Monday, August 23, 2010

TF3 Chicago Weekend Images

Transformers 3 production spent the weekend at the Old Post Office Building and LaSalle Street Bridge filming. Overall, it seemed like a low key filming weekend as didn't find a whole lot about it online. Having said that Sam Nickelson and "ChicageauxTiger" did provide a few pictures for our enjoyment.

Sam was able to verify that the Old Post Office Building was used as the location for the US Department of Health and Human Services. It seems that they have enough of a role in the film that Sam spotted three Hummers and Chevy Impalas bearing the agency's logo suggesting that they are involved in the movie's events in some form or fashion. This is collaborated by ChicagoeauxTiger's photos from of a red truck being filmed and a rather odd looking contraption spotted at the building's road entrance. Its dual setup and location suggest a rather ominous security purposes. Sam reports that the red truck is part of a Chevy commercial that was being filmed during production, part of the new "Supply and Demand" series that Chevy is producing involving 20 vehicles (and I guess TF3). The rest of photos can be found here.


  1. wait a minute
    if thats megatron's head
    then who was the guy from a while back with the big, silver, pointy head whom' face we could not see? (due to a car in the way)
    maybe that head was for the armored truck

  2. Is the red Chevy will be in the movie?
    And is autobot or a Decepticon.

  3. hmm those two weird looking tower devices at the fron gates make me wonder alot, how it says "kjeep clear" ... maybe theyre like a barrier so transformers cant get past?

  4. i think the weird stick thing is an alien probe
    (cybertronian of course)
    maybe that is how they transfer enrgon to stuff?

  5. Maybe the Department of Health and Human Services is the front for NEST, given that people have suggested before that NEST are no longer under military jurisdiction.

  6. i say the red truck is ironhide

  7. The Red truck can't be ironhide because he is a Black truck.

  8. I say that antenna/satellite dish thing is just part of the set. (or maybe it controls sam's power glove?)

  9. cool pictures. i can't wait


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