Friday, April 15, 2011

DOTM To Spin Moon Conspiracy Theory

Transformers: Dark of the Moon producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently spoke to the Associated Press about how the moon landing ties into the movie plot and add a spin to moon conspiracy theories. Not that it was staged. We all know that rumour is a bunch of bunk.
No, this story involves what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were doing during those 21 minutes of radio and video silence on the Apollo 11 mission. You think they were turning over rocks and drinking Tang? Think again. Turns out the two astronauts were actually bouncing over to the dark side of the moon, investigating a crashed alien space ship that turned out to be — yes — a massive Transformer robot.

"We give you a whole new reason why the moon landing actually did happen," says Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformers movies. "Everyone was right. The conspiracy existed. It was just a different one than people thought."

"With moon conspiracies, there's a contradiction at work," says di Bonaventura. "There's a deep-seated romanticism about the moon with the poetry and romantic settings. Then you have this notion that there's this gigantic lie propagated about what may be 20th Century man's greatest single achievement."
What catches my eye isn't a summary that the teaser trailer hinted at but the idea that The Ark just might be an actual Transformer like Omega Supreme that Transformers fans has been theorizing for months now. However, before you see this as confirmation note that the information didn't come from Lorenzo but the article writer so for now the idea remains rumor only. (via TFW2005, thanks to Chris and Sahara for link)


  1. The announcement/teaser trailer already gave it away completely. There is no anticipation anymore.
    Marketing for this movie has been really terrible.
    They ruined everything that made the franchise a success on the first two movies with this one.
    This Transformers3 looks like Spielberg doesn't care anymore and Bay is doing it just because Paramount obliged him to do it and to use the 3D gimmick he didn't want to.
    It's going to fail. It might reach $500million worldwide like Iron Man movies but beyond that it's highly unlikely.

  2. your mom is unlikely

  3. To the first commenter: How can you say that? We have very little information about the plot. The conspiracy about the Transformers on the moon is very vague. There is plenty more to expand on. The marketing has been fine (in my opinion). Bay and Co are clearly holding as much as they can from the fans. They certainly have something incredible up their sleeve for this film. Like Bay has said, you will never be able to acquire the magic and innocence of the first film. This film will be great. It is a summer action alien invasion film featuring the Transformers. Enjoy it for what it is!

  4. @Red Dog: Battle Los Angeles already hit theaters and despite having great visuals, CGI and action scenes better than District9 it was a big marketing failure for Sony that was expecting it to be a blockbuster. Most people didn't buy the movie, the marketing didn't work and the movie did no better than District9.
    Transformers3 has nothing better to offer, similar shooting style and setup in town and plot and characters messed up so much that the movie won't look like the end of a trilogy but just like another movie reboot sort of.
    It doesn't look good.


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