3!! I just got the call!!!! Top Secret Desert Location! Oh I'm loving this..." which was followed today with "Canceling Cancun vacation to work Transformers 3."

I have no idea who this actor is but checking his profile, he is 33 years old, performed mostly in commercials and had brief walk-on roles in various TV shows and a few movies. That doesn't mean he may not have a larger role in TF3. Michael Bay does like to find undiscovered talent so really the sky is limit on speculation on what this actor was cast to do. The desert location could have something to do with scenes shot in Africa but really no telling. As usual time will tell. Thanks to Christopher for the link.


  1. If he's not lying,then I'm gussing he'd perform a voice role. I never heard of Reno Wilson or Mark Ryan until they were cast as Frenzy and Bumblebee/Jetfire.

    Anyway, good luck to him.

  2. And not like acting talent is one of Bay's priorities anyways.

  3. he's a flippen EXTRA, and cause the guy tweets it you report him as joining the cast......jesus,,,,should i tweet i just won an academy award so you can congratulate me?

  4. last commenter..your a dweeb - Robert is the bomb you'll be asking him for an autograph soon BIOTCH


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