Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Transformers Are Dangerous Site Launches

Along with the launch of a new teaser trailer and reveal of character posters, Paramount has launched their viral website for Transformers: Age of Extinction. The Transformers Are Dangerous website currently doesn't have much yet besides a warning image and chance to sign up to "Join The Fight". Thanks to Hassan A. for the link.


  1. I dont get why the humans get so pissed at the autobots and want them dead after they saved earth 3 times!!!!

  2. @Anonymous:

    Most people probably see them as a bunch of outsiders fighting their civil war on earth, with lots of human casualties, and would rather have all of them off the earth.

    This is what I had hoped the 2nd movie was all about.

    I took the liberty to create a more "banner friendly" version of the picture above:


  3. To me I think its the "man made transformers" inventors scheme to get people to turn to his creations over the autobots, humans are arrogant in general. also by the looks of it, optimus must fight grimlock to prove himself worth as his leader

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