Monday, April 11, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

Nope, still no trailer news for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In the meantime enjoy these galleries, videos and news related to Transformers including a ROTF auction, scrap metal art, a not really tragic death, and more.

Scrap Metal Movie Transformers (7x)
Hit the link to view a gallery of Transformers apparently created from scrap metal. I am not sure on scale the structures include Prime, Bumblebee, Jetfire, The Fallen, Starscream and Ironhide. The level of detail and just the overall look is pretty darn cool. Thanks to Tom for the link.

GI Joe/Transformer Line Plans? (3x)
A WonderCon panel called "Treasures of Hasbro Archives" revealed a bit of interesting Transformers history. It turns out that back in the 80s Hasbro considered a crossover line between Transformers and G.I. Joe. Ideas considered included a repaint of Omega Supreme and releasing Joe characters paired with accessories based on the look of Transformer characters like Arctic Baronness with Ravage.

ROTF Chromia Auction
An auction was recently held that gave someone the chance to own a little piece of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The prize: "This is the original “Chromia” Arcee Motorcycle from Michael Bay’s film. This motorcycle, named “Chromia”, is based on the toy and comic book character. Created by Retro Superbike from a 2008 Suzuki B-King, it was used on set in the opening sequence of the movie and in the introduction of the new Autobot. It was called “******** Awesome” by Michael Bay when he first saw it. The paint scheme, as dictated by Bay and crew, depicts the Glyphs seen throughout the movie. Also includes a damaged fairing piece and the original studio rendering used for design approval." The auction started on April 2nd with a starting bid of $25,000. (via Seibertron)

TF Galleries - Target Legends (7x) | SDCC GI Joe Starscream (2x) | Final Masterpiece Prime (14x)
Few links to various galleries. The first one is for Target exclusive ROTF legends class 2 packs. The second one is a look at the repaint of a classic GI Joe toy in G1 Starscream colors. Note it does not transform. The last link is a look at what Takara is claiming to be the final re-release of the Masterpiece Prime mold that comes with all accessories from previous versions and a talking base (but with the Japanese actor for Prime not Peter Cullen).

War for Cybertron Concept Art (4x)
Hit the link for more concept art created for the game. The art shows off Grimlock, Swoop, Bluestreak, and Cyclonus. I don't remember if these characters were part of the game or not since some console versions had exclusive characters. (via TFW2005)

Transformers: Prime Puzzle Game
The Hub has introduced a new puzzle game (aimed at kids) that uses various techniques (spin, move, remove) to reveal the image underneath.

Death of Spike
An amusing fan made cartoon that depicts what would probably have killed Spike.

Real-Life Sort of Transformer
An interesting project from National Taiwan University that created a sort of robot called Quattroped that transforms its wheel into curved legs so able to get over rough terrain.

Transformers United Rumble and Frenzy Review
A look at the Takara 2 packs of to loved Generation One characters. The United line is Takara's name for the Reveal the Shield/Generations line here in the states. To my knowledge, these toys have not been released in the states and I have not read any plans to do so. The alt modes are no longer cassettes but tanks that have a robot mode that does an excellent job of mimicking their G1 looks. The toys would probably be worth buying if released stateside but I don't think worth the import cost is around $55. A gallery of images can be found here.

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  1. Poor Spike. :( The Wheel Legs are cool. Wish I had some.

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