Thursday, August 26, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Since news has slowed a bit for Transformers 3 in Chicago, seemed like a good time to catch up on other Transformers toy and other news. Links include the usual gallery of images of upcoming toys including W4C Soundwave, a look at cartoon art, official Transformers: Prime images, five toy reviews and Sideshow Optimus Prime collectible price.

Transformers Artwork
Hit the link to view a gallery of artwork that was shown at Auto Assembly 2010. The art is previous unseen works created for G1, Beast Wars Neo, Robots in Disguise and more. Pretty cool way to see some familiar and unfamiliar designs that helped craft our favorite TF stuff. The "official planetary scale guide" is probably the coolest piece which was used for Transformers: The Movie.

War for Cybertron Soundwave Review
Peaugh returns with more reviews. This one is for Transformers: Generations Soundwave that is pretty decent. I am not a fan of the Cybertronian SUV mode but the robot mode is sweet. It seems the Hasbro is going to stick with a van/suv as alt mode since a boom box just isn't going to work anymore. Still I like the multiple homages to the classic G1 design. Click here for the gallery of images.

Various Transformers Gallery
Hit the links below for various galleries don't see any point in writing an individual comment for each on. I think all of these are the next wave of Transformers toys that are coming out this fall. Or maybe now. It is never that clear for some reason.
Transformers: Generations Darkmount (Straxus)
Voyager Offroad Ironhide, Deluxe Rescue Ratchet and Deluxe Axor
Transformers: Generations Dirge

TF: Generations Blurr Video Review and Gallery
A non-Peaugh video review for a change of pace. This one is the repaint of Drift into G1 Blurr from Transformers: The Movie. Overall I am truly digging the Generations line as over the movie inspired line and indifferent to Power Core. While I truly dislike Hasbro's rule of releasing every mold multiple times, it does mean if you wait long enough, you may find a character / paint scheme you will like. In this case while I wasn't interested in getting Drift, I will get Blurr once find on toy shelves at some point later this year.

Transformers: Prime Character Images
The Hub recently added new content to its official website and as part of the background images on many of the pages is images of various characters, both human and TF, that will be in the cartoon. Hit the website or the link above to view the rest.

Son of Cybertron Video Review
Another non-Peaugh review. This one covers the Japan exclusive release of the "Sons of Cybertron" set which is the crystal version of Transformers: Animated Optimus Prime and Rodimus. Overall pretty cool looking but not sure worth paying stateside price of $55 for two $10 toys. The non-clear Rodimus is supposed to the states as an exclusive (Toys R Us I think) relatively soon.

Sideshow Collectibles Optimus Prime Gallery
Sideshow has a new blog post that provides more details about their Optimus Prime maquette that was announced last year. If you have $1,199.99 (nope not a type), you can pre-order that statue starting on August 26th. Apparently there are two versions at the same price, the Exclusive which comes with Energon Swords and the regular edition which will not have the sword. The Exclusive version is first come first serve with only 100 versions being produced. Hats off if you can afford either.

Two More Peaugh Reviews - Blurr | Axor
Back to Peaugh, hit the links to view to more reviews. One is Peaughs review of the same Blurr figure and the other is for Hunt for the Decepticons Axor.

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