Monday, May 12, 2014

Wahlberg, Rayner Talk Dinobots While Jablonsky Works Grimlock's Score

In an excerpt from the next issue of Total Film, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor comment on the Dinobots and Transformers: Age of Extinction effects. Meanwhile, it the film's composer, Steve Jablonsky, posted an image (left) of the Grimlock portion of the score and note "They're coming...".

"If you look at the Hasbro library of characters, there are some that are incredibly beloved and these are examples of that," Wahlberg offered. "They're natural candidates to bring into our new-look version of the franchise. They fans are crazy for these guys. They've had a lot of attention historically so we knew that whenever we brought them in it would be met with a huge reaction. The way the Dinobots come to life is spectacular. They're not the easiest bunch to control, either. It's pretty awesome how they evolved, how they took the form of those dinosaurs. Then to see what Optimus has to do to get them to comply and save humanity, it's pretty incredible. They have everything (when asked if they have weapons from the cartoons and comics). Everything you can imagine. They're giant dinosaurs that are also robots... What's not to love about that?"

Reynor added, "And they run around blowing shit up, just generally being crazy. I think if there's anybody in the world who can bring robot dinosaurs to life and can make them incredibly cool, it's Michael Bay. I think [audiences'] minds are going to be blown when they see them on the screen."



  2. Just hope its a better back story and not like rotf and dotm ....if he can turn it around then it with the dinobots ....and when the hell are we guna see hot rod turn into rodimus prime in one of these movies ??? Thats what I want to see if anything....but carnt wait to see grimlock :) :) :)


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