Sunday, April 20, 2014

Video Reviews for Age of Extinction One Step Grimlock and Optimus

Below are video reviews of two Transformers: Age of Extinction toys. These are the one-step changers that really is the very definition of simply that Hasbro is shooting for with the new line. These are really designed for younger kids to make Transformers as simple and easy to play with as possible. The result is a work in progress that isn't worth buying. The first video is for Flip and Change Grimlock, the other is Smash and Change Optimus Prime.


  1. Tfcollect:trash...not worth it. I wonder what the pricetag is going to be for this. I hope these werent the reason why were not getting human alliance figures.

  2. I like grimlock optimus meh

  3. optimus is a shellformer


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