Friday, March 11, 2011

Hasbro's Official DOTM Product Images, Laserbeak and Barricade Review

It seems that with all the leaks, Hasbro basically said "screw it" as they released their official images for most of the next few waves of toys for Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Reveal the Shield. It doesn't seem to include the leader class but those already leaked anyway. Rather than try to reproduce all 104 images, head to Seibertron and check them out yourself as the site conveniently identified each toy (CV = Cyberverse, MT = MechTech) which is a 3 picture combo of front of the packaging, robot mode and vehicle mode.

In additional, another image of Laserbeak has been posted on eBay (via Seibertron) that provides a much better look at the toy and his TechMech weapons. Also here is a look at Skyhammer in his package thanks to another auction (via TFW2005).

Last is a video review of deluxe Barricade from the DOTM toy line by Kapow Toys (a UK toy seller). The video review (below) doesn't show the transformation sequence. Barricade, still unproven if in movie, has a new smaller mold compared to his previous movie releases due to the large MechTech weapons. Vehicle mode looks sweet, the robot mode remains lackluster. (via TFW2005)

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