Friday, September 03, 2010

Cedillo Underwent Brain Surgery, In Stable Condition

A little bit more information has come out about Gabriella Cedillo's condition after a serious head injury from an incident on the Transformers 3 set in Indiana. According to E Online and Chicago Sun-Times, she had to undergo brain surgery on Thursday afternoon. She did pull through the procedure and is now listed in stable condition. Now that it seems she may recover from the accident, the news reports are starting in on the innuendo of negligence (actually surprised it took this long).

An example of this is the news report from ABC Chicago which used careful phrasing and creative editing to suggest that this incident occurred at the same time that a stunt involving flipping cars was being filmed. They even went so far as to show footage from the parking deck stunt in Chicago where cars were sent off the top level to suggest she was near a similar stunt. After all a car being thrown off a three story building is exactly the same as a car being towed down a flat freeway. Also note the silly additional information which had nothing to do with the story except enforce the picture of a set that misused its extras by pointing out Cedillo was paid "minimum wage and only $25 for the use of their personal cars" and how confidentially wavers do not contain anything about "an extra's own personal safety."

At this time all we really know was she was driving her car for a scene, something went through the windshield (possibly a ripped cable from a towing rig) and hit her with enough force that it resulted in severe enough injuries that she lost consciousness, had to be airlifted to Loyola Hospital and needed brain surgery. Everything else from that report is basically unproved suggestive nonsense that is starting the groundwork that extreme negligence occurred with mistreated extras and a secretive studio that is withholding information even though authorities are still investigating what happened.

A report light on facts, heavy on rumor told as facts is now the norm for television "reporting". It is reports like these, where they can't take something as simple as an update on a person's medical condition without adding a sensational spin, which explains why I at least don't pay attention to television news anymore.

Speaking of "reporting" Deadline has written up their version that uses careful phrasing to say that Transformers 3 set completely screwed up.
I received this email from a confidential informant:"An extra doing stunts in her own car with a tow rig? Holy shit is somebody's head gonna roll over this one. SO many things against industry standards, don't know where to start! Bay should be starting to sweat right about now. 30yrs of motion pictures and never seen stunts fuck up this bad."
Did negligence occur? Was Cedillo involved in a stunt or a sequence she should not have been? I don't know. There is a lot we don't know. Neither do any of these news sources. Right now all we know is this woman was injured. Hopefully very soon Gabriela Cedillo will make a complete recovery and we will learn the actual facts of events and be able to draw our own conclusions instead of the ones the press is gearing up to force on us. Thanks to YoboY and eatm0rewaffles for links.


  1. i will post any further information i find on this one... Again hopefully all good news. As for that "confidential" e-mail, heads are going to roll regardless. It is not going to be productive for anyone involved to bring the government into it as this article suggests.

    I hope Paramount owns up and foots the bill regardless and she makes a full recovery and gets her acting break as she hoped for (best case scenario)...

  2. fuckin news people piss me off, and accidents happen, wth people?!

  3. This is getting out of hand. Of course the media will eat this up and blame this or that. It's what they do best... get some of what happen and make up the rest of the facts so they have a story without knowing what really happened.

    All I can say is I hope she has a quick recovery and that she pulls threw without any troubles. Accidents happen everyday. You can prepare all you want and have the best crew and things like this can happen out of no where.

  4. Bay is known for top notch safety on his sets, I HIGHLY doubt negligence was a factor. It was an accident. No way around it. Bay's crew has done this time after time without incident. No way this is more then an accident.

  5. Misinformation

  6. "30yrs of motion pictures and never seen stunts fuck up this bad." Really? Does this person not live in this universe? There are entire shows out there about Hollywood F-ups and stunt death.

    Hope this girl recovers fully.

  7. I love it - let's talk to her mailman and get the inside scoop on what's REALLY happening...


    Journalistic Integrity has become one of the world's funniest oxymorons.

  8. This isnt the first time this type of Accident has occured and it wont be the last, nomatter what Bay and the production crew did or does the same principal applies,"An explosion can never be controlled"

    This applies to any stunt. Its not Bay`s fault, although he will probably end up paying some money to the woman or her family whatever happens. He shouldnt be made to feel responsible. If this does go to a trial it will just be stupid, you cant blame a film crew for a stunt. She should have known what she was getting herself into, and as unfortunate as her accident is, she probably knew the risks involved the minute she signed up as an extra.

  9. you go scorpio! totally right!!

  10. I think TF3 should be canceled

  11. Paramount is denying she was involved with the stunt with her car. From Deadline

    "Paramount just weighed in with me to say that the injured extra was not involved in the stunt, that her car was not involved in the stunt, that a "freak accident caused her injury", that she and her car were more than 500 feet from the stunt, that she was struck by a flying metal object whose welding had come apart and not by a steel towing cable, that the stunt from Tuesday had to be repeated Wednesday because of a "timing issue" and not because it had failed, and that "nobody has done movies more safely than Michael Bay". The studio, however, could not explain why its version of events was so at odds with the local police and media reports. "We feel horrible that anyone was injured and will take all appropriate action," a Paramount exec told me."

  12. "I think TF3 should be canceled"

    annon 8:47

    I think you should pay off my mortgage out of the goodness of your heart and ask for nothing in return. On behalf of all transformers fans...thank you for existing and sharing what you think to people who just dont care.

  13. Jesus scorpio, if not not the film crew, then who to blame? the girl, yeah right, stupid woman driving into a cable...

    "“It snapped. The cable snapped, and the cable went into the westbound lane where we were at and hit the girl’s car, smashed the windshield" seems like someone "forgot" to check the stuff that was used for this stunt and it nearly cost a life of an extra...
    It was not Bay's fault directly of course, but it seems some stunt guy or someone else made a huge fuckup.

  14. Maybe you don't blame ANYONE. That's why it's called an accident. Sometime you can check things and they still break.

  15. I SINCERELY hope that Ms. Cedillo recovers fully. I HATE the "news" - they should be called OLDS as way too many times, news reporters and news programs buy into what is dictated to them by advertisers and corporate owners without any regard whatsoever to ACCURATE news reporting. It's beyond sad what the "news" has devolved into.

    While I do believe Mr. Bay goes to the ends of the earth to insure absolute safety on his sets, and while accidents like this are not exclusive to TF3, heads are going to roll from this incident, regardless. We'll see.

    Personally, I don't know if I'll rush out to see TF3 on opening day, to be brutally honest. While some of the stuff that TFLIVE has been showing us looks promising, ROTF has still left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Hope I'm wrong.


  16. why do so many people have a problem with TF3


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