Friday, August 27, 2010

Set Report, Shia Dresses Up Again

Capone over at Ain't It Cool News was lucky enough to visit the Transformers 3 set at the Lake and Wabash parking lot while Michael Bay and company was flipping a bus last week. The article describes some of the action that was filmed, meeting the producers and crew that are involved in making the film and more. To compound the jealous rage I might be feeling, Capone was able to see a "sizzle reel" that shows off footage from the 1st three weeks in Chicago. Click here for the full article.
...the man knows how to make explosions and action look about as badass as anyone. And this sizzle reel was unstoppable, even without a single robot to be seen. Chicago hasn't looked this stunning on film, maybe ever. But watching it get totaled was just too wonderful for words. Bay showed me this reel personally and stood right next to me while we watched it. He knew it looked great, and it absolutely did. The footage also revealed a few things about plot and characters that I'm not going to spoil, and Bay was pretty open about story details that probably shouldn't be shared, including showing me the entire anamatic on his iPad for the sequence he was shooting that day.

Another, shorter sizzle reel Bay played for me later on a 3D monitor featured footage shot in 3D from the entirety of the shoot (not just Chicago scenes), and that looked insane. The man took the time and figured out how to use 3D to better this film.
Pop Sugar also posted the right image from the set, this time from yesterday with Shia LaBeouf wearing a suit so it seems the street closures along with Sam's parents visiting probably has something to do with his job (I guess at Hotchkiss Gould Investments). So it seems the next day or two may be low key filming as establish his non-Transformers life for the film.


  1. Simmonds sighted!

  2. Michael Bay blog update!

  3. One more thing. Though production in Chicago isnät yet over. Detroit's filming has finally begun.

  4. Vehicles like that are only attacked when there is a important person in it, or the main charecter is affected by it.

    I`m betting either Sam or Carly are in that vehicle (Maybe Mikela, seeing as she is apparently killed off at the start of the film)


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