Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Hotel 71 Set Prep

All seems quiet on the Transformers 3 production front in Chicago. It does seem that filming in the city is winding down as not much is reported to be going on outside. Tomorrow might bring filming around Millennium Park but no guarantees. Yesterday, production was at the Hotel 71 on Upper Wacker but it seems filming was mostly interior with only the usual set stuff giving any hint they were there. The below pictures are thanks to Colin Hinkle as the lights and crew do prep work around Hotel 71.


  1. is that chevy truck a transformer?

  2. @anon 6:34

    That's exactly what I was thinking.

  3. there's been a few of those...crew trucks! chevy must have contracted out so many

  4. omfg!

    A totally random truck or car seen is now a "Transformer"? There are people that live in Chicago you know, that drive those trucks.

    I highly doubt thats a transformer you guys are just to gullible when it comes to this crap

  5. Anon @ 8/24/2010 7:48 PM:

    Yeah, haha I totally hear you on that one. Once a shot goes up it's like people jump on it like vultures and start guessing what Transformer it is. It's rather annoying. It's like, OK people, uhhmm.. no, they're not Transformers. :P

    I've given up on expecting people to think anymore. :P

    On another note, I noticed the Chinese characters are still on the garage, so I assume it's always been that way and not an establishing China scene?

    Also, DANG! They really clean up FAST. Look how pristine clean the area is now. They really do a good job on getting city street cleaning crews to mop up all that mess.

  6. I think they're filming outside my house right now. There's a lifted Suburban outside with an Autobot emblem on it. A silver Saturn Aura as well. I wonder what characters they could be?

    Wait a minute.

    Those are my vehicles. Nevermind.

  7. @LionBoogy, the clean up crew really does a great job. I've noticed that when they were doing the shooting along Wacker Drive, they would stop filming usually around 8PM and by 5am the next morning you wouldn't have even known anyone was there filming.

    The characters on the parking garage are permanent, and have always been there. The funny thing is that I've never seen that garage look so clean. I walk past it most days and it is always a mess, but evidently when the TF3 crew had to clean set they gave the entire thing an overhaul.

  8. Is it not Ironhide? He was in that guise in the second movie...

  9. Ironhide has always been a GMC Topkick in the movies. He's never been a heavy duty GMC Sierra. That's what the truck in that picture is.

  10. A few posts prior to this one, it was said the truck was part of a chevy commercial.

  11. The red Chevy Silverado a few posts back is said to be part of a commercial. The dark grey GMC Sierra in this post's pictures wouldn't be part of a Chevrolet commercial. That body style hasn't been in production since 2007.

    It's very likely just some random persons truck.

  12. Remember when filming first started and there was a HUGE set ( out in the middle of what looked like a loading dock or ship yard ) that was set up to tilt over? That looks very similar. I guarentee that building will meet its fate.
    I also seem to remember when filming had just begun that Bay said there would be ALOT of casualties in this movie, and that there is a terrible tragedy in the U.S., maybe this is it. We'll see......


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