Monday, August 23, 2010

Three More Weeks in Chicago? (Updated)

New reports are coming in that Transformers 3 production will stay in the city of Chicago for three more weeks. This info first came from Colin Hinkle and Sam Nickelson over the weekend but it seems closer to confirmed as a new notice went up that production returned to Lake Shore East Park for the next two days at least. The letter to the right is thanks to Jeff at Pixel Rally, which shows that production will be performing more skydiving stunts from helicopters much like TF3's first week in Chicago around Lake Shore Drive with Millenium Park as the landing ground.

In addition, CBS 2 and Chicago Breaking News are reporting that 13 bus routes are being detoured "while crews continue filming for Transformers 3". The rerouting starts today at 7:00PM until Friday 6:00AM. The sites also report there "may be occasional closures at LaSalle Street between Jackson, Adams, Madison and Monroe." Thanks to Ray for the link.

Colin also said that Transformers 3 might have returned to Hotel 71 at Wacker Drive as they are doing something inside the hotel and also prepping in the alley way underneath it. He couldn't tell if what was being worked on involved cast members or TF vehicles as didn't spot either.

It seems a lot of pick-up shots are in the works with the re-visiting of various locations. So to sum up, Transformers 3 will be remaining in Chicago at least through the week with the possibility for another three weeks total. Current info though indicates a week is the more likely scenario.

Update: Jeff provided another picture, this one indicating the planned Lake Shore and Millenium Park shoot from the letter above has been cancelled with possible date change.


  1. Could this have something to do with the D.C. denials?

  2. Luke:

    Yeah, that's highly probable. They will probably just do establishing shots in DC and then do simulated up-close battle shots in Chicago. Probably resetting some of the scene to look like DC or change in script to not need DC too much.

  3. Great... more rushed script rewriting.. just like firing the lead female actress on purpose by Bay ordering then rushed script rewriting wasn't enough...
    This movie is doomed.

  4. Anon @ 8/24/2010 3:58 AM:

    Dude, you gotta chill out.

    You do know that shutting down parts of an entire city is a logistical nightmare, right? And how is rushed script writing any different from daily TV soap operas that are watched by millions everyday?

    ANY director will tell you that nothing goes according to plan. You work with what you got, not with what you want.

  5. Martinus Prime8/24/2010 6:49 AM

    Goddamn, please admin, can you delete this useless documantary post above?!

    Why in the hell are these type of guys on movie blogs???

  6. I walked past the E7 basecamp this morning on my way to get my car, and there was only 4 trailers, the Night Lights truck, and a handfull of small vehicles. Looks to me like they are all bug'n out. I have a feeling that the notices that went out were for the secondary unit filming filler scenes.

  7. oh god PLEASE JUST please tell me it is not that fucking overly obsesed freak dude get the fuck out man in every other forem we own your damn rantings will you not give UP! no one is going to agrea with you we all had it with you

  8. I just got a call yesterday about being an extra in Detroit, and the casting lady said that we'd filming during the "first 3 weeks of September", and my commitment might be 2-3 days. Based on this news, Detroit's shoot might be pushed back a bit?

  9. Y'know I wonder how these movies might differ if Bay wrote them George Lucas style. Writing one big story, then making it into 3 movies. Whaddaya think, eh?


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