Monday, July 26, 2010

More Shockwave & Soundwave, Extended Bay Video and More

Thank to new pictures from mtoeset, we have verification that Shockwave joins the Decepticon cause. As the picture show with clarity, this has to be Shockwave with the cyclops eye and I think purple color but the large red lightning (which caused the helmet look in previous picture) makes it difficult to tell for sure. The head next to him is of course Soundwave (also spotted the other day).

The cut-outs are used for special effects, camera coverage and actor eye-lines and suggest that both characters enter the action at ground level in some form or fashion. The real question is since Shockwave's G1 alt mode was a Cybertronian gun and his appearances after that was a Cybertronian tank, what will his alt mode be now? To view the rest of mtoeset's pictures which includes Bumblebee, Ratchet and the cast at work, click here. Thanks to Feris and DJ BigTyme Beats for the link.

Nelson from has now posted the extended edition of his Transformers 3 Chicago set video. According to TFW2005, the differences is Rosie talking to Tyrese, Bay and company greeting the crowd, a look at the Ferrari 458 Italia & Mercedes-Benz E350 Autobots, a scene being shot, and a brief look at TF3 teaser poster.

As for more videos, the one after the extended video is a compilation video that shows of a Chicago transfan capturing a lot of new footage I have not seen before. The beginning shows the probable stunt double for Shia running down the street, jumping over and under cars. After that you get a look at them filming at Hotel 71, from office windows, and a slideshow of more photos. Thanks again to DJ Big for the link. The second shows Shia LaBeouf in Chicago meeting the fans, taking pictures and signing autographs. Thanks to Josh P. for the link.


  1. soundwave has a mouth now that suck seems like hes not going to have a synthesizer voice on earth.

    shockwave looks alright his voice on earth should be like actor David Warner or they should hire the original voice of shockwave, actor Corey Burton.

    and the robot that looks to have hair like a weird scientist i think is Doctor Arkeville from g1.

  2. one more thing looks like soundwave has no visor looks like two eyes. looks more like a monster than a robot.

  3. In the second video there is an over turned 18 wheeler trailer that appears to have been blown up. Could this be optimus prime wreckage? Keep a watchful eye out to see if he still has his trailer in upcoming scenes.

  4. If anyone knows of any good FREE video editing software let me know, because I have some video of an explosion from yesterday. The problem is that I had the camera on my balcony running all day, so there is about 40 seconds of action in a 6 hour video. Other than that it was a lot of just smoke and people walking around. But the explosions were very nice.

  5. Yeah I agree - Soundwave needs 'visor' eyes and a mouthplate like Prime (even if removable again like Prime tho why would he?!), I can't remember what SW had in RotF. I kinda liked his RotF body/alt.mode - Megatron's 'sidekick' from afar.

    I really like how they've kinda kept the G1 heads (styles anyway) and agree the bodies needed modernising. Also if you think about it Bumblebee even had/has his 'horns' from G1.

    Can anyone remember when RotF concept art started popping up ? We're only a year away from TF3 so am guessing anytime now draft ideas will be start showing up hear and there. Think I remember seeing Megatron in tank mode and Soundwave's alt mode this time last year - I remember thinking absolute FAKE!! Oops, how wrong.

    Let's hope Shockwave isn't a tank. We've already had Megatron and Brawl as tanks in the movie-verse and the Fallen was officially a Cybertronian jet (in alt.mode), time for something different me thinks.

  6. oops - saw concepts the year before, i.e. 2008

  7. also, the einstein bot is very small. the picture of the two cutouts of him and bumblebee. bumblebee is much taller. Einstein looks to only be maybe 10-12 feet tall. They would not make wheeljack anything but a car and thus would need to be the same size as the other car robots. Perceptor looks to be like a likely canidate since he turned into a microscope. An old robot would need to turn into something equally old.

  8. John Malkovich = Dr. Arkeville in human/pretender form perhaps ?!?! I haven't see the size of the head cut-out so dunno if comparable or not.

    Prime looks HUGE in the poster above (look closely at the picture of Bay crouching down)...

  9. thats not the poster i dont think, its bays notebook i think.

  10. everybody relax the Shockwave/Soundwave photo is fake...this is the same two fake headshots we saw before now just superimposed on the same photo!!! the giveaway is why do you need a Soundwave head on a stick w/ an eye light and you can clearly see in the photo that their is light comming from Soundwave's eye.

  11. Got a question is megatron back or not????

  12. Even if the soundwave/shockwave cutout pics are real (and that's a big IF), I'm not sold on them being legit. This could be part of the misinformation that Bay puts out. He could be using those head pictures as a placeholder for anyone - that could be the friggin twins for all we know. Shockwave is the obvious fan favorite to be in TF3 so he could be using that to throw us off the scent of what's really going on - not that we would really have any idea what's going on to begin with.

    Also, is Bay using different filming processes this time around? I don't remember ever seeing placeholder heads or giant blue feet for filming either of the first two movies. Maybe they just weren't spotted.

    I would also think that Megs is back for certain. He doesn't even have to be resurrected this time around!

  13. @Anon 7/26/2010 10:43 AM

    It's not a fake. You aren't really seeing what you think you are. The "light" that you are referring to is just a lens flare that was part of the image they used to make the cardboard heads. There is no light coming from either of the cardboard heads.

    @ TheChief

    There were numerous placeholders used in both TF1 and TF2. Just one example:


  14. dude when does shia sign and take pics with the fans?!

  15. I seriously doubt those pics are fake they blend in too well with the background to be a mere photoshop project (no I'm not a gullible idiot I've seen good crafted photoshop work)..and c'mon people quit bitching petty details about Soundwave with no visor and having a mouth, the design still has that Soundwave'esque appearance. I love the design for Shockwave and I'm amazed with how similar the design and even color scheme is to his G1 appearence, so far looking so if we can just get a head shot of starscream!

  16. The Shockwave design looks great so far!

    The Soundwave design looks pretty much the same as the ROTF version, especially around the eyes. If you look closely, his eyes are more or less visor style.

    A retractable mouth plate and synthesized voice would be cool for Soundwave in this movie, but that likely won't happen. I can hope though. Overall Soundwave looks good though.

    I can almost buy the John Malkovich is Dr. Arkeville speculation, except for one big question. What is he doing with the Autobots?

    I would rather see the odd looking mad scientist bot seen earlier as him, instead of Wheeljack. Wheeljack's G1 visage very unique and cool in and of itself. All you'd need to do is a little updating to bring it up to the movie-verse style and you're done.

    Giving Wheeljack hair and a ridiculous mad scientist face will ruin him. Please let that bot be someone else....

  17. I don't think Megatron is back. Haven't seen a thing about him and Bay usually says he's not in the movie if he is.

  18. I'm pretty sure this picture is the real deal. they understand that chicago is very open for photography and they cant really "close" the set since skyscrapers and telescopes can see everything that is going on lol. I kinda wish they weren't filming so much in chicago because i feel that i'm starting to see more of the movie than i want to and its starting to spoil it. for me personally anyways. but i can't wait to see the first teaser for this. prob superbowl again would be nice but its so damn far away lol

  19. i'm guessing megatron will die either early in the film or will have to come back to help optimus prime and the autobots defeat and unleashed shockwave.... just my 2 cents

  20. Anybody that says its fake is an idiot. Now whether the heads will look like that in the movie, who knows? I hope so, cause Shockwave is perfect. Megatron will definitely be in the movie but perhaps he is killed off early.

  21. @DarthMuppet
    Two different pictures in two different locations with Shockwave's cardboard head with the same lense flare??
    I don't think so!
    @Aic Hokie
    If you think thats a picture of Shockwave & Soundwave's cardboards head your an idiot...go back and look at the first pictures of Shockwave/Soundwave from this site, they are totaly fake....then this new picture has both of them in the same shot..funny how their both facing the same way each one was in their own seperate pictures!?!

  22. Did Sam learn parkour???

  23. What lense flare? DarthMuppet is right, there is no actual light attached to these cardboard heads. Its part of the image. If you can't understand that, then I can only hope for you well being in the future. And they are faced the same direction because why make a cardboard head for every direction the bot is looking.... do i really need to explain this....? And where did it say the scientist bot was autobot or decepticon? Can still be either or still right?

  24. It's a cardboard cutout picture, NOT a real light, therefore, the 'lense flare' would have to be part of the picture, therefore, if the lense flare was NOT in the same spot every time, then THAT would prove it's a fake, not the other way around. The production crew probably designed the cardboard picture to look like it had lenseflare.

  25. Martinus Prime7/27/2010 7:23 PM

    @sp00ked yuh:
    That will never happen, if someone dies, he dies and won't come back, they already confirmed that.
    Megatron will never help Prime to defeat Shockwave, cause Shockwave is very loyal to Megatron and it will never be the case that Shockwave turns on Megatron. Megatron also wants to rule on earth, so the reason why Shockwave come's to earth, is probably to help Megatron to defeat the Autobots, or to help the other Decepticons and revenge Megatrons death.

    @anon 7/26/2010 9:21 PM
    If you don't want to know too much, don't visit this blog, because it's a garantee, that every bit of news of the film will get posted here.

    I for one avoid all the video's and most pictures, because I also don't want to know too much.
    I also think we'll have to wait till the Superbowl for the teaser.

  26. I like fucking silly bitches and i know my penis likes it.

  27. Maybe they'll play it as Shockwave has been on earth since the 60's and the Soviets have been reverse engineering him as the US was doing with Megatron. I wouldn't be surpised if Megatron is killed off early in the movie...possibly by Shockwave. He was a loyalist in the Sunbow cartoon but his toy's specs said he sought to overthrow Megatron and rule the Decepticons because he views it as the logical thing to do. Having Shockwave kill Megatron would instill him as a bigger threat to earth...the Autobots/Sam Witwicky have already defeated Megatron twice now. Just a thought.

  28. Looks like Megatron is back. Over on his head on a steeek. Like the autobots it is a straight on shot, not a 3/4 view like Soundwave and Shockwave.

  29. Martinus Prime7/28/2010 6:30 PM

    That's a good thought! That sounds interesting and a very possible logical storyline for the film.
    Damn guys, I can't wait for the first teaser, I'm so pumped up!


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