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Toy Video Review Linkfest

I have been getting a bit behind on linking to toy news due to all the awesome news, images and videos coming out of Chicago so here is an attempt to do some catch-up. Most of them are from Peaugh as he reviews Hasbro, Takara, and 3rd party toys. Just in case wondering, I get nada for posting these reviews, just keeping you informed on the wonderful world of Transformers which has grown to more than just whatever Hasbro chooses to release thanks to the internet.

War for Cybertron Megatron
A look at the Transformers: Generations toy both in and out of packaging. The toy should be hitting still in the next few weeks. He mentions RobotKingdom; I have bought from them and do recommend them but be aware they are shipping from Hong Kong. The prices per toy are cheaper but the S&H is higher so the opportunity is there to save money, but a little research against the competition (other recommendations being TFSource, BigBadToyStore, and Digital-Toys) might be needed. As for the toy, it doesn't really impress me that much mostly because do not like the vehicle mode. His robot mode is absolutely solid with no kibble, something you rarely see in TF toys.

BBTS Exclusive Seacons Combiner
The next Peaugh review, this one for the re-issue of the G1 Seacons. The combine to for Piranacon and if it looks familiar, this was a set released by the Transformers Collector's Club around two years ago. Now it’s being exclusively re-re-issued through Like most combiners of the era, it’s essentially one deluxe sized toy with 4 scout class toys for appendages that hook together with extra pieces used for foot, hands and weapons. Compared to today's toys its highly simplistic but still cool looking since Hasbro's combiner success lately has been mostly a miss.

Movie Masterpiece Starscream
The last review from Peaugh, this one is a comparison of the Takara Leader class Starscream with the Hasbro one. Other then cost, the only real difference is what your preference is for the paint scheme as Takara's matches the first movie and Hasbro's the second. Normally he shows the transformation sequences but this time did not, mentioning another review that I couldn't find. I am not a big fan of the robot mode for Starscream so indifferent to the toy.

Mini-Masterpiece Optimus Prime
Yep another Peaugh review, this one is for re-creation of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime that has been released at least once a year in some form or fashion for the last five years. However, this one has a sweet gimmick if you like miniatures as this one is the exact same toy only deluxe sized. I don't know why but smaller versions of cool TFs tickles me so this is an easy add to my wish list. The toy is from I Gear Toys and available on their website or any of those linked above. Ironically, because a 3rd party toy, this much smaller MP Prime costs the same as his larger version. The next release from the company will be three mini-MP Seekers that also experience the shrink ray to deluxe size.

THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy
Speaking of mini, here is review of another tiny version of Optimus Prime. Also from Peaugh this is a review of a Transformer that was released last year of Japan only toy from Takara-Tomy. It’s a version of Optimus inspired by the Masterpiece line and closest to scout size but with a complex transformation and detail. I own this figure and like it but the truck mode is unimpressive but the trailer and robot mode is all G1 Prime in tiny scale, resulting in a worthwhile purchase. There is also a black Convoy version of this exact same figure. As Peaugh points out, the tiny size means structural problems so this isn't a toy is for the collector only as a kid would probably tear it up very quickly. It is expensive but once again hit any of the store links above if interested in purchasing.

TFCon Night Bird/Arcee/Medic
The last review is for the exclusive toy from the Canada Transformers Collectors Convention (TFCon) that was held on July 17th and 18th. It is an unofficial figure based on the character Nightbird from the G1 episode "Enter the Nightbird". The figure is small, about the size of the vehicles form the G1 era so in between the size of Scout and Deluxe size toys. Overall, a pretty good creation from Impossible Toys that matches the look and style of the toys from then. This is the same mold used for Arcee and Medic release that you can find at most of the online toys stores linked above.

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