Monday, July 05, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Time for another linkfest with info on the lastest from the Alternity toy line, Masterpiece toy line, a real life Pentagon sponsored Transformer, and some humor with soon to be retired news legend Larry King.

Official Alternity Thundercracker Image
The third Seeker in the Alternity line gets some official pictures. Based on the Starscream mold, this one has a metallic blue color scheme that looks pretty good. Not sure if "Seeker" applies though when the alt mode is a Okamora Orochi. The figure will be released in the fall as a Japan exclusive and probably in the $50 range.

Real Life "Transformer"
Pentagon scientists have created a tiny robot, about the size and shape of a piece of paper, which can "transform" itself into various shapes such as a boat, toy, or paper glider. The "transformer" is from collaboration with Darpa, Harvard and MIT. The demo version at link above) shows off the robot as it converts through four distinct shapes. The applications include ability for a soldier or whoever "carry a can...filled with the shape shifting particles of varying size" that can be programmed to form a particular tool, used on clothing to keep someone cool during the day, warm at night or even change the aerodynamics of a plane's wings in flight.

Masterpiece Movie Starscream?
TFSource indicates that the movie version of Starscream may get the Masterpiece treatment from Takara. The image look a whole lot like Leader Starscream so have to wonder if this just isn't a different packaging type for that figure. If this is a new mold, I wonder what the difference would be between this and the leader class. I am all for more Masterpiece figures as long as the level of detail is maintained so hopefully this will be legit. Currently TFSource has the figure as being released in October and priced at $100.

Masterpiece Rodimus?
Speaking of Masterpiece toys, it appears that Rodimus (aka Hot Rod) will be the next toy in the line. For the year or so Takara has been riding on old molds getting new paint jobs so a relief to see that they are finally doing new work. The information comes from a booklet that comes with the latest repaint, MP-04S Prime Sleep (clear) version that was just released. Apparently there is a secret message that says "The name of the new Masterpiece is Rodimus". The MP Hot Rod figure has been rumored for a few months now so hopefully this turns out to be accurate code breaking.

Mini-"Masterpiece" Conehead Seeker Figures
Yet another piece of MP related news, only this time it’s not official Takara releases. This comes from i-Gear which makes Transformers inspired toys and accessories. Their latest plan is miniature Masterpiece Seeker line that is about Voyager class sized. Called the PP03E Elegy Fighter Team, the set will really be Seekers Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet, each setup to their color scheme and wing design. The tease shows a lot of potential. No clue on cost or exactly when it will be released. More images of the mini-Masterpiece Dirge can be found here.

Conan O'Brien, Larry King Transformers Skit
In honor of the impending retirement of Larry King, here is the skit from long gone The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien that uses Transformers (or Gundam) as a way to tease each other. Its goofy but amusing. Thanks to Feris for the link.

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