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Transformers Comic News from WonderCon 2014

This weekend WonderCon is being held in Anaheim, CA. Due to its relative proxmity to Los Angelas, it tends to get some coverage for its used to by the movie studios to promote their early summer releases. While Age of Extinction wasn't represented, IDW was on hand for a panel to discuss their upcoming Transformers comic book plans. Highlights below via CBR.

- Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Optimus Prime leads a small force of Autobots back Earth to deal with Devastator. "The complex political machinations are shifting to our own world," [writer James] Barber said, "and Optimus Prime will not be greeted as a returning hero."
- Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye - Megatron commands the Lost Light as it once again begins its search for the Knights of Cybertron. 'Barber likened it to when "Worf came into Deep Space 9,"'

- Transformers: Windblade - "It's a very uncomfortable power-sharing relationship [between Starscream and Windblade]. We try to do a very fun, expressive book," [writer Maighread] Scott said.

- Transformers: Primacy - New digital title that continues from pre-war story from Autocracy to start of the war in Monstrosity and now tells the story of the most destructive battle in the civil war. CBR guesses its the Simanzi Massacre that ultimately led to the death of half of all Cybertronians and near defeat for the Autobots.

- Transformers: Age of Extinction - No prequel mini-series is planned. Nor was there mention of an adaptation of the movie itself. My guess is after Amazon accidently leaked key moments from the adaptation early for Dark of the Moon, Bay and other higher level execs exiled IDW from the movie making process to avoid risking a repeat.

- Transformers vs G.I. Joe - Kicked off with the Free Comic Book Day issue on May 3rd, seems like its out of current comic continuity story done in a very 80s, over the top style. "I can't believe they're letting us do this," Barber said. "It's coming from a real pure place. The storytelling is crazy innovative, pure sci-fi, army cosmic clash between Earth and alien invaders. The Free Comic Book Day story on May 3, the Joes are engaging in a final showdown with Cobra and that's right when Starscream shows up pursuing Bumblebee, that's when things get out of hand. It's so much fun. I've been a fan of Joes and Transformers since I was able to read." The covers in this post are for this miniseries. Obviously one with poorly drawn feet, poses, detail and zero background is the Rob Liefeld cover while the other is from Ed Piskor.

- Megatron going Autobot was a result of a September 2011 planning session with Hasbro while breaking down ideas for the Dark Cybertron story arc.
- In the comics, Deceptions "have lost the war, its [now] about winning the peace" with some "becoming more militant, more rudderless, some becoming hopeless." Galvatron and Soundwave end up leaving the more militant side that feel betrayed by Megatron's faction change with potential conflict between Soundwave's version of freedom and Galvatron just generally being crazy.

- A fan wonders if IDW might publish Megatron's "Towards Peace" that was mentioned as part of the background on Megatron gaining followers and turning against the corrupt Autobot government that triggered the TF civil war. "I'm sure James has it written," Barber said, "the gospel according to Megatron. We never thought of publishing Megatron's book." So guess consider that as seed planted.

- Scott on Windblade, "She's extremely dedicated to her job. We tried to give her a certain amount of grace, a viewpoint that would be welcoming to new readers. I wanted Windblade to fall in love with Cybertron and decide it was something worth fighting for, so the reader could fall in love with Cybertron and decide it was something worth fighting for."

- Gallery of the slide show from the panel is here.

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