Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transformers: DOTM The Game First Look

While Hasbro doesn't know this blog exists, fortunately they are aware of other sites were able to get a sneak peak at the game along with some new screenshots. I guess this is part of the PR push that tends to comes with a release of a new trailer nowadays. For all intents if you enjoyed War for Cybertron in both design and play then you will like DOTM The Game as pretty much everything carries over as far as the graphics, style and mechanics.

TFormers was able to see a demo of the game. It is a prequel to the movie as the single campaign (not dual like in W4C) will reveal how the post Revenge damaged Megatron changes to his mack truck alt mode, why Soundwave is called down to Earth with a new alt mode, and likely more as fills in some of the gaps between Revenge of the Fallen and DOTM. The game controls are pretty much the same as War for Cybertron with huge boss battles (Starscream vs. Stratosphere), and smooth switching between alt modes. A third alt mode has been added called Stealth Force (as seen with 'Bee car cannons and the toys). Another carryover also seems to be special abilities and skills for each Transformer. For example Megatron has the "Drain" ability while Ironhide "heavy iron" that gives him access to weapons that provide bigger booms.

The demo shown at GDC showed off four levels and five playable characters - Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Shockwave and Laserbeak. Each chapter of the campaign is designed to highlight a specific Transformer but not sure if this means will not have option to later choose to use a different character. Bumblebee's level takes advantage of his speed and agility, Ironhide's is designed for his firepower, Starscream's is for the air and Soundwave/Laserbeak level is a kind of co-op style where the two work together to go places the other isn't able. Oddly the description does not tell us what their alt modes are but it seems Soundwave is a vehicle.

As far as online multiplayer, High Moon is still working out the details but I suspect something similar to War for Cybertron will be used with some new modes to take advantage of Stealth Force and the like. According to Amazon, the release date remains June 14th, 2011.


  1. wow i cant wait i really hope it turns out to be as good as WFC because i love their movie designs

  2. that pic of megs takin away energy from other bots reminds me of shang tsung from mk for some is gonna be better than the previous movie adaptions!!!


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