Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Transformers 7 Press Virtual Event Reveals Movie Details, Official Title

Earlier today Transformers franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Transformes 7 director Steven Caple Jr and stars Anthony Ramos & Dominique Fishback participated in a virtual event to provide details on the movie as production is set to begin (or has begun). Below is a summary of the key details revealed during the event. Only one member of the voice cast was confirmed.

Official Title - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Heroes - Autobots, Maximals

Villians - Decepticons, Predacons, Terrorcons

Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) - G1 inspired design, similiar to how last seen in Bumblebee movie.
Bumblebee - Chevy Z28 Camaro (year not specified) with off road features like big wheels and roll bars, robot mode similiar to 'Bee movie
Mirage - Porsche 911 but can transform into other vehicles (or create illusion he did perhaps?)
Arcee - Ducati motorcycle alt mode similiar to Transformers Prime design and G1 inspired head
Nightbird - Nissan GTR, think ninja/Mata Hari

Maximals (size generally matches real world alt mode):
Optimus Primal - Maximal leader, gorilla alt mode, "looks weathered and old" but still early concept art
Rhinox - rhino alt mode, has metal plates and mechanics, like to use his horn to ram into things
Airazer - bird alt mode

Scourge - main bad guy, described as "scary looking with giant horrific spike hand. He has fire inside and smokestacks coming out of his shoulders."

- Enemy to both Maximals and Predacons (so one assumes also at least the Autobots)
- More reptillian design. Movie will provide some of their backstory
- G1 characters have a combined mode, no mention made if will have that ability in the movie nor how many terrorcons there will be

- Time is 1994 for "energy", "grit" and good music (also cheaper to license)
- Location include New York City, Brooklyn and Machu Pichu, Peru. The Incan ancient civilization may tie into story along with their use of colors which may work its way into the film.
- Optimus Prime exploring Earth for first time and learning about humans
- The Primes differences in leadership approach will probably play a part in the story
- Noah (Anthony Ramos) is ex-military, taking care of his younger brother while living with his family and good with fixing electronics.
- Alena (Dominique Fishback) is an AI researcher whose boss steals her ideas

Cast/Crew Transformers Credentials:
Steven Caple Jr - discovered Transformers on VHS as child. Seen G1 cartoon and Beast Wars as teen.
Anthony Ramos - got into Transformers via Beast Wars
Dominique Fishback fan of the 'Bay films and wanted to be in one

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  1. Can't wait to see Beast Wars in a live action movie!


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