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Anon Sources Provide Bunch of Potential Transformers 4 Spoilers

The comment section on a post from yesterday has blown up with potential spoiler information for Transformers 4. The info comes from two anonymous sources. None of the information can be collaborated but nor can they be disproven with what little information we have so far about Transformers 4. Just in case, SPOILER WARNING. The summary of the info and the quotes from the relevant comments after the break.

Since this seems to be dueling sources, anything I added to their posts for clarity are in [ ]. I tried to suss out the two voices the best I could but probably have a few wrong. As a result you will see Anonymous [1] and Anonymous [2]. Ignore the spelling errors and the like mostly because most comments tend to be informal and not proofread so difficult to draw any conclusions based on that alone. For now all this remains as rumor/fan speculation with usually caveats that apply. I have no clue if any of this is true. Its plausible, it fits some of the alterations that Bay likes to make to Transformers. Really its impossible to judge the info as we have no real information about the movie beyond the basics. Thanks to BennettPrime for the heads-up.

TF characters:
Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Hound, Drift (black and blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse), Sunstreaker (green C7 Corvette Stingray), Slag, Grimlock (T-Rex alt mode), Vector Prime (codenamed Ultra Magnus or Mags), Sideswipe, Topspin (blue Wrecker), Roadbuster (green Wrecker), Leadfoot (red Wrecker), Sea Spray, Rodimus (red Pagani Huayra), Prowl (dark grey Lamborghini Aventador), Cliffjumper (purple and white Sonic RS Rally)
Overkill, Lockdown (black Rally Fighter), Thunder (?), Menasor, "death vector prime", but no Stunticons

Story tidbits
- The black and dark grey 2014 Freightliner Argosy is alt mode of Vector Prime or Menasor
- 4 Autobots killed; Ratchet early in film, Drift and Topspin by Overkill, Vector Prime by Lockdown
- Grimlock created from Ratchet's spark, smart but sounds like a caveman voice
- Dinobots will be "actual dinosaurs like Jurassic Park"
- Stanley Tucci plays a "scientist character" with knowledge on time travel
- Energon Sword given to Mark Wahlberg's character by Vector Prime before Vector is killed by Lockdown
- One of them says Galvatron is the big bad, another says he isn't in the movie
- Face is described by Anon [1] as Leadfoot and Grimlock by Anon [2]
- Main bad guy (not Megatron, maybe Galvatron) outnumbers the Autobots 20 to 1
- Unicron is mentioned several times in the script

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 3:47 PM
Autobots prime, bee, ratchet dies early, hound, drift dies, sun streaker, slag, grimlock, mags, sideswipe, topspin, sea spray, Decepticons overkill, lockdown, thunder, menasoar and big spoiler introduction and death vector prime or code name mags !

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 3:57 PM
The new black truck is Menasor. There will not be Stunticons in this movie.
Dinobots, will be actual dinosaurs like Jurassic Park, but with robot modes.
Grimlock, will be a T-REX with caveman voice

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 4:07 PM
Yes the green corvette is Sunstreaker. The pagani is hot rod and the lamborghini is Prowl

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 4:24 PM
The face [here] that was shown is Leadfoot and he is talking to the Scientist character about time traveling. Vector Prime gives his Energon Sword to Mark Wahlberg before he gets killed by Lockdown who is one of the Rally Fighters.

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 4:43 PM
Black truck is vector prime aka mags and grimlock will be smart he was created from ratchets spark!

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 4:47 PM
[Galvatron] is not [in the movie] i do know for sure

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 4:51 PM
Face is grimlock but the rest is very close!

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 5:21 PM
I can confirm some, but not all of this is correct. He doesnt have the characters correct. He never says who the Sonic is, The lamborghini is not sideswipe and the pagani is not drift. The gray cab over is Ultra Magnus, The pagani is rodimus since they can not use the hot rod name, the Lamborghi is prowl, the sonic is cliffjumper, The one he got right is the green corvette, which is sunstreaker. Drift is the bugatti

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 6:14 PM
@ u sir have 2 correct, no hot rod no prowl! Ultra magnus hmmm u wont believe who he is. Cue the jaw drop when u see him! What do u know about mags and " megatron"

Anonymous [2] 8/07/2013 6:32 PM
@ ok this is it though! I give u quotes u dont believe! Megatron is alive but if u want the main bad guy and his army that outnumbers autobots 20 to one, all u got to do is look to the planets! Is that big enough!

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 7:59 PM
I know it's hard to believe anyone these days, but form what I've been told by sources close to production these are the names of the vehicles. All the vehicles that have been shown are autobots. There will be decepticons in the film, but they will be completely cgi. Galvatron is the main decepticon villain. The Dinobots are neutral for most of the movie, but join the autobots in the last fight. They to will be all cgi. As for the vehicles, The sonic rs is cliffjumper. The lamborghini aventador is prowl. The corvette is sunstreaker. The bugatti grand sport vitesse is drift. The freightliner is ultra Magnus. The pagani huayra is rodimus. Of course we all know the other 3. The wreckers will make an appearance. Sideswipe, sink, and ratchet will as well but only in robot mode.

Anonymous [1] 8/07/2013 9:56 PM
As for the answer everyone wants.........YES Unicron has been memtioned several times!

So now u answer those questions to them yourself! Those answers would incriminate the person or maybe some of those questions really have no answers!

So everyone doubt me! But i have all the answers right here!

Anonymous [?] 8/07/2013 11:55 PM
@ 4 autobots die ratchet by self
Drift by overkill
Vector by lockdown
Topspin by overkill

There are no mini cons

Main bad guy unicron lt megatron and lockdown

Worship has lockdown and captured prime


  1. Lol they are the same person! Spoiler warning there both probably teenagers!

  2. @ i lied about everything i need my comments deleted immediatly! I can give any more info!

    1. Martinus Prime8/08/2013 6:14 AM

      WTH are you trying to prove here? What are you doing here?
      If you're lieyng, why do you need your comments to be deleted????? They are false, so no worries.
      Only if they are true, they would be needed to deleted. It would mean the production compagny is on to you.

      Wich is it?????

  3. Interesting but I'm not buy it....yet anyway, one question I have is why couldn't they use the name Hot Rod?

    1. Hasbro lost (or whatever legal stuff) to the name Hot Rod. As a result they started using Rodimus instead for his name. Usually you can tell this has occurred when you either see something like "Autobot Jazz" on a toy or when the name altered (ex: Generations Trailcutter instead of Trailbreaker). A lot of what drives the name of a toy (or movie character) is based on whether Hasbro can claim the trademark on it.

    2. Does anybody read TF IDW comics the "ongoing series" Hotrods Alt mode is a Pagani and from what I heard is that IDW, Bay and Hasbro are teaming up together for the TF4 Toy design according to Clint Chapman (Hasbro Global Brand Manager) interviewd by Vange1us on Youtube at Botcon 2013. So since IDW designed Hotrod as a Pagani in Comics and they are going to design the toy also so their is a strong possibility that the pagani really is Hotrod.

  4. Is these bunch of information true ? or just fake ?

    1. Just a speculations dont sweat it or take it too seriously but some have a core of truth.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. In my speculations , Autobots will be all land vehicles, while the Decepticons will be all military aircraft (like jets or helicopters)or maybe something else.

    1. Why do I have a feeling that the dinobots will start of as a decepticons and end up as an autobots.

  7. I don't buy into anything until it's CONFIRMED.

  8. Sounds very much like statements.

  9. Martinus Prime8/08/2013 6:18 AM

    In the previous thread, someone says this anonymous @ has been here before to spoil during production of DOTM.
    I'm here on this blog since the blu-ray release of TF1, but I can't recall I have seen this anonymous @ here before.

    I am missing the regular user LionBoogy. Where are you dude?

    1. Ye he was i had to go back he was anonyMus then too! He was one of the first to say who the autobots were and that Q was not wheeljack, and that dino was another new autobot! He new about driller to!

    2. Ye he was i had to go back he was anonyMus then too! He was one of the first to say who the autobots were and that Q was not wheeljack, and that dino was another new autobot! He new about driller to!

  10. How can Ultra Magnus be Vector Prime?I mean they are two different bots.It would suck to make a character being two bots with different origins.Vector Prime is one of the Dynasty and Ultra Magnus just an Autobot.End of story.

    1. M.bay frequently uses false names in order to hide the true identity of robots in the movie.
      It's true that vector prime has really few things to do here...

  11. This is getting ridiculous, Nelson or Bay has to address all this speculation. I guess we will know everything before the movie comes out, this always happens with Bay. What the hell do they mean real Dino's like in Jurassic Park? Ridiculous, I hope it's a hoax this is getting out of control fast.That dumb ass hobo head cant be a Bot it just cant be, PLEASE!!! NO. it has to be nonsense, but than again its Bay.

    1. I agree I'm not oh the sfte forums buts if you are. Make your voice heard!

  12. someone help me understand the above post, Santa-Bot Leadfoot?

    Or "face is Grimlock, but the rest is very close."

    1. Martinus Prime8/08/2013 2:00 PM

      It's definitly not Leadfoot, his altmode was still the same on set weeks ago with the new '67 Bee. Why would his face be different?

      Like anon 11.31AM says, it's getting ridiculous and why the hell is it that only Bay's TF scripts get leaked??? And not 1 other movie script from another director?
      Is it for speculation and word of mouth for free promoting, bc people talk about it?

  13. I don't care if its "SUPPOSED" to be Leadfoot or Grimlock it does not look like a bad ass robot it looks god awful, that's all I'm saying and I prey its nonsense but it seems like you know all so I guess you have concrete evidence that this god awful head is of a robot I grew up watching and in my opinion its sad. Do you understand? Its really not hard to understand at all, ya know its typical Bay stuff.

  14. Who said it looks like a badass robot? I don't think ANYONE likes the face. I assume you're talking about anonymous and anonymous2 with the "concrete evidence" comment. What I didn't understand was labeling the Santa face as Leadfoot, when we already know what Leadfoot looks like. Unless, they updated Leadfoot's face. I keep repeating the Leadfoot thing, because I don't want to think for even a second that THAT is Grimlock.

    1. Martinus Prime8/08/2013 2:27 PM

      Yeah, but why would Leadfoot only have a different face and still have the same car altmode?
      I'm still not buying that the Dinobots are in it, especially as real life dinosaurs. I think Bay would use some Transmetal-like-altmode from Beast Wars.
      So I'm still afraid it's Hound.

  15. It couldn't be Grimlock.They say his a caveman and since when cavemen smoke pipes? :P

  16. @ 3 people and i lost our jobs today! Seems all gloves are off now! So who wants to know something new today????

    1. Martinus Prime8/09/2013 9:15 AM

      I don´t want to call names, but you´re a dumbass, you know that! If this is true, why would you risk an awesome and paying job, working on a big movie as this? Are you that rich, you can risk something like that? I would kill for such a job and would never spill anything!
      Why not tell everything now, in a youtube video, in front of the Chinese set? And why not use your real name now, it has no use to be anonymous @ anymore!
      Still not believing you, bc the other guy says he heard on set the Lambo is Sideswipe.

  17. I heard Megan Fox is in the movie...oh wait...that may be a rumor...

  18. if @ lost their job, I see no problem as to why they couldn't go on camera to make all of their claims.

  19. I just heard through reliable sources that Megs is going to be reserected and so is Q and maybe Ironhide. A friend is working on the set. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  20. There are people here that claim they know stuff and there are people who are just trolling and confusing everyone, Firstly, if you know anything and have any vital information, change your damn name so we can all tackle rumours down easily. Secondly, CHANGE YOU GOD DAMN NAMES!!

  21. OMG NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE????? Ironhide being brought back??? Q being brought back?????? WTF IS GOING ON, THEIRS TOO MANY DAMN AUTOBOTS!

  22. See what i mean?? CHANGE YOUR GOD DAMN NAMES!!

  23. Take it easy some of these guys are goofing around, you can tell. We will all find out soon enough. Its just a movie my god some of you go off the deep end.

  24. My entire reaction to this bullshit script. It all sounds stupid, but with Michael Bay, its probably true.

  25. I heard a rumor that Carli's moms is in the movie...

    omg...why does anyone listen to this crap...just be patient and wait for the movie...

  26. Ironhides getting replaced by hound

  27. Ratchet dies? Damn *sulks*

  28. Hi I am one of the admin from the Face book page Transformers Heroes and I may have been a TF fan for only a few years but, their are some things I'd like to point out. One thing I can point out with this movie is that after 3 movies and a ton of criticism, Michal Bay is probably getting tired of this franchise and is going to kill off most of the transformers to get his action in and then have Cybertron fixed, so that the people who take over can start "fresh". Another point Sunstreaker is yellow hint the name Sun... Next point way back when the franchise started Hasbro tried to kill Optimus off but people got really mad at them and so they had to bring him back and after seeing how many people liked him they decide to keep him so really if he dies he is going to come back.. like in Revenge of the Fallen he goes into an Energon Coma (not die) to heal and Sam speeds up the process by using the matrix of leadership (mistake there, Optimus actually carries it inside of him). Also I really like Optimus, Bee, and Ratchet and I really hope they don't kill them but, if they're starting the movie franchise over then maybe it would ok.... Steven Spielberg I do hope you are the one to take over the franchise!


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