Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dark of the Moon Theatre Display

If you hit your local theatre you might have a sweet new display to take in as it seems a new Transformers: Dark of the Moon display is starting to hit theatres. The display is based off of the Optimus Prime banner only with a more 3D that is pretty cool to see in person as the image from Winston Ray (thanks) shows. I just got back from seeing Priest (it was so-so) and my theatre has one set up too so probably rolling out pretty fast everywhere.


  1. i saw this being set up at my theater. the display kept falling on the dude trying to set it up. it was rather humorous

  2. I like how it just DOMINATES the entire wall, eclipsing even the Jack Sparrow stand. haha

  3. I have a question:

    Are you Team Optimus or Team Megatron?


  4. i want this so much!!the entire wall is dominated by optimus XD

  5. Anonymous 5:25 I like both.

    I hope they put the display in my theatre.


  6. They always have these huge stand-ups at my local multi-plex (Springdale 18 Cinema De Lux in Springdale, Ohio). This is a huge theater with a lot of space for this kind of thing.
    There were two people assembling this thing and I was told it took all day to build.
    In the past I was told these are property of the studio and are returned to the studio after the movies are released.

  7. This is epic and amazing!For Anonymous 5:25, I have ALWAYS been a faithful fan of Optimus Prime!

  8. This display simply shows how awful the 3D is going to be. Unwatchable out of focus fake stereoscopic 3D that causes a lot of eye strain.


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