Monday, July 26, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

More linkfesting, with three video reviews and multiple galleries of upcoming toys, most of them Japan exclusives or fan releases.

Human Alliance Jazz Comparison Gallery
Click the link to view the differences between the Hasbro and Takara release of the same basic figure. Part of the Human Alliance line, this figure comes with Captain Lennox. There are cosmetic changes to the paint job of Jazz and Lennox, nothing major really just odd as the companies often release identical toys in the main lines. My best guess being is that Takara's attention to detail required them to adjust the figure to a more movie accurate look.

Official Re-Issue of Predaking Images
Takara has released official pictures of the re-issue of the re-issue of the Generation One combiner Predaking. This figure was already re-issued around 2005 (if remember right) and coming out again. I am not sure if there is much of a difference between the releases but it looks like a gold color paint job was added. The toy is coming out in late November and so far no indication of a stateside release.

Challenge of Cybertron Set
AS the so far one picture shows, this looks like an upcoming exclusive box set (probably for Toys R Us) that essentially re-releases the Classics Galvatron, Hot Rod and Cyclonus from the last few years. If missed out the first go around, it looks like you might get a second chance to pick up these re-imaging of the Generation 1 figures.

FansProject Bruticus Maximus
Click the link to view a gallery that shows an upgrade for the famed G1 combiner. I am not 100% clear but I blieve this completes a set that is created with an Energon Onslaught at its core and two other Crossfire sets. The combined sets and Hasbro toy results in this detailed version of Bruticus. It’s a complete non-Hasbro and Takara sanctioned project so the result is a premium in pricing. Regardless, the finished result is pretty cool. Below is a video preview of the figure.

Device Label Blaster Video Review
A review of the expensive transforming USB hub that still seems pretty decent and hopefully will lead to more of this kind of transforming creativity from Takara (don't see Hasbro ever taking chances on stuff like this). The figure is deluxe sized and while outside my price range, I can see why people would be interested in buying. A gallery of the toy can be found here.

Sons of Cybertron Set Video Review
Another review from Diem, this one shows off the Japan exclusive to pack of transparent Transformers: Animated Optimus Prime and Rodimus. The deluxe figures look pretty good with their new look and makes me look forward to snagging Rodimus whenever the non-clear version hits US stores. A gallery of the toys can be found here.

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