Thursday, June 24, 2010

Transformers 3's Chicago Brings Traffic

from Chris Sweda, Chicago TributeIt seems that the six week visit to the city of Chicago by Transformers 3 will bring an unintended gift of increased traffic problems for an already congested city. The Chicago Tribune reports of a news conference held yesterday by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications about the TF3 shoot that is scheduled to run from July 10th to August 19th to tell people about the possible traffic problems the shoot will cause. As a non-Chicagoan, the important part to me is the bit about how the shoot is expected to exceed in scope what The Dark Knight filmed in the city a few years ago.
OEMC Executive Director Jose Santiago said the closures on LaSalle Street (8 p.m. July 9 to 5 a.m. July 12), the Michigan Avenue bridge (8 p.m. July 16 to 5 a.m. July 19) and Upper Wacker Drive (9 p.m. July 18 to 5 a.m. July 22) will have the most impact on traffic. He added that most of the movie's filming in Chicago will take place during daylight.

“It's an ambitious production … but we and the producers are committed to mitigating the disruptions and addressing community concerns,” said Chicago Film Office Director Rich Moskal.

What can Chicagoans expect from filming — besides traffic?

Moskal said recently a few “scenes they're planning could match if not exceed the spectacular stuff ‘The Dark Knight' production pulled off.”

Yes, he's talking about the 2008 Batman film that featured an 18-wheeler getting flipped over on LaSalle Street and a massive explosion that leveled the old Brach's Candy building on the West Side.

“Flying debris, flipping cars, stunts, that's the kind of stuff you'll probably be seeing here,” added Moskal.


  1. In other words, the great explosions and mayhem Michael Bay was able to pull off in New York City for 1998's Armegeddon. Minimal CG trickery (wire and launcher removal) and as real as possible with real city environments. Only a handful of directors can obtain the special permits and production schedule strategy pull this off. I'm looking forward to this scene!

  2. As long as there is no writers strike and the production with Megan Fox before she left wasn't long and this could be the best TF movie yet

  3. Outstanding CGI and action scenes won't save the movie from failure due to Sam Witwicky character having lost connection to its G1 Spike without Mikaela Banes played by Megan Fox which has been created and promoted by Michael Bay to be the Transformers franchise sex symbol and with the first two movies so focused on Sam and Mikaela romance that the general public won't forget. The majority of people will dislike Sam Witwicky with the Rosie topmodel either she will be playing a new character girlfriend (that doesn't make any sense being Sam a nerd in love with Mikaela Banes since they were little kids) or playing the role of Mikaela Banes (which would be spitting of viewers face twice, like no one would notice that she is not Megan Fox and that Mikaela Banes is Megan Fox!).

  4. @ 5:33pm

    The general public is more dumb than you think. You really think these movies follow G1?

  5. When is the movie going to film international?

  6. Hopefully a Chicago local will be able to get some pictures or video. Can't wait to see some more Bayhem!

  7. @6/24/2010 5:33 PM

    Dude, your sentences are too long to understand what you're saying. You totally lost me.

    You could just say, "No boogy-woogy time with Sam+Mikaela = Bad Mojo".

  8. lol @ lionboogy:

    i just soiled myself, great answer!! :)

  9. @5:33 So you would personally liked ROTF because of mikela and sam even though it had bad action and transformers but will hate transformers 3 even though it will have amazing transformers and action scenes but no mikela?

  10. @"Anonymous 6/25/2010 12:24 AM"---Transformers2 doesn't have bad action nor bad CGI Transformers. Which movie did you watch? Your statements are just plain silly. CGI and action scenes are far better than those on the first movie. The CGI is still the best ever seen to date (Avatar is a joke) and action scenes were massive scale nothing to complain about there.

  11. The first action scene is decent at best, the end action scene is just retarded, the only decent one is the forest scene, which is pretty pathetic in a 2.5 hour movie only to have 1 good action scene.
    The transformers were terrible, why do we need so many for comic releif and most of them had terrible designs, on top of that they hardly transformed.
    Jetfire - old british guy? ugly design
    Twins - gangsters? ugly
    Wheelie - wtf? ugly
    Arcee twins - pointless
    Jolt - pointless and ugly
    Ratchet and Ironhide - they had less lines then the retarded transformers
    Sideswipe - the best designed of the new ones, and he hardly had anything to do
    Devastator - not scary at all, didnt even get one kill, plus the constructicons were running around at the same time he was
    Reedman - wtf?
    The fallen - wtf?
    Starscream - badass in the first one, total bitch in this one and they didnt even bother to make his voice robotic like in the first one
    Grindor, Bonecrusher (lookalike) - laziness

    I would much rather have great action scenes that make sence, and transformers that even if they dont say much, they get to have decent scenes or at least be well designed rather than mikela banes who was half decent in the second one. I and everyone else on the planet watch transformers for the action, the humans are just there to keep the story going forward and we could have much better characters than mikela.

  12. @"Anonymous 6/25/2010 7:40 PM"---Maybe you watched a pirated copy on a tiny screen otherwise there is no other explanation to your silly statements. Your bashing is what is pathetic there. The action scenes and CGI designs on Transformers2 were excellent. There is nothing to complain about there.

  13. Really good comeback, i give reasons and you just say something stupid. Only 3 action scenes that arent even as good as the ones in the first film is in no way excellent. The new designs apart from sideswipe are terrible.

  14. so you dont like OPTIMUS PRIME!!SHAME ON YOU!!!

  15. the new designs, the NEW designs, THE NEW DESIGNS

  16. Mikaela was wearing a brand new wardrobe design. If anything, it totally showed off every pleasing curve and crevice of her fine boobies and leggies.

    Now if you didn't like that... and you like girls, well, I think there's something wrong with you.

  17. 6/26/2010 4:09 AM PWND 6/26/2010 4:09 AM LOLZ

  18. SRY-FIXED-6/26/2010 4:09 AM PWND 6/25/2010 7:40 PM LOLZ

  19. "LionBoogy said...
    Mikaela was wearing a brand new wardrobe design. If anything, it totally showed off every pleasing curve and crevice of her fine boobies and leggies.

    Now if you didn't like that... and you like girls, well, I think there's something wrong with you."

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