Friday, May 27, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

Decepticon Base Diarama (10x)
From Transformers customizer frenzy_rumble is a gallery of images of his latest custom which is a diarama of G1 Decepticons. The base is a modified version of iGear Ark playset and I believe the figures are custom paint jobs of various G1, Masterpiece toys and others.

Starscream and the Seekers Cover "Bad"
A few months ago there was a music video to Michael Jackson's Thriller mostly featuring Autobots and now here is one covering Bad with all the Decepticon jets.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime 2.0 Revealed (4x)
New images have leaked that reveals that Takara is planning to release MP-10 follow-up to Rodimus Prime. Once again they are tapping Optimus Prime but this time with a new designed figure and mold that looks even closer to his G1 look than the first Masterpiece Prime toy already did. The very expensive toy ($250 if importing) features a trailer with roller, gun that fits in back compartment, Spike Witwicky figure, Energon axe, and Matrix.

Transformers: Prime Toys Coming?
A wholesale listing to UK retailers indicates that Hasbro is prepping a Transformers: Prime toy line that will include Deluxe, Voyager class toys along with an entertainment pack and role play blaster.

Limited Edition Fortress Maximus Lithograph
Shout Factory has revealed the lithograph that will come with orders of the box set of Transformers - Japanese Collection which is their sub-titled release of the Japanese cartoons Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce and Victory.

Beast Wars Season 1 and Complete Series Details
Speaking of Shout Factory, the company has officially announced the release of Transformers: Beast Wars Season 1 to retail on June 7th along with the complete series box set exclusively on their own web site. Hit the link for all the details.

Transformers #81 Simon Furman Interview
Currently a petition is pushing for a continuation of the Marvel Transformers comics much like IDW did with G.I. Joe A Real American Hero. Unlike most fan driven petitions, this one as the writer of the time, Simon Furman, completely on board and full of ideas. Currently IDW is reluctant but not entirely opposed to the idea as the interview reveals. Among the highlights is an idea of continuing the story 20 years later with Cybertron and Earth at peace but with an arc title of "War to End All Wars", it is clear the Decepticon threat is far from over. Furman also mentioned moving forward the idea of the evolution of Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime with Optimus mentoring him and if the first arc succeeds adding in threads that started in the awesome but sadly brief Generation 2 comic series (that really needs a HC and TPB release). Any case hit the link above for all the details and cross your fingers that once the Dark of the Moon and Chaos story arcs finish that IDW will be more receptive.

Transformers: Prime MMO Character Renders?
TFW2005 has posted character renders of Optimus Prime and Megatron from the currently China only TF: Prime MMORPG game being developed by Net Dragon. The view seems to be part of an advertisement for Dark of the Moon toys. Render might be a reach as it wouldn't surprise me if Hasbro supplied the character file created for the cartoon series which then was modifed for the needs of the games (much like was done with ILM and the developers of the various movie-tie in games)

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