Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dempsey in Action, Rollbar and More

Transformers 3 production is about to enter week four of production in Chicago. This update covers a rather wide range of topics with two photo galleries, another look at Rollbar, and info on next week's location. To start with, one of locations for next week. Thanks to Tatjana, it seems that production will be at the Old Chicago Post Office Building off of Van Buren Street (and across the river from Wacker Drive). This is the same location used in the opening scenes of The Dark Knight. The shoot there will be from Monday to Wednesday from 7AM to 10PM. The shoot will require surrounding streets to be closed and will involve pyrotechnics.

So back to where we have been, has posted more photos of the cast at working, with special focus on Patrick Dempsey who seems to be in full bad@#% mode. I can't tell the location but might be the same Wacker Drive set with the rooftop debris. It makes me wonder if what is being filmed there isn't the two versus a Transformer but those two fighting each other. An anonymous source tells me the character might be named Dylan and JustJared suggests that the rumors of the character being "dark" is true as he was seen "aiming a gun at his co-star Shia LaBeouf." The expressions in some of these photos suggest this might be a bad guy in disguise. I keep thinking the story involves a third faction that just sees all Transformers as enemies, based in part on the "Autobots Go Home" graffiti used on some of the sets. Some more photos below, the rest of the 20+ picture set can be found here.

As we learned yesterday, it seems that the Autobots have a new ally with Rollbar. Also below are three images that show off the vehicle, including the interior. I have to admit to being confused on what the photos are for but they provide an idea of just how large the Jeep is. Thanks to Todd for the pictures.


  1. You know I couldn't help but think that so much of the cast hoopla has been about having Dempsey, and Frances McDormand and John Malkovich upgrading the film. Yet so far no sign of the 2 latter. Yet... doesn't the couple on the bottom right ROLLBAR photo look like (maybe) their stunt stand-ins?

    I mean, think about it. Those Why have those two play robot voices?

  2. My last line was supposed to add this:

    Those two, Ms. Frances and Mr. John, would make a great looney-tune, over-the-top, bounty-hunter type couple. Riding in/with ROLLBAR all this time and not know he's an Autobot...

  3. Well I guess I was right about Dempsey and Shia fighting.

  4. Patrick's character name is Dylan. This was overheard during shooting in Milwaukee.


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