Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Transformers Theories Denied, At Trump Tower

Nelson, the admin for Michael, denied two theories that have popped up during the Chicago shoot over the last two weeks. Now, we all know that Bay has a notorious "misinformation campaign" which basically means he will lie to the fans to preserve the secrets of the film. Not a fan but understand the motivation. Nelson, if my memory serves, has not directly participated in that. For that reason I see no reason not to take his information at face value.

The first regards the three Nascar vehicles. Early on, depending on the website, they were referred to as Stunticons and Omnibots. Nelson says "...all I'll tell you is that they're not Stunticons or Omnibots." For lack of an alternative, I am going to continue to reference them as either the Nascar vehicles or Stunticons.

The second, referencing my theory that the "Einstein" robot spotted on the Chicago set was Kup was also rejected with "Wrong, no Kup." My next thought then was Perceptor. As Nelson put it, "Try again." At this point, I have no idea who the character is so will go with "Einstein" until a better name presents itself.

So for those mourning the loss of Kup from the movie, here is a video of the previous mentioned base jumping from Trump Tower in Chicago.

Update More from Trump Tower from Obvious Child Blog. This one shows the set at the base that has the same devasted look as the Michigan Bridge area did. Video below, click here for more images. Thanks to Josh for the link.


  1. Wheeljack.

  2. "Kup" is actually "Wheeljack" I think.

  3. Wheeljack would be the next logical choice.

    And not to swerve off topic, but what is this?

    Might this be a massive Transformer that just smashed a helpless vehicle? It doesn't look much like debris.

    This article (from the Chicago Tribune) theorizes that it may be a Transformer's foot:

    If it is a foot, judging by the scale, the robot it would belong to would be somewhere in the vicinity of sixty-to-seventy feet tall.

    And notice the massive destruction this robot, presumably, causes.

    Maybe we're getting our first taste of Shockwave's wrath?

  4. Wheeljack was always the more logical choice.

  5. I have to disagree that "Wheeljack was always the more logical choice". More practical, perhaps, but not more logical.

    Wheeljack was portrayed as mechanic and "mad scientist" of the Autobots. Perceptor, on the other hand, was the more esteemed of the Autobots: a metallurgist, physicist, and scientific jack-of-all-trades. As seen in Animated, when the two of them combined minds, they were able to create a weapon powerful enough to end The Great War. Which of the two, however, strikes one as more of the Einstein-type?

    In my humble opinion, it would have to be the latter.

    Furthermore, considering that Animated portrayed Perceptor as the Stephen Hawking of the Autobots, it made sense that Michael Bay, Ehren Kruger et al. may want to appropriate this line of thought and take it a step further by modeling Perceptor after Einstein.

    However, now that Perceptor is off the table, Wheeljack- being the next in line of Autobot scientists- is the more logical choice.

  6. Do a Google image search for mad scientist. Who do about half of first page of pictures look like? That's right.

  7. it is kup because he was mentioned in tales of the fallen #6 as a leader, he helped rescue acree




  9. is it possible that guy is silverbolt?

  10. of course shockwave is in Chicago it's the last scene!

  11. it looks like shockwaves head

  12. i agree silverbolt i mean dose anyone remeber jetfire and the other jet autobot

  13. =Speilburg bot
    =Bumblebee (alt car/ alt head)
    =Alpha Trio
    =Perhaps it is Einstien (Pretender)

    Just a few

  14. i think its that human mad scientist in the G1 series that knows the transformers tech and perhaps made himself a robot and made those Stunticons.

  15. 1# Shame my guess is ruined, oh well. One less suspect
    2# Not denying the exsistance of Perceptor in the film
    1 & 2# Out of all of our guesses that leaves Alpha Trion as the New robot, they didnt deny him!
    3# Are we sure they are Autobots? They are probably not combiners and with the vehicle mode looking so boney i would have to guess either the Wreckers or Dinobots.

    Fun fact for fans: (Dreamwave G1 comics) During Shockwave`s rule on Cybertron there exsisted an elite group of Autobot Wreckers led by Ultra Magnus consisting of Topspin,Twin Twist, Roadbuster and Whirl. Roadbuster and Whirl were apparently killed in battle before Ultra Magnus took charge.

    I wouldnt be suprised if Twin Twist, Roadbuster and Whirl are the three NASCAR robots. These three would arrive on Earth with Ultra Magnus and maybe Topspin arriving later (Explaining why two beefed up 4X4`s were seen on set a while back)

  16. oh, by the scale of distruction and fighting i would say this is just after they defeat the Decepticon army but just before Shockwave appears. Kinda like the centre of a storm. Also Shockwave should be smart enough to let his new robot army do the work for him rather than going in head first himself.

  17. Doctor Arkeville its Doctor Arkeville.

  18. fuck you michael bay and your retarded unnessesary characters, first the twins and wheelie now this bullshit, i was so happy when i saw optimus with a trailer, but as usual you have to ruin an amazing this with bullshit, i am even more disapointed that no one had the balls to tell him it was a bad idea

  19. Doctor Arkeville!!!!

  20. to anonymous qat 4:51am - dude, chill out. these are all simply guesses and noone but the movie people know for sure. why come on here and bash something that noone is certain about

  21. that robot face could be Doctor Arkeville.

  22. The "Einsteinbot" is obviously Archibald Witwicky as a Transformer. :)

    Whoever thinks this is shock wave is wrong. card board heads dont have light up eyes, and this cardbord head isnt even on a stick. someone just copied and pasted animated shockwaves head into the shot. anyone can do it on photoshop.


    follow this link.

  25. Deep breathes people, deep breathes...This is the 2nd post on Bay's site responding to what is being written on the blogs(twins not in T3)so it's obvious Bay and/or Nelson are following these blogs closely. Why would they even bother to respond? If secrecy is their goal wouldn't it be better to let us follow false ideas until next July? Nelson works for Bay and doesn't post anything w/out Bay's approval. Just becasue he hasn't lied in the past I wouldn't put it past Nelson getting involved with Bay's misinformation campaign now.

  26. @Ray: I bet Nelson wrote a lot of lies as per Bay's order so far regarding Transformers3.
    There too many fishy things going on about the whole production.. It seems that they are doing some huge mistakes like a bunch of amateurs.. is that the real truth or are Bay and Spielberg hiding a lot and everything will be revealed as a surprise when the 2nd or 3rd trailer is released? Or will they keep secrecy until the movie premiere..?
    There are too many silly things that would be pathetic if there wasn't any serious viral marketing plan.. a real masterplan for hiding the truth about it..

  27. The 3 Nascars look too evil to be Autobots, but if they are:
    White Green = Wheeljack
    Blue Yellow = Mirage
    Red white = umm Cliffjumper?

    Umm, just wondering, is the "Einstein" head cutout used as visual for the actors to have something too look at while filming since the CGI is after?

  28. I find it hilarious at all the hating, crying and speculation about something that nobody here knows the facts about. I remember all the crying going on just after the first trailer for the first transformers came out. The split second scene of Megatron frozen got everybody up in arms. Everyone swore that it was a transformer built by the humans. People were pissed and wanted to boycott the movie. Same stuff happened with the last movie. All kinds rumors that turned out to be not true that got so many upset.

    I cant wait to see what gets all the little girls crying next.

  29. Its Wheeljack, as bad as I hate to say it.... They are going to make it out that the "hair" is fiber optics and they'll light up when he talks, but instead of the kick ass metal mouth mask that Wheeljack is supposed to have...he's going to have an Einstein mustache. Its crap. I cant wait for this movie, but I dont want to have to overlook aspects of it that I dont I did with the twins, Dev's balls and that stupid ass pretender chick.

  30. @"Anonymous 7/20/2010 2:22 PM"--Alice the pretender on Transformers2 was excellent.

  31. Hi Administrator,

    The Red Ferarri has been named!

    Check the last photo.

    Its also at tfw2005

  32. @Anonymous - 7/20/2010 4:51 AM,
    We`ve all tried to tell him, he`s michael bay though. Unfortunately he is only interested in Money. Infact Hasbro have been the only one`s who have made it so not all the TF charecters in the films are similar to the Twins and Wheelie =/

    Awesome idea, it would be a change of style giving them all weapons but i like your idea.

  33. some of you must be five. no one is complaining about optimus and his trailer or ratchet, shockwave, cool action scenes, the red ferrari or any of the other good things. However if you think a fucking retarded looking robot who looks 100x worse than jetfire (who wasnt that good to begin with) is a good idea you need to be put down. Just please stop defending all the bullshit. Transformers 1 has my favourite action scenes ever I am not a hater in anyway, unlike you I want the film to be good.

  34. This is just a shot in the dark but could the NASCARs be junkions? They have a look of just random bits and pieces attached to the cars that the junkions may have if they were on earth. As for them not being motorbikes like in the animated movie we all know how popular arcee was in Rotf as a bike. They also seem to be against the autobots in the videos here just like in the G1 movie. Just my thoughts.


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