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DOTM Adaptation Spoilers has posted a preview of the official comic book adaptation of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. With it comes some major story spoilers if you get lucky with a little trick. Before Amazon corrected it, if you click the cover or "Search inside this book" you get about the first seven and last seven pages of the trade. To the left, click "Surprise Me!" a few times for random pages and would get access to more spoiler filled pages of the comic book. Fortunately, I did get screenshots of 11 pages the one time it worked for me so all the "extra" pages are below along with the spoilers they reveal. The trade is scheduled for release on May 25th.

It should be noted that adaptations usually work from a final movie script along with designs and storyboards offered by production. However, as Sir Peter Jackson points out, there are three phases to a script - writing it, filming it and editing it. As a result what the comic shows for a scene and what the movie shows may not be the same. Certain elements like the major plot points, characters, etc tend to stay static due to cost but the specific details can easily change (scenes, characters, etc being left on cutting room floor).

Update: Four additional pages added from Tempy5's flickr account. I don't consider characters and alt modes to be spoilers. So knowing that, the first set of images do confirm that Soundwave the silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG as indicated by the game image. The new bit of information from the four pages is Wheeljack is part of the Autobot cast but look and alt mode remains unknown. The rest below is some major bombshell stuff so consider reading further very carefully.

SPOILER WARNING! Major plots points and potential character death revealed. Proceed at your own risk. SPOILER WARNING!
- Opens with moon landing, Armstrong saying "Roger Control-7" likely a Sector 7 reference. (pages 3-5)
- A character named Wheeljack is in the movie. Look and alt mode unknown but "Einstein" seems likely. (page 8)
- Carly and Sam are already living together in Washington, DC along with the Transformer Brains. I can't tell what he is other than he has spiky gray "hair." (pages 9-10, 29)
!! Stop reading if even a little sensitive about spoilers. Not kidding. !!

- Sentinel Prime shoots Ironhide in the face with at least one of the Twins watching. (pages 46-47)
- Soundwave is the silver Mercedes-Benz, he is in that form when he captures Carly explaining why she was spotted in the vehicle on the Chicago sets. (page 60)
- Dylan (Patrick Dempsey), whose father helped hide true nature of moon missions, is working for the Decepticons and seems to be ordering some of them around. (page 60)
- Carly is captured so Dylan can force Sam to spy on the Autobots. (page 61)
- Sentinel Prime, announcing himself the "true leader of the Autobots", demands the world's natural resources so can rebuild Cybertron and wants the "rebels" (aka Optimus and company) exiled from Earth. (page 62)
- Sentinel Prime had joined forces with Megatron so "that our planet may survive." and seems plans to use his space bridge to transport Earth to Cybertron. (page 72)
- Dylan: "How many rocks out there in the universe offer a six billion strong slave labor force?" (page 72)
- The giant worm thing is called "Driller" (page 75)
- Comments indicate about another 10 pages had been leaked, from those we learn that Mirage gets killed by Soundwave (head ripped off), Bumblebee kills Soundwave, Starscream loses his head but survives (probably a nod to "Ghost" Starscream who can't really die from G1 and Beast Wars continuity), and a possible reveal of the a G1 type Matrix of Leadership.
Page 8Page 9Page 10Page 29Page 46Page 47Page 60Page 61Page 62Page 72Page 73Page 74Page 75Page 8?Page 88

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