Friday, September 17, 2010

Megan Comments, Shia in Detroit

Megan Fox briefly commented about Transformers 3 while promoting "Passion Play" at the Toronto International Film Festival. She apparently harbors no ill feeling about what occurred, calling the adjustment weird.
"I will see it," Fox said while promoting "Passion Play" at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I'm gonna see it."
The actress did admit that watching the battle of the 'bots continue on without her will be fairly odd. "I might be a little jealous when I see somebody kissing my Shia [LaBeouf], wearing my jeans that I ... already had been fit for," Fox conceded. "It's kind of weird, actually."

"[Rosie's] 6 feet tall also, so maybe they're not the exact same jeans," Fox quipped about the ad-campaign vet slated to play LaBeouf's love interest Carly. "But it will be strange."
On a somewhat related note, it seems that did return from promoting Wall Street 2 at that same festival in time to do some of his own stunts on that big gun thing on Tuesday. This is based on photos from Pop Sugar and that clearly show his face. Those same pics make me think that the attractive blond filming with Shia is Rosie's stunt double as the face just doesn't match to me.


  1. God poor Megan! kissing my Shia xDDD

  2. Well, maybe it's just me, but that Gun-Thing also looks like a Mechwarrior for me.

    Well, no matter how it'll work out in the Movie, from what I've seen about this Movie, it's gonna be an awesome war: Autobots&Humans Vs Decepticons.
    I've got the Steelbook of the two first Movies, and enjoyed them both, despite those mistakes they made, also I don't care about the geographical mistakes, since the Earth in a Movie/Cartoon/Anime/etc. could be different from ours(remember the Dragonball-World, or the world of TheLastAirbender), while the Planet might still be called Earth(Dunno for TheLastAirbender, as that wasn't stated, as far as I remember).

    When TF3 hits Cinemas, I'll make sure to view it in 3D.

  3. Big gun thing = Omega Supreme's head.

  4. I could be wrong, but it sounds a little bit like there may be some regret in Megan for walking out on the movie.

    I think she's realizing that all her other movies aren't doing so well and that TF is what put her on the map.

    As the old saying goes, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

  5. NOPE NOPE NOPE....THE BIG GUN THING IS Rodimus Prime's (sp) gun...similiar to that toy in the previous post....i bet

  6. i agree 100% with "anonymous 9/17/2010 4:08 PM"

  7. So If you miss shia so munch! Why did you leave the movie then!

  8. shut the fuck up fox and go back to maxim's cover where you belong

  9. Are we past the "Rosie topmodel" chestnut?

  10. Anonymous...shut up stupid person...

    go to the toilet..piece of shit...

  11. anon 12.03 pm

    you took my comment as a personal insult? get out of mommas house and get a life you fucking, braindead loser...


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