Friday, June 04, 2010

The Hub's Transformers Schedule?

It’s possible the real version of the schedule for Hasbro's new kids television network has leaked by "nemalki" on Here is Everywhere forums. The schedule currently only lists the programs for Monday through Friday that includes Transformers: Prime, G1 Transformers, and Beast Wars.

Click here to view the entire schedule that may include many 80's classics such as Jem, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, GI Joe, and Fraggle Rock. Note this schedule is not officially verified and even if real the network doesn't launch until October 10th so this is likely not a final version. I can't decide if all this potential nostalgia is going to lead to fun or many "I liked that?!?" moments. Thanks to Christopher for the link.

Weekdays (All Times Eastern)
Kids Afternoon/Kids Prime (ages 6-12; 1-6 PM)
3:30 PM - Transformers: Beast Wars
6:00 PM - Thursday - Transformers: Prime

Family Prime (7-11 PM)
8:00 PM - Tuesdays - Transformers: Prime
8:30 PM - Tuesdays - Beast Wars

Late Night Hub
11:30 PM - Transformers: Generation One


  1. SelectiveRealism6/04/2010 8:32 AM

    The title of that forum thread is "The Hub Fantasy Schedules."

    I think that is someone speculating on what The Hub's schedule might look like.

  2. I wish we could just see what Transformers: Prime is going to look like. That's the only thing I'd care about in this case because all that 80's goodness, I already know what they look like!

  3. flipurdipkip6/05/2010 12:22 PM

    Ive seen this schedule a few weeks ago on an article I was reading about the G1 episodes

  4. Yeah. It's a fantasy schedule for The Hub.

    I should know. I wrote it a couple of weeks ago. Using what Hasbro and Discovery already revealed about the network's lineup, including the scheduling scheme, I created a fantasy lineup that was more or less realistic rather than out-there fantasy. I looked and studied what was available, what they could air right away, and what kind of acquisitions they can make based on the companies already airing programming and/or acquired productions from. It's realistic because for almost 12 years, I've been following media trends, schedules, and network paradigms at my site, The X Bridge.

    Here's the first sentence stating how it was a fantasy thread:

    "I'll be brave and take on the new kid.

    Okay, first go around for The Hub using their programming template. Using a mix of Discovery Kids titles as well as some of what The Hub is going to air plus a few shows connected to studios that already have deals with The Hub like Moonscoop and Decode.

    Going for realistic rather than fantasy. The crazy fantasy schedule will come later. as will as the weekend lineup.


    Here's a follow-up a couple of links down I wrote:

    "Kind of figured (Zixx) would grab some eyeballs. It is a pretty decent show, and considering there's 39 episodes in the can, (not to mention Mainframe did animation for the series), it'd be a great compliment to ReBoot, which should be on television somewhere in America.

    I wouldn't be surprised if The Hub did put Beast Wars on the lineup somewhere considering there's enough for at least weekday consumption.

    Thanks. I just looked at what both units had to offer, what both are offering, and the surprising amount of shows that's available for the market. Seriously, Decode, Taffy, and Nelvana has a lot of shows just waiting to be acquired, a lot of which would fit within the paradigm I'm feeling from the network's mission.

    Ruby Gloom and Growing Up Creepie should be a natural pairing. I think I kind of shocked myself with that Monday night lineup. If they were smart enough to put Redwall (a dramatic action series about mice in a medieval motif), Watership Down (another dramatic animated series about the lives of rabbits in search of a new home),and Meerkat Manor (a live-action docudrama series about the lives of a family of meerkats) on the same night, I'd be impressed."

    So, what can we learn from this situation? One, if this teaching/graphic design gig don't work out for me, I have a future in program scheduling (I did co-create the CNX channel in the UK, though at the time, I didn't know they were actually doing it, and they named it after my site's original name). Two, I never said this was a real schedule, just a REALISTIC one. Though to be honest, it would be nice if it was.

  5. As it was revealed last week the supposed "The Hub" schedule is actually a fake.


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