Monday, August 23, 2010

Florida's Space Coast Transformers 3 Extra's Casting Pre-Prep

Florida's Space Coast Attraction has posted a noticed that they will be looking for Transformers 3 extras and workers to help out while production in town sometime late September. Currently there is no means to actually apply; the notice is more of a heads-up that they will be looking for people soon. From the site:

Transformers 3 will be filming on the Space Coast in late September. A production office will be set up in early Sept and an email address will be given so you can send in your resumes. They are seeking the following positions:

catering, craft service, medics, PAs, electricians, grips, set dressing

Casting for extras will also take place. We are waiting for the Casting Director to give us the info needed for you. Please keep watch on this website for all updates. (updated 8-23-10)
Based on this and previous reports it seems the production order is Chicago, Detroit, DC, and then Florida. (via TFW2005)


  1. Dang, I was hoping they'd film in late october or early november. Im trying to get down there to watch one of the last shuttle launches.

  2. Transformers is one of my favorite new movies. I'm gonna try like hell to get some lines. If all else fails.......I can always make a few hundred being an extra. Either way! That's cool as hell!

  3. I live too far from the Florida filming location for the new Transformers. It's sad to think I might not ever find a filming location close to my home, but I won't stop looking.


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