Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transformers 3's Independence Day in Chicago

Reel Chicago is reporting that Transformers 3 production will spend seven weeks in Chicago, Illnois starting on July 4th. The article also confirms previous reports that production would make use of the "Magnificent Mile" on Michigan Avenue in the city and "throughout the Loop." Starting May 10th, TF3 production will begin working out of the Chicago Film Studios which was also home base when the city was being scouted back in January.
Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal calls the upcoming big-budget shoot “a blockbuster in every sense of the word; in terms of economic impact, stunts and special effects.”

In a sit-down with the producers last winter, Mayor Daley was agreeable to their city location requests “as he saw the multiple value in this big movie shooting here,” says Moskal. They will shoot along Michigan Avenue and throughout the Loop.
The plans to spend almost two months in the city indicates it will be a key focal point for much of the movie. Even more interesting is it seems that where the two previous films spent much of their time in the desert, this one might have most of its action be based in the city. I wonder if Chicago will remain Chicago in the film or be given a different name. (via SuperHeroHype)


  1. Great architecutre to play around with and destroy, that and its not NYC, which I think would still make people a bit uneasy....

  2. Will they be shooting during an Indpendence Day parade? I can imagine a sequence where the Autobots are part of a parade procession (like in that G1 Berger episode), but I hope it's a battle scene.

    Anway, once shooting starts we'll hear what actually happens, and try to guess what is being filmed...

  3. Crap! Come on! Some of us have to drive in Chicago this summer!

  4. goddammit not more desert! :( ugggh.


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