Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Transformers #18 & Rising Storm #3 Preview

Another Wednesday, another new issue of Transformers. Two actually with Transformers #18 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Rising Storm #3. Comic Book Resources brings the covers and first five pages of Transformers #18 while Seibertron provides the preview to Rising Storm #3 which continues to Dark of the Moon prequel story.

Transformers #18
Written by Mike Costa, art by Alex Milne, covers by Marcelo Matere, Nick Roche.
The Autobots have been beaten down, backed into a corner, and harried into making a huge mistake. But the biggest blow has yet to fall, as Prime sets out to face Megatron one-on-one in the final chapter of REVENGE OF THE DECEPTICONS. Nobody dies... but somebody's gonna wish they had. 32 pages, $3.99.

Transformers: Rising Storm #3
Written by John Barber, art by Carlos Magno, covers by Brian Rood.
It's all out war in Philadelphia, as Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots roll out to stop Starscream and his forces from killing Sam Witwicky! The biggest, most explosive battle in Transformers history begins here! The fate of the universe rests on the outcome and the action of this summer's hottest movie heats up right here!
32 pages, $3.99.


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