Sunday, September 29, 2013

Images and Video from Transformers 4 Car Through Bus Stunt, New Cast Pic

On Saturday, Transformers 4 filming continued in Chicago, Illinois at South Wacker Drive and West Monroe Street for a stunt that involved sending a car through a bus. As the video and great images from cmraseye show the location seems to be for events set in China as the bus is covered in Victoria's Secret models and Chinese characters as is the surrounding set pieces. The particulars of the piece show "pyro horns" set inside the bus that get ignited as the car is tossed through it. My guess is a sizable robot is doing the flinging. The second set of pictures are other images cmraseye posted but not entirely sure if they were from Saturday's filming. The last image is a new official picture posted on of the core cast of Mark Walhberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor as they pose in nonsensical ways in front of an abandoned gas station. If interested in more pics from Saturday's filming, The Chicago Tribune has posted their own images here. Thanks to Jeffrey Marshall for the heads-up and Colin H. for the video and links.


  1. Holy crap! That car just went through that double decker so easily! Must have been that black and grey truck!

  2. Gag Halfrunt9/29/2013 4:21 PM

    That's not a bus but a replica of a Hong Kong tram (streetcar). Presumably the track and the overhead wire will be added with digital effects.

    The fact that it's a replica (there's no interior and the windows haven't even got glass) also explains why the car smashed through it so easily.

  3. another decepticon returns to tf4 (one chevrolet suburban)

  4. does anyone think its weird that the black suburban is with the black/grey truck and the pagani? Im hoping they introduce Knockout and that its the Pagan and the grey truck is Motormaster.

    1. plot twist?

    2. Ironhide44:
      Could that black suburban be one the Dreads from DOTM? One of them might have survived from Ironhide's molestation. Hatchet's head broke off (dead), Crowbar got shot in the face (he could have survived) and Crankcase blew up (dead). OR It is entirely a new dread (there were five in the book) OR It could just be.... "Plot Twist".... some Government Official Car.... GAY!!

      In my opinion, I think it is a Transformer, due to tinted windows and Government Official Cars don't go by themselves, without other Government Official backup cars!

    3. What is it with you guys with tinted windows??? Not only government cars, but all cars nowadays have tinted windows.
      Tinted windows therefor do not mean it is Transformer. Look at the Autbots, you can see if someone is driving, you can see right through them, you can see the steering wheel and seats.

    4. Dudemus:Ironhide44@ go to TfW site. There is a photo of the Pugani with the Agrosy along with the Black Suburban. I believe this is why this anonymous guy got the idea of the Pugani being a Decepticon from. That opinion does have some legs. Knockout?...maybe, he's the Decepticon version of a pre-madonna why not have an alt mode of this type. Its the hottest ride in the arsenal so far.

    5. Dudemus:and they also questioned that maybe the Dreads are making a return. But they also thought that it might just be an agents vehical, too. Left it in the air for discussion. I thought that the Dreads couldve been tougher in the Dotm.

    6. Dudemus:I'm leaning towards Motormaster, myself. But it'll be crazy if it is actually Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime...think about that.

    7. Ironhide44:
      Yeah I had a look at it over at TFW Site. That picture is now on this blog to by the way. But you know what Dudemus, I thought about that truck being Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod too, however, is it possible to have TWO Autobot teams!? I mean Ultra Magnus leading one and Optimus Prime the other. Maybe, since the autobots (Bugatti,Corvette,Hound) are new, they probably team up with Prime to learn rules of this world (earth), while Sideswipe, Dino, Ratchet help Magnus and Hot Rod with the rules. Also, if you look at it, the teams would also be evenly powerful, Team 1: Prime and Bee, Team 2: Magnus Hot Rod (Rodimus). Sorry, I know i am thinking too much here... And you know what's funny, there is a rumour over at the screenrant website (sorry, I couldn't find the link, but it is there, somewhere) that the reason Sideswipe and the rest of the gang from DOTM have not been seen on set is because they are apparently going to leave for a seperate mission at the beginning of the film and is stated it connects with the next Transformers movie. And on that site it said that Transformers 4 and 5 could be filmed as a back to back movie.

      Again, I'm sorry, i have gone beyond thinking here...

    8. Oh, and I am leaning towards that black truck being Motormaster and the Pagani as Knock-Out as well.

    9. Dudemus:you know what, ironhide44@?...with all of these different locations that could be possible. Now with lets just call them (the keys) for now until we actually find out what they really are. Are in many locations around the world, it would make since to have seperate teams to search for them all. And the others Sideswipe etc. Are on a seperate mission that will connect in the later movies (if its true) then maybe my idea of the Pugani being Hotrod and will become Rodimus Prime isn't too far fetched. Look it could be possible that Optimus could join them at some point and leave Rodimus to command the Autobots on Earth until his return. Also lets say that Cyclonus roll is to retrieve Megatron's head for Unicron to reincarnate him into Galvatron they would need Optimus to intercept this, why? Because the Matrix of Leadership is the only thing that can destroy Unicron...I mean it would make a good story and it would give this Autobot/Decepticon outerspace thing some legs...just me thinking too hard. But you got me going Ironhide44@.

    10. Dudemus:and now they're talking about another possible film location in Chongqin or something. Ironhide44@. I think you may have something here. Great discussion piece.

    11. Dudemus:but check this out also. They say that there will not be any Autobots/Decepticons on Earth anymore until these scientist start using Cybertronian technology. So where are the Autobots going to be at first?...I'm thinking that they are going to again take refuge on mars. Remember the first movie about the rover and the photos on Mars?

    12. Ironhide44:
      Hmmm, that is actuallly a quite possible story, Dudemus! But if the the Pagani turns out to be Hot Rod, I doubt he will become Rodimus Prime in this movie, because if Transformers 5 and possibly 6 are to occur, then he shouldn't. I mean if he does, then this movie will looked rushed if you know what I mean. Also, I want Unicron to be mentioned but not exposed that much, so fans have something to look forward to in the next coming movies! In other words, I want this movie to be a new beginning, new story (I actually wouldn't mind it turning out to be a boring movie, as long as they ground a good beginning and something to look forward too!)
      But coming back to your theory, if there were two Autobot teams that would already mean more screen time would be needed, but have you thought about the Wreckers? How will they fit in? (The Wreckers are in this, earlier this year there was picture of Leadfoot with the 67' Camaro - Bumblebee). More importantly, we all want to see the Dinobots with heaps of screen time, plus the Decepticon story after DOTM and don't forget, Bay's main goal is to show how the humans fit in all this as well. That would already mean more then 2 and a half hours of the film already just to explain that and etc...

      Thats is quite possible as well, I don't think they will be on Mars, but I do think they will retrieve The Ark (where Optimus found Sentinel on the moon in DOTM) and probably fly around in space and around earth. Pretty much what Megatron did with his ship in Transformers Prime.

      Here is a mini summary of how I would like the upcoming trilogy to go:
      Transformers 4:
      -Megatron returns, at the end of the movie turns into Galvatron.
      -Unicron is mentioned
      -Dinobots are created
      -The keys you mention are probably a new "safe' way to create Cybertron
      - Humans are confused whom to trust now, businessmen and science dudes create Cybertronian weapons to combat the transformers and bad humans use it to take control of the world. Human interaction with cyber tech causes Unicron to earth.

      Transformers 5:
      -Unicron "partially" awakens at the end of this movie
      -Galvatron gathering new army to conquer earth and rule Cybertron
      -Humans has allied with the Autobots again.
      -Optimus is heavily damaged, passes Matrix down to Hot Rod: Becomes Rodimus Prime at the end.

      Transformers 6:
      -Unicron has "fully" Awakened
      -Unicron double crosses Decepticons
      -Autobots, Humans, Decepticons become allies.
      -Optimus slowly recovers
      -Rodimus Prime learns his new strength and powers, leads Autobots
      -Humans help with weaponry and help Optimus recover
      -Unicron is defeated by Optimus who sacrifices himself in the process
      -Cybertron is saved
      -Decepticons are exiled.
      -Galvatron perishes for good
      -Autobots and humans live happily ever after.

      The End.

    13. Ironhide44:
      Holy crap! That is a alot of writting! But yeah, it is a little similar to TF Prime, but yeah, my mind has officially over heated...

    14. Just wow! i never thought of it like that! if bay actually made that happened i would be over the moon! i also like they way you think mr. ironhide44! keep posting up your ideas! :)

    15. Dudemus: I absolutely doubt that Hotrod would be become Rodimus in the first movie, I mention that before in one of my earlier post on this topic. If I'm correct you and I had discussed this Hotrod to Rodimus theory before. Could have been Martinus@ but I'm pretty sure it was you ironhide44@

  5. Has anyone seen a better video of the car going through the bus? The one posted here doesn't show the action very well.

  6. the white camaro filming next to the black bee
    video by Brian Marquez

  7. Wow, I really like the new theory about the Autobots splitting up into teams, and connecting the next 2 movies. That makes alot of sense and fits with what we're seeing. If that's the case, and Sideswipe and Ratchet will be back in the next movie, I'm good with that.

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  9. it'a amazing to see a "ding ding" (HK tram) for such a big cast movie!
    I am tram enthusiast.


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