Thursday, September 16, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Things seem quiet in Detroit so time for another linkfest. Links include a look at Masterpiece Rodimus, more Hunt for Decepticon toys and give new reviews from Peaugh.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Price, Dated
The next actual new Masterpiece Transformer from Takara/Tomy has been given a release month of January 2011 and a bit of a whopper of a price of around $200. Official images show a pretty sweet looking toy that kind of the first MP triple-changer as it converts between Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime and their respective alt modes so in a weird way like getting two Transformers toys in one (and apparently priced accordingly). Based on pics, it seems the only difference between the two robot molds is the head. I am guessing it does the head spin like the MP Seekers which had a regular face and smirk expression. I will wait until a video review but seriously tempted to pre-order this.

Highbrow, Fallen in Package
Hit the link for pics of the next wave of Voyager toys for the Hunt for the Decepticons line. The Fallen is a repaint but Highbrow is a new mold with an alt mode of the Lockheed p-38 Lightning.

Battle Hooks Prime Gallery
Huge gallery that shows off yet another iteration of Leader class Optimus Prime. It seems that this toy is the same mold as Buster Optimus Prime but switched out the swords and added some battle damage.

Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime Video Review
Peaugh is back with more reviews. This one is for the Japan only release of Voyager class Animated Optimus Prime sporting some wings. Overall a pretty decent looking iteration of the figure that I would consider getting if ever makes it stateside. Basically this is yet another example of why Takara remains the superior to Hasbro in creating Transformers.

FansProject Crossfire Video Reviews - Swindle | Blast Off | Bruticus
More from Peaugh, this one of the FansProject Crossfire figures that forms a more detailed Bruticus combiner. The packaging is pretty good, designed to saving later rather than the destructive glue and twist tie fest that Hasbro sadly favors. I am not 100% clear but the idea is to take portions of the ROTF Bruticus set and combine it with Swindle and Blast Off to create a better Bruticus. If I remember right, the ROTF toy is actually a repaint of the Energon figure. At retail it was around $30 but doubt find that cheap now. That combined with the $50 each for Swindle and Blast Off means you might end up spending around $200 to try and re-create the Bruticus Peaugh reviews. While I like the end result, it is way outside my price range.

G1 Menasor Review
A little walk down memory lane wit this knock-off version of the classic Generation One combiner. I managed to buy (and lose 1) of the three segments of the figure as a kid but sadly never did get the full set. Now that the knock-offs are starting to hit a quality of build and replication of the classic toys, just might have to pay more attention to getting them in the figure. It is amusing just how simple the G1 toys are compared to today's toys.

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  1. fool peugh! superion was menasors enemy, dont you remember when they were introduced. !


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