Friday, June 04, 2010

Transformers War for Cybertron Link Fest

Today is another blitz of information about Transformers: War for Cybertron. There is the E3 trailer that gives you an awesome look at Trypticon, the feature on the game, a look at the DS versions of the game, new toy images, and the book story description. The game is being released on June 22nd.

War for Cybertron E3 Trailer
E3 is coming up in two weeks and already Activision has released their trailer. Since the game is coming out just a week after it ends, the convention center is likely to be plastered with images for this game. This is probably the best trailer yet with Trypticon, I think Nova Prime, another look at Omega Supreme and more.

First Look at DS War for Cybertron brings the first screenshots and look at the Autobot and Decepticon DS games for W4C. The game story seems to be the same as the next gen versions but campaigns are split between the two cartridges with the Decepticon technically being Part 1 (but not required to enjoy the Autobot game). There are around 30 characters total including DS exclusive ones such as Grimlock, Swoop, Dirge, Cyclonus, Cliffjumper, Ultra Magnus and more. Many of them have been redesigned with the same Generation One echo. Click the link above for a gallery of screenshots and description of the game play.

XBox Campaign Preview
Inside XBox episode that gives a "sneak peek" on the game. Game Director Matt Tieger talks about the game, campaigns and the story. He reveals that Megatron's motivation is to return Cybertron to its "Golden Age" with the help of Dark Energon. Optimus Prime is a guy that is thrust into leadership of the Autobots as a consequence of events within the game.

War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron Toys
Click the link to view a gallery of images that show off the War for Cybertron versions of Megatron and Soundwave. Since Soundwave would be dated as a boom box, clearly the Transformers: Animated solution of making him essentially a SVU has become the default mode for the character. These two plus W4C Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are expected in stores around the time the game is released on June 22nd.

Transformers: Exodus Cover Images
An eBay auction show cases the upcoming novel that serves as a prequel of sorts for Transformers: War for Cybertron. I believe, much like the game, this novel will serve as canon for the origin of the Transformers Civil War and specifics on how various character rose into their various positions and relationships within the TF universe. The images include the inside flap description of the novel.

W4C Hands-On Preview
In what is probably just the beginning of an onslaught of write-ups for the game, click the links below to read (and view screenshots) about the experience playing the game in campaign and multi-player modes. The overall consensus seems to be a basic shooter with great controls that is fun to play. "Expert" shooter fans might be disappointed but then I doubt the game was designed with them in mind.

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