Thursday, November 07, 2013

Trademark Application Reveals New Transformers 4 Logo

A video game trademark by Hasbro included a new logo for Transformers: Age of Extinction. The description of the trademark filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office is below. Probably not really a surprise that Hasbro is planning the same merchandising blitz they did for the previous games.
Description: Interactive entertainment software, namely, computer game software, computer game programs, computer game cartridges, computer game discs; interactive multimedia computer game programs; downloadable game software for use in connection with computers, communication devices and mobile telephones; pre-recorded laser and video disc featuring an animated cartoon series
(via TFW2005)


  1. they flipped the logo?

  2. Indeed, new logo? It's the same as the poster.

  3. link to an image of a floor sticker you'd find in the toy aisle. Of what? OP riding Grimlock. Looks legit. I really hope OP doesn't ride him in the movie.

  4. Martinus Prime11/08/2013 5:25 PM

    Well, it indeed does look the same like the concept art from 2 weeks ago, look at Grimlocks head and teeth.
    Still, it's from a toy trade show, so it doesn't mean this is from the movie. But I'm with you, I also really hope Optimus does NOT ride Grimlock in the movie, that would be so lame!!!! That's not samurai-like, but midevil-like.
    The Dinobot riding could be done if the Dinobots can create a spacebridge of some sort, but Bay can't let them fight like that.
    And it's Transformers, NOT Dino Riders!!!

    1. Optimus and grimlock together is awesome, why shouldnt autobots ride the dinobots? I think it would be awesome!

    2. Whatttt???? Optimus riding Grimlock would be the most awesome thing ever!! Are you a crack baby or something? ,because who wouldn't love that!

  5. Ironhide44:
    That is the most ugliest Grimlock I have ever seen. Its head is huge compared to his body ratio and what the f*ck is wrong with his legs, he has no feet or claws, seems like he is running on his knees and that tail...don't get me started.... Grimlock probably scanned a disabled T-Rex fossil. Dumbass.

  6. Here's the thing that I cant stand...we are in the age of technology here...where everyone has some sort of smart phone with pretty decent cameras on them..why are all of these pictures that people post suck? What I mean, there is no clarity to any of the pics posted...the clapperboards are blurry, this picture is blurry...its almost as if someone wants you to kind of see the image, but not so clear that they want people to speculate what is on it.

  7. Hey AutobotsRollOut:

    I figure the reason these pictures suck is that the person taking them probably took them in a hurry as not to be obvious. That's probably why they suck. Just my 2 cents.

  8. I wonder who's doing the game - is it High Moon or Activision???I don't think Hasbro has their own game studio - they usually farm out their videogame stuff to someone else.

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