Monday, July 19, 2010

TF3 Chicago: More Explosions and Pictures

I had already posted pictures and videos from Transformers 3 filming on Sunday around the Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago but here is even more. The fireball to the left was posted by the Chicago Tribune as part of their coverage. They also posted the second video at the bottom that shows off filming. In the article, some of the action that was filmed was described including more base jumping.
Earlier in the day, onlookers got a glimpse of a different kind of stunt — the kind that involves people jumping off of the 92-story Trump Tower. The five base jumpers taking part in the scene soared over the Michigan Avenue Bridge and onto North Wacker Drive, making what most would find terrifying look easy. Cameras shot the jumpers from the top of nearby buildings, including the Tribune building.

Later on in the afternoon, military-looking men, one of whom appeared to be cast member Tyrese Gibson, were filmed sprinting into the Tribune with guns in hand yelling “Let’s go!” and “C’mon!”

LaBeouf filmed the same scene he shot on Friday — he holds Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hand and runs for cover behind a flipped over vehicle — only this time a few of the piled up cars in front of the bridge were on fire. The co-stars also filmed on the stairs that lead to the riverwalk from the side of the bridge.
Thanks to Colin Hinkle we once again have more great pictures and a video from the set. The images show Shia, Josh, Rosie, Tyrese, Bay and more doing their movie thing. We got shots of the Nascar vehicles and other Transformers. The 1st video below from Colin is a combination of the footage he caught of the cast and crew at work. It’s worth watching to the end to watch the pyrotechnics going off with cars being jerked down the street. Overall, a nice day of boom if you were in the Chicago area. Amazingly enough despite all the carnage when you check @ktgeek's live stream, the entire mess has already been cleared away.

Patrick Dempsey stunt double


  1. I dunno if the word "Incredible" is appropriate to use at this time. hahaha

    I love all the shots and videos! It really excites me for next year now! :)

  2. The action looks intense as hell in this one and Shia and Rosie look great together. Can't wait!

  3. Rosie has zero chemistry with Shia on those shots. It's so clear.. it's really disheartening that Michael Bay can't see it.. she doesn't work on video with Shia.. and it will be even worse with her character playing a new love interest for nerd Sam Witwicky.
    Was a new love interest really necessary? Surely not. It's just going to make things worse. They should have avoided any new love interest, it's going to look wrong and dumb.

  4. Is that Ironhide behind the 2nd photo of Sideswipe? It is a little disheartening that we havent seen much of Ironhide, I hope he does not die.

  5. Cha La HEAD Cha La


  6. Oooh, M.B.Z.!

  7. And M Bay set a Guinness Record for having the biggest explosion on a film ever...

    These ones are epic.

  8. @Anon 7/19/2010 4:50 PM

    You can tell all that from a couple of youtube videos shot from so far away that you can barely make out any details, you can't see the subtleties in the performances, and where no dialogue is audible?

    Pfffftttt... Whatever...

  9. so in the last video is there supposed to be a transformer coming down the bridge and shooting at something? you can see the bridge drawing closed pretty fast....hmm.


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